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  1. My 3 are suggestions, and google wasn't used once.
  2. Pharrell Johnson, son of former Derby player Michael Johnson. Leo Fuhr Hjelde, son of Jon Olaf Luca Oyen, son of Davy
  3. Made a couple of signings from my favourite shopping centre, mainly as I've not been happy with the amount of goals I've conceded. £800k for Hoyos. As well as that, a proper ball winner in midfield in Zuculini, for £425k Of course, this is tempered by losing a home grown player.
  4. Catching up with a few things in this thread, given the interest (once again), in my decision making regarding certain Forest players.. Once I get back from work, and have a chance to reply, I will go into depth.
  5. Been busy with work for the last week and a bit (first time since May last year), so my FM time has dropped for the moment. I've got Premier League and European clubs sniffing round a few of my squad, so, I'm dipping into my shopping list in case I need them, however, I've had a couple of medium length injuries, with Troyansky and Rollheiser being out for a month or two. Got a couple of signings coming in in January to strengthen things. Firstly, prowling round South America, has highlighted a playmaker for me to use behind the striker. He joins on loan, initially to the end of
  6. I'm expecting Robin Hack to be leaving in January, so I've pre-empted this, and got his replacement in already.
  7. Another incoming for the future. He heads back out on loan to Dinamo for the rest of the season.
  8. Another one to add to the production line. Although, being 5'6", his future is more as an attacking midfielder than a striker.
  9. Another departure. His replacement comes from Crewe, joining Perry Ng, who joined us last season.
  10. Player departure.. Carvalho had come back from Spain, and was making noises about wanting first team action. He didn't fit with my plan, so went off back to his native Portugal. Braga may have overpaid, but, I don't really care.
  11. End of the day, at the level you're at, that sort of money keeps you ticking over for a couple of years anyway.
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