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  1. With respect, we aren't actually asking for gimmicky stuff like 'Design a Son' or 'Create a Club'. We just want a pre-game editor to keep the game up to date. (Or, as is the case every bloody year when I actually bought FM, fix "N. Ireland" and "Holland" to Northern Ireland and Netherlands. Those cannot be licensing issues.)
  2. What prevents us from starting a game on the PC version of FM Touch, then cross-saving it later? Once edits (like adding missing youngsters, as an example) are in the database you wouldn't need direct access to the file system. We all know of the existance of an unofficial in-game editor that is able to run exactly the same edits on the desktop verison of Touch as full FM. If they can manage it, why can't the game's own developers? While I have your attention by the way, any chance of an answer to this please:
  3. Obviously I do not know the developer side of it, nor if it is the same on Android, but Mac state in plenty of their notes about iOS there is no explicit limit on VM usage by apps. What is there, can be used. If you get towards the maximum you'll get a memory usage warning, just like a laptop or desktop.
  4. My point is that the Surface is a high end tablet. Tablets are getting so advanced they can run the unrestricted PC version of Touch. It makes arguments about the limitations of specs and minimum hardware requirements seem a little odd. Just because the capability to run more nations or longer saves is there doesn't mean people are automatically going to use it. A lot of people take the 'projected speed' stars at database setup and adjust accordingly. Personally I have never minded a slower running game in full FM with larger, more immersive databases. It is about giving people the choice. Buying a game that works one way on one machine but is limited on another doesn't seem right. In respect of an editor, what hardware issues prevent the use of .dbc files on Touch? The databases for Full FM and Touch, I would guess, use the same Unique IUD numbers and core structures. Those haven't really changed in years. We can use .ddt, .edt, and .lnc files for both. What exactly is the block on the editor? Cost? Time constraints?
  5. What I don't understand about this argument is that the full version of the game has minimum specs but no restrictions. If I were to run a maximum database with ten nations and all leagues on a minimum spec computer/laptop it would inevitably run slower than if I was running it on a ultra high end machine. A normal sized database with, say, five nations and all leagues would run slower after 30 years on the minimum spec machine than high end. People make that choice for themselves when they start their games. Of course they also have the option of adding or removing nations later - another very useful function omitted from Touch. If loading more nations/leagues on the tablet version is a problem for longevity, is the option to replace nations not a viable alternative? Maintain the three active nations limit, but permit us to 'swap' active nations at the end of seasons. Use the same process as adding/removing leagues but only allow a new nation to be added if one is removed.
  6. I would like the Editor because I want to be able to use edit files in FMT. Simple as that. Shouldn't matter what my purposes are. Personally, I change things like:- - 'N. Ireland' to 'Northern Ireland', 'Holland' to 'The Netherlands', 'West Brom' to 'West Bromwich' etc. I cross-save with iPad/iOS and despite asking (recently) I don't know where to put .lnc files to change those names in iOS without them being hardcoded. - I tweak nation transfer preferences so that transfers feel more realistic for me in game and add career preferences for players/managers to increase realism in that aspect as well - Adding youth prospects that didn't make into the official database or updates; in particular as FMT is without youth squads it would be incredibly useful to be able to make some youth prospects available in the Reserves - Add missing staff - Adding lower leagues - Use other edits people have made; great example is a 'All Random PA' database which I now use every new game I also like the option of being able to keep my database as up to date as possible for longevity. If I start a new game in April lots will have changed since the day of release and even the latest update. I want to feel like SI is listening to its customers. An FMC editor is suggested/wishlisted so often by so many people that it is mad to me it hasn't been done already. I read conflicting things like 'It is against the ethos of Touch' or 'It's a hardware/software/development issue'. Which is it? Just be upfront with us. Give the customer what they want! Please.
  7. Where can I find the ~AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager Touch 2018 and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager Touch 2018 equivalents in the iOS version, please.
  8. The only feature announcement I care about is an editor for FMT. Sort it out SI.
  9. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Pre-game editor. Remove Nations limit/Change to Leagues limit Unlimited career. Control tutoring. Basically every single FM Touch suggestion is for an editor. Just let us have one already.
  10. The three country limit and the 30 years limit are both ridiculous given the power of the most up to date tablets. Particularly iPad Pros and the newest Android devices. Yes there are restrictions on what different tablets can handle but the likes of a Surface are coming out with full 2018 i7 processors. This along with the staunch refusal to allow even the most basic of editing scream of SI wanting to make sure people are forced to buy the new version every year. "It's against the ethos of FM Touch". Rubbish. I'm the consumer. Let me pick what the ethos is. I want the streamlined managerial experience but I would also like to not have Porto come up as FCP for goodness sake. They have treated loyal fans of FM like crap for years.
  11. I am aware of the hidden attributes for players and staff. I was talking about a loyalty stat for clubs to staff and players. e. g. Duccio Ferrari Bravo has been at Juventus since 2008. Others in their backroom staff have been their for similar or longer timeframes. Yet in-game Bayern offer a contract to Ferrari Bravo and he immediately accepts. No counter offer from Juve to keep their man, nothing. Then again there is no loyalty shown by the staff member either. If the hidden stat for loyalty is so important, why aren't people who have been at clubs for almost a decade automatically 20, or 127, or whatever the highest hidden value is. I have an example from yet another aborted long term save recently where Robbie Fowler would leave Liverpool to take a manager's role in the lower leagues. I understand some coaches want to be managers but Fowler wouldn't leave Liverpool for some League Two/National League job. There is no way. Or Jens Lehmann leaving his job at Arsenal to manage in the Bundesliga 3. The other issue is that if for some reason the staff member doesn't immediately jump ship, Bayern move on to the next highly rated Juventus coach. Or go poach from Dortmund, or Tottenham, or Schalke. Does this sort of staff poaching go on all the time in real life but we've just never heard of it? Re. legendary players - Yes. Exactly yes the likes of Carrick or Mertesacker not playing but remaining with the first team squad would be realistic. That is literally precisely what happens in real life. They still train with the first team, travel with the squad, are in the dressing room during matches. Again, there is no 'club loyalty' shown to these sorts of player. Look at Rangers IRL near the end of Caixinha's time - he banished Kenny Miller and the fans reacted badly. In FM legends get dropped to the reserves and transfer listed and nobody cares.
  12. Thanks in advance for responses to both of those queries by the way.
  13. I have read different things about the lack of an Editor for FMT. Personally, I would much prefer Touch however not being able to make some very basic database amendments pre-game completely puts me off. So what is the actual answer, please? Why is there no pre-game editor for FM Touch? How does being able to make data changes pre-game affect the 'spirit' of playing the actual game? Why are people who wish to play Touch on a desktop/laptop system rather than a tablet disadvantaged because others choose play the game differently? I know, I know. This limitation wasn't a secret before I purchased the game. I knew I would be forced to play the full game if I wanted to use the pre-game editor. I would simply like to know an accurate reason why this limitation exists. Make an editor available, desktop/laptop only if necessary for performance, and anyone playing exclusively on a tablet would know the limitations when purchasing, but would always have the option of using the pre-game editor on a desktop/laptop. As opposed to now, where I have no option to use a pre-game editor. Alternatively, why can't editor files for the full game be used in Touch? Aren't the same database files used in both games? The people are all the same. I don't claim to be an expert but wouldn't it merely be a case of Touch not using some of the data available to full? Or what is preventing a pared down version of the pre-game editor in the same way Touch simply trims the fat out of the full game?
  14. Why, at the beginning of every game, do I have to put up with clubs poaching staff who in real-life would never leave their current club? I'm thinking of coaches, scouts, analysts who have been at their current club for 5, 10, 15+ years suddenly just accepting a new contract elsewhere. And their current club don't even ut up a fight. It's ridiculous. People will claim, 'oh it can happen in real life!'. I do not care. It could, but it doesn't with such irritating frequency. Why does it bother me if it doesn't affect my team you may ask? Because I cannot help but notice these sorts of moronic AI decisions that destroy the realism of save games for me. It's exactly the same thing as legends of a club being dumped in the reserves and transfer listed. That isn't how things work IRL. Please can some form of club-player/staff loyalty system be implemented to prevent this from happening.
  15. They will likely never hire a manager, and you will likely never be able to get the job unless you use an editor. I had this problem in FM15 where leagues added later didn't populate managers at the beginning of the career game, or effectively had grey managers. Once I added the leagues, the jobs that were vacant were never filled. e. g. FC Utrecht in 2020. I had tried loading the bare minimum leagues to save the processing time at the save setup. Didn't realise this problem would happen.
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