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  1. The irony of saying that I have no idea of what I'm talking about, by using a blanket statement yourself? Top work You seem to miss my (rather obvious?) point. You made a blanket statement - ironically your only contribution to this thread - that holds little semblance with real-world tactics. With very (very!) few exceptions, managers acknowledge that a well organised defence, followed by a "sucker punch" counter attack, can kill a game after holding a one goal lead. There are very few teams/managers that, after taking a lead, decide to go gung-ho in attack. Most (intelligent) managers appreciate that teams are most vulnerable when attacking. Man U & Man City, even a "beautiful" side like Arsenal, will play a defensive, counter attacking possession style. Barcelona are a more extreme version of this. Also - think before you type next time. I didn't claim that favouring attacking football when leading was completely wrong - I simply stated that your sweepingly generalist quote - that it's "common knowledge that offence is the best defence" (yuck!!!) - was completely wrong, because, as you so humorously reminded us, it's really up to personal opinion.
  2. Completely wrong. The best managers acknowledge that defence is the best offence.
  3. So... What's the early verdict on FM classic? Is there anything particularly important to you missing from it? Is it really speeding up your season? Is it reasonably customizable? I've downloaded the beta but at work now, looking forward to giving it a go tonight :-)
  4. Rooney changed position for FM13

    /Smacks head against wall...
  5. Hyundai A-League Reputaion

    The problem is, that it isn't solely "financial greed" which is determining players' interest in the A-League. I am absolutely certain del Piero, Heskey et al would have offers of a lot more money in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, etc. But in real life, the Australian lifestyle (comparatively high standard of living, excellent weather playing in summer, shorter season = less games, etc) plays a big part, and trumps the solely financial aspect for a lot of players. I guess what I'm saying is that the players coming to Australia are probably less "greedy" than others (i.e. the Gyan's of the world).
  6. I share your sentiments exactly - hoping there is an element of customisation, but sadly not necessarily expecting it...
  7. I'm extremely intrigued by the "Classic" mode in the upcoming FM, as I have very little time to play FM these days. However, I'm struggling to get a good grasp of exactly what is and isn't in this mode. I'd hate for it to be too simplified, but just to remove a lot of the time-consuming stuff. I've heard Team Talks are excluded (good). What else has been confirmed? I know there are some blog videos coming up devoted to Classic mode, but thought it would be good to get a decent idea of what the mode will be like.
  8. Colorado, about two years ago I reached the same point you have. No kids (yet) but married, working long hours, other commitments, etc etc. Found I just couldn't commit the time I needed to do FM justice, which sucked. Seasons would takes real-life months... I couldn't get into long-term games. So I came up wth a solution, that I appreciate won't be adequate for everyone, but just may do the trick for you. I decided to sacrifice realism a little, by cutting the league season in half. I edited the league so that each team only played each other once, not twice. I made a few other changes - i.e., tweaked prize money, adjusted calendar to suit, removed the League Cup so more focus on FA Cup, etc. But the key change was only having to play half the number of league games. In all my years of playing FM (right back to CM93!) I had never got more than 2-3 seasons into a game before losing interest. All of a sudden, ripping through a season in less than half the normal matches, I got 11 seasons into a save. It was amazing! In fact, so good that for the first time ever I still haven't bought the latest FM (still playing my 1/2 season FM11, usually have them preordered!) I initially thought this would destroy the entire balance of the game, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Everything seemed to "work". The only slight drawback was from a statistical/records/historical point of view, but this was a minor issue. I even developed a "role-playing" scenario in my head, where the global financial crisis and reduced TV audiences had enforced the change Having a much shortened league season was so much fun, you couldn't afford to lose a few games in a row. Equally, get on a roll of good form with a weaker team and you were challenging for the league! I ended up dominating Europe with my Sunderland team. Was heaps of fun seeing regens develop so quickly from season to season. And keeps you on your toes, as players essentially age twice as fast, and an injury/suspension can be tumultuous! This solution was so perfect for me, I can't beleive others haven't come up with it and released a proper edited league structure in this format, as I am positive there are thousands out there like me who needed a bit of a shortcut to get maximum enjoyment out of FM, without sacrificing tactics/transfers etc! Not everyones cup of tea, but certainly re-invigorated my FM.
  9. It's top notch so i think it's fantastic value! (Yes it might sound expensive for an android game, but think of it as being ridiculously cheap for a Football Manager!)
  10. Can't explain my surprise and delight at the release of the Android version... I only bought my first Smartphone here in NZ a month ago, and was quite excited there might be a version of FM I could play on it... so I was really disappointed to see the threads at the time saying it seemed unlikely we'd see anything in the near future. Looked at these boards for the first time in weeks, and couldn't believe my eyes! Even more delighted that it actually runs on my very basic and entry level LG Optimus One P500. The only potential compatibility issue is in the match engine... there is a slight lag in match highlights, and the highlights are VERY short, not showing any buildup, often not showing the "assist". I assume this is due to the limited specs of my P500. It's not a deal breaker. There are a few wee bugs/quirks I've come across... a number of them already mentioned... but no deal breakers. Really enjoying it (I just don't have the time these days to dedicate to the latest PC FMs, they've just become a bit too bloated and intricate, so FMH is perfect!). Thanks SI for the great work!
  11. Hoping I can get some advice. Please note - player naming. I'm playing as Sunderland, halfway through my sixth season. Things are going very well - in the last couple of seasons, I've won the FA Cup & the European Cup, and been doing better with each season in the Premier League; finished a close second last season, and now halfway through this season, comfortably leading the league, desperate to finally win the league. I've got a very nice squad, with some quality players, both "real" & regens. Most of them perform very well. I play a very standard 4-4-2 which has been slightly tinkered with over the seasons, to provide good attacking options. Fullbacks are both "Attack" duty and have good pace and crossing etc; wingers are also very talented and are quite creative and effective (generally with Support duty). I play either a ball winning midfielder (Cattermole) or box to box (a brilliant young English regen) in the middle. Simple combination of deep lying forward and advanced forward which works nicely with them combining to setup and score goals. But I have always had trouble getting a quality contribution from my creative central attacking midfielder(s). And it's not for a lack of talent. I managed to snap Renato Augusto (a very nice AMC from Leverkusen) up very early on, and he was solid but not spectacular in this role. I was lucky enough a couple of seasons later to get hold of Hamsik. Now, his stats are incredible, with no weaknesses. And I thought he'd fit into my team nicely. And whilst he certainly hasn't been awful, he hasn't come close to living up to his reputation. Averaging ~7.1, scoring the odd great goal, but virtually no assists (between 2 and 8 in a season, in a team which was scoring plenty of goals and with some brilliant attackers). Even more frustratingly, his overall involvement was worrying - almost never making more than 30 passes in a match, quite often only between 10-15 in a match, and almost never any key passes. Obviously, I gave him plenty of time, thinking it could just take a while for him to adjust to the English style, but deep down I knew it wasn't just him - as Renato Augusto, along with other options like Rosicky, Jordan Henderson, Dorrans, and most blatantly Nuri Sahin all had little more success than Hamsik. This season, my frustrations finally got the better of me, and I've just sold Hamsik, as I could replace him with one of the few players at a similar level of ability to him - Javier Pastore. Now, to be fair to Pastore, he's still new to my team, and the league etc, but in 4 games he's faring similarly - never more than 30 passes, only 2 key passes, no goals or assists yet. Early days, but I'm really starting to pull my hair out. I'm sure that if I can get close to getting the best out of my creative CM, my team can go to another level. And I don't really think it should need to be at the expense of any other aspect of my team. Please note: I generally play this player in the CM (MCL) position, with Advanced Playmaker role, Attack duty. But I've seemingly tried everything, ie Playermaker yes/no, playing in AM© position, other roles, tinkering with Attacking slider, changing forward runs, etc etc. I'm starting to wonder if it's something more problematic with my tactics globally. But this is where I need some help. Can you provide any suggestions to my problem? Sorry for the essay, this has just been bugging me more and more, would love some constructive feedback!
  12. Game Over - Twice

    How many transfers did you make in between seasons?
  13. Quick question: is it possible to upload a single Club/team that has been updated/modified, so that other users can use that updated Club in their database? I'd love to properly update my local club, which has been rather unloved and poorly updated in the DB, and think that a number of other fans would appreciate the update. I have no interest however in updating other global transfers etc. Cheers for any help.
  14. System where PA fluctuates a bit?

    So, you are moaning that, by effectively cheating and viewing the PA figures for all players (which are hidden in-game for a reason), you can figure out who the good players are going to be?!? Have you considered that possibly by playing the game WITHOUT using the editor to view the hidden PA figures, that might solve the problem you are having? Bit late now I suppose... ...
  15. A-League Expansion

    Guys, I want to download the best & most accurate A-League data update around - doesn't necessarily have to have a heavily expanded league structure, but would be a nice bonus. Just hoping that someone has gone to the effort to make the players and teams a bit more accurate than they initially are. Can you please advise me what my options are, for immediate download? Thanks.