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  1. Is their anyway I can delete history of me being in it? I really dislike the idea of me being in it 5-10 or more times with loads of saves (repetitive ones too), especially as most will be deleted sooner or later anyway. Cheers.
  2. Right, I'd appreciate it if someone can clear this up for me so I don't get mixed up/confused. What instructions are already set when you choose a mentality? For example if I picked control, I'd feel the need to add some instructions to to try and maximize the philosophy. Which majority of the time ends up blagging my tactic right up.
  3. Changed the tactic completely and I managed the treble in my first season. I appreciate the advice lads. A LOT better and consistent. Managed impressive wins away at Bayern, Arsenal & Madrid.
  4. I've never really had a problem with it before, what would you before suggest for me to start creating and scoring a lot more but keeping control of the game?
  5. Even at home I'm sometimes struggling to keep hold of the ball, create chances, etc... But away is where I'm getting battered, even against the weaker sides like Sunderland, Villa, Palace etc. Any idea where I'm going wrong?
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Sadly that form didn't last and I only just scraped 4th. I also went out CL early to Chelsea in the last 16 for the successive year in a row. I did win the German cup again though. Tweaked the tactic for the 3rd season, unbeaten in the first 13 league games and topped my CL group with two games remaining. Happy days so far.
  7. Ah yeah, understandable. Since I have a DLP (s) think I should drop that and replace it with AP (a) then? I've had an incredible turn around too since dropping TI and changing Goretzka to CM (d)
  8. Thanks a lot mate. I have a lot of trouble beating Bayern and Dortmund yeah, against the lower sides would it be best to go a bit more expressive to try and open them up? How come my striker (Donis) doesn't score many either? Anything to do with AF position by any chance? Dunno if AF affects the IF/Winger. :o
  9. Ah I see, what do you mean about my defensive players? And tbh, I went with them both because they bounce off each other, seemed the right thing to do to keep my formation shape, I know where my players are majority of the time, rather than them going awol during the game.
  10. Ah thanks a lot mate, helped ridiculously. How does these TI look - Would you drop the high tempo due to me being attacking then? Same for exploit the flanks as you said, then all systems go? :o
  11. Ah I see. In all honesty, it's what worked for 10+ seasons at Hull and gave me remarkable success. That could be down to some incredible regens I had at disposable though. Why is Goretzka essentially attack duty when he's automatic? Isn't automatic a bit of everything, no? I'll shorten the instructions down, would you agree that my player roles are fine? If so, what instructions would you have? (EDIT - Ah, just seen your second post, nah I don't have any individual instructions.) I'd of thought 'play narrow' would tighten my defence together and have smaller gaps between, 'overlap' for when inside forward comes inside and has the option of putting it to the full back/wing back, and exploit the flanks is obvious, my strongest part of the team is there.
  12. I'd say my first season was a success, 3rd comfortably, German cup winners and quarters of CL. But now this second season is leaving me in some big trouble and I can't seem to get myself out of it. The board expects me to win the league and at the moment I'm 7th after 13 games and an incredible 14 points off Dortmund, the league is out the question now IMO, but I'd like to find some consistency at least. The current tactic is one I had success with at Hull that's lead me to 10+ PL titles, 10 CL's, unbeaten seasons etc but it's obviously not working now. It's like my team have completely forgot how to play football, I'd appreciate any advice on what I can change tactic wise.
  13. I'm currently running this tactic atm and it's working rather well with just the one loss in 22 league games so far. Only running individual instructions on Cesc and that's just to pass it shorter and roam. He's been great. (Had previous success on an old Barca with him/this) I've tried putting both Costa and Lukaku in each role and they're rarely scoring, any ideas for what I can do to improve the tactic as a whole and to benefit the lone striker? Thank yas.
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