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  1. My friend has the same issue with his, his goalkeeper has scored his first career goal as well. No idea how such a simple thing can go so wrong, the original player is then left out of the squad completely.
  2. Will SI make any comment on this, I know they can see it as it's all over social media to.
  3. Another occurrence is when there is a free kick, hits the goalkeeper and rebounded in - all the time, annoying.
  4. Exact same issue I am having, thought I had a dip in form, but I am having the same issue.
  5. Had him for 3 seasons, played in two back to back promotion seasons and now a back up in league 2. Very stable player and influential player for me, definitely worth picking up.
  6. Hi Rob, unfortunately not. The save is an online one with a custom database, but I feel this wouldn't effect a players happiness. It took the player 7 months to drop the issue and a week before the end of the season he decided to drop it and wanted a new contract. Seemed a little odd.
  7. I am unsure if I have the same issue, but my captain said there was a lack of depth in midfield and refused to sign a new contract, even though I signed 3 players who played in centre midfield and two back up wingers.
  8. @Rob Heckman I'm having similar issues and have a few players at times wanting to chat with the manager but I am unable to as there is no button for it, for whatever reason, therefore I have to holiday a day forward. I had a midfielder who I fined for getting sent off who was unhappy for 3 months, and after I tried to talk to him there was no conversation to be had. Just on your point of a player not wanting to interact with the manager, to me that wouldn't happen. If the player refuses to speak to the manager then there is serious issues with the game, even if you hated someone you still have to speak to your boss. Is it a bug that you are hiding with this excuse, or genuinely do you think that because of a disagreement the player refuses to speak to the manager.
  9. Had the same issue so many times, had to launch Steam in admin as well as turning off firewall.
  10. @jcp1417 You will have to load the new database when you start a new game.
  11. Half time team talks would be brilliant, even if you can assign it to your assistant in staff responsibilities for those who don't wish to do it.
  12. Jeez, these are some good players. On my Touch last year I found some really good welsh regens, but I was a Welsh team. These attributes are a bit high for low league.
  13. SI have said several times that there is no way to use a pre-game editor for Touch, even though a lot of people are crying out for it. I have little editor experience so I am useless, although the screenshots are interesting - but that's simply using a reserves rather than under 23's and under 18's in some cases.
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