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  1. Hi has the fix been updated in the main game (non beta)? We are facing the issue and are unable to play
  2. Did you find a solution to this, facing the same issue?
  3. Hi have you found a solution to this, I am facing the same issue with forced or normal subs
  4. Hi, me and 2 other friends play a normal online save & whenever 2 human players are in a match together and someone completes a tactical change the game freezes with the only option being for the host to continue playing whilst the other player has to reboot the game. This error has occurred in FM18 as well as FM19, do you know of anyway to fix this as it is ruining our enjoyment of the game and we cannot play Thanks
  5. Hey did you find a skin that worked? Facing the same issue and its driving me nuts
  6. Few questions how is everyone selling Ozil/Mkhitaryan? who are you signing to combat the low leadership/aggression in the squad? I have signed Fekir, Pavon, de Ligt & Arp so far top of the league in Feb lost only to united away 1-0. Play a control possession tactic
  7. Hey how do I customise the below? I have seen in streams etc that Reactions have been added but I can't seem to find a way to add this in where it shows condition, goals, ratings etc?
  8. Hey I can see reactions in the streams and screenshots of other players in matches (below screenshot), but how do I add it to mine? FYI I have the default preferences and use 2D view
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