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    Player Body language

    Hey did you find a skin that worked? Facing the same issue and its driving me nuts
  2. Few questions how is everyone selling Ozil/Mkhitaryan? who are you signing to combat the low leadership/aggression in the squad? I have signed Fekir, Pavon, de Ligt & Arp so far top of the league in Feb lost only to united away 1-0. Play a control possession tactic
  3. Thanks, I tried all resolutions and it did not work
  4. Hey how do I customise the below? I have seen in streams etc that Reactions have been added but I can't seem to find a way to add this in where it shows condition, goals, ratings etc?
  5. Hey I can see reactions in the streams and screenshots of other players in matches (below screenshot), but how do I add it to mine? FYI I have the default preferences and use 2D view