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  1. Hi @Gross_Ballon, Did you manage to get a working setup? I tried to delegate everything, but the issue is that the staff is a bit "dumb", like hiring players in positions I don't need all the time.
  2. My team is predicted to finish 3rd in the league and I got this numbers through the last 3 seasons (won and 4th), but I got your point. Once I have some spare time, which won't be any time soon, I'll try a save with a top tier team, like Dortmund or some PSG and see if I get the same outcome (opposition playing very defensive and defender with tons of passing and possession).
  3. We use "your tactic argument" because it doesn't happen to us. I'm the blue team. Me (Brazilian Serie A) against a team that has no division: Against a team in the second division. One from third division: Another lower Serie A team (I'm the black one): Against a better team (I lost, but was a fair game). I'm playing around with the tactics a lot this season, so I can really tell which one I used in the games, but mainly 4231 and a 370. BTW, are you playing on Steam and the game is in the latest version? Sometimes it is just a bug already fixed...
  4. 20 shoots and only 4 on the target? That's is really bad, you should look at this in the analysis report. I'll guess you are trying too hard and failing at it, just giving the possession back. Maybe a lot of crosses and long shots? At the end of the day, you had only four chances to score.
  5. I'm training in Brazil, so I put them to play the whole Regional championship, which is a useless championship. Also, I use the First team to play the Libertadores and Brazilian Cup, so the prospects and fringe players are used in the Serie A league a lot, which leads to poor results, but a fast player development.
  6. Agreed. FM ME is getting better on mimicking real life. Soccer is getting boring and repetitive, IMO. I understand that it can be frustating to people though, but you have to accept that if your team is good you must attack and press. You won't win with Real Madrid by using a Low Block.
  7. How can I donate? This update is amazing and I've been playing a career with Aimoré (no division club) team for a while now. Aimoré is going to play the Libertadores for the first time this year. Got a few guys during this journey, like Tardelli, Alexis Sanchez, Paulinho, Geromel and Paolo Guerrero. Quite fun. Really good job mate. Thank you very much it. The only pain point I had is that some players from no division clubs have high wages at the beginning of the save, like someone from Portuguesa that receives +40k a month. Besides that, it went flawlessly.
  8. Thanks. So, if I start in Brazilian first division, it will be any team that was promoted from second and so on. I was thinking about starting in the lowest division, but I'm not sure if the teams are renewed... I'll check though. Thank you very much
  9. "a previously unplayable club": may someone explain what does this mean? I understand that I must simulate it to the reset day and add a manager to this kind of club, but I don't get what would be available teams... I was thinking on starting in Brazil or Uruguay.
  10. I managed to buy the FM18 in this way. But damn, now our currency as quite bad and the game is too expansive to pay in dollar.
  11. The game promotion appeared on my Steam yesterday, including the game's price in Brazilian currency. I tried to buy it, but then it states that it is not available for my region. A bit sadistic I'll say
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