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  1. If you feel that the game is behind, then play the full game. The Touch version is designed to be more streamlined, so that you can play it on devices that wouldn't usually handle the full game.
  2. No problem, Kyle. I have uploaded it again. FM 2020 Touch v20.1.4.1318685 (2019.12.03 07.50.44).dmp
  3. When analysing my game, I alt tabbed for a few moments. Tried to come back and the game came up as a crash dump. I have custom graphics on, but do not think this could be an issue as I was looking at my game back. Attached crash dump file to SI Cloud. EDIT: Added screenshot just before it crashed. The players name is greyed out which i've never seen before? FM 2020 Touch v20.1.4.1318685 (2019.12.03 07.50.44).dmp
  4. You have to remember you are a newly promoted team in one of the toughest leagues going. I would maybe adjust your tactic for away games to be a little more counter attacking. Potentially have a lower defensive line too, because of the pace and confidence players might have at home.
  5. I've always found trials to be the biggest asset lower down. It reduces scouting costs, and just means the player will be at the club on a trial contract.
  6. Wage demands aren't changing properly. I listed him originally for 100% and after receiving no offers, I put it as unspecified and it resets back to 100%. When selecting other percentages it works, but as soon as you press unspecified it resets to 100%. I have uploaded the game file too, so you can test it. Ryan Brown - Wrexham.fmt
  7. Oh interesting, thanks for letting me know.
  8. If there are no options to change it will likely be a non-negotiable offer. If that's what you're talking about.
  9. I believe if you offer them a contract, that's when the work permit will go in again.
  10. For some bizarre reason this goal has been disallowed. Where the ball is, the player shoots. He is onside, the player to the right is offside but he isn't interfering with play in any way shape or form. Seems a little odd the referee would call this one back for this? I would upload the game, however, for some reason after ALT+Tab it's crashed.
  11. I think what's happening is you're paying appearance fee's instead, so it contributes that way.
  12. I can't find it either. However, your coaching staff will automatically train players preferred moves. I have attached a screenshot to show you.
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