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  1. I hope they shed some clarity on it, as it’s one of my ways of scouting and seeing what up and coming players are around. The tactic screen really doesn’t show much, compare to the list view.
  2. Attached screenshot. When selecting a nation you used to be able to select the various youth teams but now you have to press the under 21's or under 19's and it brings you to a tactic screen, rather than the list like it used to. Is this new, because it's quite difficult to navigate or plan anything with this. EDIT: Hopefully that makes sense, what I am trying to explain. Basically I can't view the squad like in the list format, only through the tactic and it just doesn't feel right.
  3. I have clicked the players image and it produces a crash dump. Attached a screenshot - I am assuming this is to do with my graphics pack, but not sure. Can't send save as it's my friends network save.
  4. Do you have custom graphic packs in? If so, try disabling them prior to launch then relaunching the game.
  5. There was links last year, but i've not had any this year despite playing 45 games.
  6. If the goalkeeper didn't touch it they are unable to hit the rebound, only another team mate can. That's just a football rule, not a bug.
  7. Summary: Unable to select any player and view their profile on the preview menu before playing match. Description of Issue: Once you try and click a player nothing happens, or selects. Steps to Reproduce: Screenshot provided.
  8. When searching for players the first three/four show correctly, then the ones below show all too close together and over lapping. I tried to resize but that doesn't work either. Attached screenshot. EDIT: Please move this to FM Touch issues, sorry.
  9. Not sure if a bug or silly management but St Mirren's key player has just left the club on loan, in the first season?
  10. I am having this exact same issue. This bug also occurs when I am looking at players and selecting the right attributes for what role they should be suited as on the player profile.
  11. Fantastic as always. Really enjoy the effort that goes in to these. Very happy you are on the team
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