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  1. SI when do we get info on fm2012 please

    Info came in august I think last year. I am sure there have been times where there has been info now. I think you just have to keep checking.
  2. Whats up with Eastleigh ?

    I don't think they have rich owners they were out of money last year i'm sure. Ian Baird got the sack within the 1st week in my game. He is the kind of manager that I don't think will be sacked for a while. Great to see the mighty spitfires mentioned in a thread! Love going and watching them
  3. New FM11 Feature

    Never seen it either. Fair enough thinking it was a new feature I would put it as a new feature if I saw it. Well I would have before this thread
  4. Do you put a GK on the bench?

    Always have a sub keeper. I used to always have one with 3 subs, 5 subs and now 7 subs too. I know if I didn't have one for a game the keeper would get in injured!
  5. Happy Birthday Miles Jacobsen...

    I think it was yesterday. He seemed to reply positively when I tweeted Happy birthday yesterday! Maybe he was being polite for today
  6. Wow thats cool if it is going to be unlocked early! I was giving myself until 1am to play it. That might be 2 and a half hours of playing yay
  7. Much against my principles

    I think you are getting steam and spyware muddled up. I have had steam for years and have never had any issue with spyware. If you don't want to use steam don't use steam, buy it from the shop
  8. FM2011 editor for Mac with Steam?

    I think si are probably quite busy today there game is released tommorow
  9. How DARE you!?!?!?

    I usually sell them rather than rot in the reserves, means I get the money and one less grumpy player. Especially if the player is being completely unresonable I want him straight out. Good job sticking to your guns though! I would give up if it was a star player in the reserves and start playing him again
  10. FM2011 editor for Mac with Steam?

    The game files are located in /<your computername>/Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Football Manager 2011 there is an editor thing there. Not sure how to open it though as its an exe. clicked on the other editor one and it downloaded some file. i'll see if it works now
  11. I was struggling to find it too. Really strange. I never managed to find the editor on fm2010 though
  12. My 6month in charge on FM Demo as man utd

    I wish I was doing that well. Somehow i'm about 8 positions lower in the league with Man Utd
  13. No sound in my demo download for mac?

    Just found this on the demo faq What’s the difference between the Strawberry and Vanilla Demos? The Strawberry demo contains all the sounds, player pictures and logos within the game. Because of this additional content the file is larger and will take longer to download. The Vanilla demo is a stripped down version of the game, which runs exactly the same but is just a smaller download file. ... This implies that the vanilla doesn't. Yeah you aren't missing much its fun but its not essential
  14. I think the agent thing has been blown out of proportion as if every deal in the game is more than the transfer fee. I honestly haven't had many that are. The ones that are have been free transfers which even then don't often have agents involved. As for the open university comment which I do realise was an exaggeration, I don't find the game that complicated at all. Maybe I'm just used to how fm works but I don't think its hard. Yeah there is quite a few things to do. But being a manager isn't just buying players and picking the team.
  15. Only time i've booked off time for a computer game the game got delayed by two weeks so I had two weeks of holiday but no game. If I could have got time off this time i'd have loved to. Running a conference all weekend from Friday Evening until sunday. Hopefully get a few hours of playing on Friday morning