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  1. Thanks, appreciate it. wasn't sure if that detail was part of it or not, as the real world had caught up with me since fm12 ?
  2. Guys, i have been looking and searching for days now, but cannot find out how to do opposition instructions in fmc15. As nobody else seems to look fr it, it must be me, but i simply cannot find it in the app? As it is also not showing up on the wishlist, which seems to show my complete failure. Thanks for help.
  3. btw, checked the full-back settings last night and was referring to "run with ball" instead of "forward runs"... shows how little I have been dealing with tactics myself for the past few versions
  4. I might have to play in the same league for a few consecutive years, in order to say for sure, but by 2021 or whatever year I am in now, I notice a slight better performance every year, due to better players of course. Only league I have spent 3 or 4 years in was the Championship and my tactics certainly were not cracked there in that time, otherwise a small club like Telford would still be there, if even.
  5. ok, then maybe I got some strange version of it with FB runs on rarely, will sort it out tonight and see if I get better results, would assume so, cheers. Rather make some adjustments than embrace new tactics... after 10 (in game) years of using it, I don't see a reason to change anything
  6. makes sense and is fair enough, happy with my MCs performing average anyways, always better than badly lol have you had any fiddling around with the full-backs? Their performance is my biggest worry really. Wondering how forward runs would do for them, but am not in a position to experiment, so I dont get Telford relegated
  7. Finally I managed to find this thread again Unfortunately here at work I cannot see any of the pictures posted and can't search the forums much either. If not asking too much, I got some response to the "the rock" tactics, which I got several months back (cannot find the name of these tactics on page one, but it was an extremely long file name, with lots of !!! in the beginning and I am pretty sure something with chelsea too... classic 442) Now I can't say much, because I managed to get AFC Telford promoted to the Premier League using these tactics by 2019 and managed to keep them up as well. My main observation was, that the full-backs have forward runs on rarely and I also noticed that they more often than any other players get below average ratings, so to say the achilles-tendon of the formation. Have you had any testing with these, as to set forward runs to normal or often? Or using a F-arrow? Another observation is that the MCs, and I do have world-class players there, also always seem to get the standard 6.9 ratings, giving the impression (I dont have much time to play, so I dont really watch the scenes) that they are there to fill the gap, but do not really participate in the game that much. Any experiments with long shots and other changes to involve them a bit more? The wingers make the game, sometimes I move them to the AM position if I am trailing and more often than not this is paying off. They score and assist more than the entire rest of the team together. Strikers... hard to tell, as it is with strikers... often at the verge of being subbed with a miserable performance and then suddenly 2 goals, from zero to hero. Guess that is just how it is with strikers in real life Any feedback on these tactics ( if you can figure out which ones I am referring to, otherwise I'll look it up) are appreciated... if there is a "follow up" version available, it is appreciated. I am so short on time that I appreciate every second of playing, therefor dont have much time to fiddle around, I just wanna use nice tactics to enhance my playing joy working quite well so far!
  8. I tend to use v1.1 when leading and being afraid that I might still drop the game, taking the farrows of the fullbacks away. A lot depends on your teamtalk though when you are leading. Up by 1, encourage. Up by 2 use "for the fans" or "don't let performance drop" because "pleased" will only work if you own the other team. If you see a big change and your tactics not working anymore, simply switch to another of the versions. v.4 actually seems very effectiv defensively. I usually swap between v1.1 and v4 and that gets me through a whole season without a loss if I am lucky and make the right choices (after all the manager still has a little bit of work to do, even iwth kimz tactics )
  9. I just tried v1.1 on 09 after having been down 1-0 and not getting anything done, scored a beautiful 1-1, but that was it Haven't tried proper all the tactics yet, but I have to admit that I don't think v.4 will work. Might report back with some findings soon, when I actually get some time.
  10. I don't think you will be able to top 68 goals really... v1.1 and v4 seem to spread out the goal scoring quite a lot, with v4 the AMC being the top scorer mostly. I wouldn't concentrate so much on how much your striker scores, as long as your team scoring stays up. Also try to switch tactics a bit (e.g. when you're up by 3 goals switch to antoher tactic), then the AI won't catch you easily.
  11. hmm, I am in 2029 in my current game and I got playtime of 82 days... and I am not really playing that slowly or watching anything other than highlights in fastest speed.
  12. on the tactics page, left hand side under DOWNLOADS and kimz tactics you can d/l every single tactic or the whole package
  13. gave this a test with my side in 2026, just came to a new team, so I got a good side, but not a fantastic side yet. v 4.0 seems to work very well and seems to work better in the back. the other version I tested was v 1.1, which works well, but leaks a few more goals (but the player positions work better with my current squad). I especially noted that the tactics leak a LOT of corner goals, so I will do some tweaking there. will try to report back once I had a bit more time, unfortunately stupid work keeps sending me abroad at hte moment with no time to play via notebook on the road
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