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  1. Thanks again Declan and appreciate it being looked into. Personally I find the TAB 2 really good. Played FMT 17 and 18 on it and did 20+ seasons on FMT18. Loading screens are fast and overall a very good experience. FMT19 only seems slightly slower on the tactics screen but everything else is working just as well as 18 and 3D pitch still looking good (when it does appear). Appreciate your help Stu
  2. Hi again, just on a side note I've found that if i change the match to "show" Key Highlights (rather than commentary only) then both the highlights and replays work, showing the system can handle the screens but just can't do it for commentary only. Thanks again
  3. Thanks again. The screen kind of flicks for less than a second like it wants to move to the pitch but then just remains on the overview screen, never goes to the pitch. When the replay is meant to be on I have the normal match commentary overview screen but with the added replay options in the middle with replay speed, skip and camera angle. Playing on Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F Thanks again - Stu
  4. Hi Declan, thank you for your reply. So i'm talking about just in a normal match when a goal is scored the replay doesn't appear. Instead the commentary just repeats itself at the bottom of the screen with the option to skip it available. Hope this makes sense? thanks again Stu
  5. Hi there, purchased the game yesterday and in my first two games it can't open any highlights. Playing with commentary only and replays for goals but it can't force the game to the pitch for the replay. Many thanks Stu
  6. Hi there, I have two players showing as Una which just appeared three games into the season. They played the first two league games and Carabao Cup game but not have been like this for 3 weeks. Not on international duty and can't seem to find the reason why. Any help would be great - thanks
  7. Hi, playing in Italy and have signed my allotted two non-eu players however they are in red as Non-eu not blue like the two I signed the year before. Also I have sold one but can't find a screen to register the two new players anywhere. Still in pre-season so it could be an option later but wondered if anyone could help? Thanks
  8. The nice new tick box to add to shortlist or add as transfer target after scouting someone doesn't actually add the player to either list. Thanks
  9. In player search the highlight key attributes for role only shows staff attribute options and not player options despite being on a player search. Thanks
  10. An icon at the start of the new game to randomise all contract lengths and expiry dates. Once you have started your 4th or 5th game then the same players expiring for the first and second season becomes a bit frustrating. Random expiry would create different transfers and different happiness of players in the first season and give starting a new game a different feel. Thanks
  11. Do you have to win 20 cups in the same save or can this be over multiple saves? thanks
  12. Hi, could anyone help, when training someone in a position they are not natural in I get the personal assistant report after every game. I'm usually retraining 4-5 players so clicking through these is a bit of a nuisance. Is there any way of turning these off? Many thanks
  13. Thank you so so much for your help. I will try this straight away and thought it was only me who was becoming infuriated by this as it was nowhere on the forum. Thank you again. Seriously made my day.
  14. I literally need help with just one part of the game. The view when in tactics is always set to Selection Info but this doesn't have anyone's position unlike FM14 so I add the coloumn in but have to select the view every time I enter tactics. Please could someone help me set my custom view as the default. Many thanks
  15. All I want to do is set my custom view as the default view when opening up the tactics screen as it always defaults to "selection". Please help? Thank you
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