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  1. Request: Anyone know of a db or willing to create one that replaces the current Europa league and bring back the old UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners' Cup?
  2. BocaJ

    Brexit Ruining The Fun

    That's right, you can use the In-Game editor to either to add a UK nationality to any player or you can be less direct and change a players nationality to a top 50 ranked country that you believe they would get easily selected for and see if they can earn some caps to qualify for a WP. In my FM17 save I signed a bunch of Syrian and Iraqi players to my lower league team. Handing out passports to players from war-torn countries felt like an appropriate FU to Brexit.
  3. Can I get some help? This is super awesome and I am really excited to add these leagues to finally get to manage in Africa, but I'm noticing that when I load these leagues most teams are missing all the staff and board. My intention is start unemployed, but having a football world with so many vacancies takes most the fun and realism away. Are there other files we need to download that fill in the missing people?
  4. BocaJ

    FM14: Lower League Players

    here's another great bargain basement buy: Name: Fabián Carini Club: Emelec Age: 34 Nationality: Uruguay Position: GK Sign For: his value is only €12! easily one of the best GK you'll find at this price. I didn't sign him as my current gk is doing fine, but his attributes are incredible for his price.
  5. BocaJ

    FM14: Lower League Players

    Here are some quality players I signed for my St. Pauli team at bargain basement prices: Name: Femi Ajilore Club: Unattached Age: 28 Nationality: Nigeria Position: DMC Best Role: Ball winning midfielder Sign for: Free Name: Edison Méndez Club: Liga De Quito Age: 34 Nationality: Ecuador Position: CM Best Role: Advanced playmaker / Ball winning mid / Deep lying playmaker Sign for: €58k Name: Fabrizio Pittaluga Club: Pacifico Age: 23 Nationality: Peru (has Italian and US passport) Position: AM Best Role: Trequartista Sign for: €72k Name: Vilson Club: Palmeiras Age: 25 Nationality: Brazil Position: CD Best Role: Central Defender Sign for: €80k Name: Gláuber Club: Bragantino Age: 30 Nationality: Brazil Position: DMC Best Role: Ball winning mid Sign for: €30k
  6. oh i see, it was just having selected "end of season" that kept fiorentina from automatically accepting the offer. thanks dsch!
  7. So below are screen shots. As you can see he is not co-owned and my offer was for the full amount (not over x months).
  8. yes, my offer was for exactly the agreed future fee with no add on options - but fiorentina is rejecting it.
  9. i loaned jovetic from fiorentina and agreed to a future fee of 13.75 mil. of course he's performed great. it's april and i want to follow through with the agreed future fee. i make the offer for 13.75 and it is promptly rejected. how can they reject an agreed future fee? the whole point is they can't reject it right? what am i missing? is there something i'm doing wrong?
  10. I'm having the same problem with my GK who is 23. I just won the freakin World Cup. Shouldn't they be kissing my ass?
  11. Can anyone provide some advice on what to do when you come up against 2 very pacy strikers? My cbs have about 13 pace and decent positioning stats but they are getting killed. I know to play a high line is key to this tactic, but with 2 pacy strikers it allows all sorts of chances. I tried having my dcm set to no forward runs but that didn't seem to help much.
  12. With the latest update I started a new game starting out as Mexico's manager so I'm only in 2009 which makes a lot of them are over the hill by 2014. There are usually some good regens that come out of Mexico. Here are my cms: Attacking mids: Vela, Dos Santos, Bautista, Arce, Esquivel, Villaluz, Ludena, Pereyra, Alvarez (last 3 earn citizenship) Box to Box/DMs: Rodriguez, Perez, Augusto, Andrade, Sancho, Torrado, Pardo, Hernandez, Esparza, Arguello, Pineda, Correa, Galindo, Juarez, Zamora great job making it to the semi's!
  13. Yes please! I'm managing mexico's national side and I have great players in the middle of the park that I'd love to use more.
  14. BocaJ

    Fifa World Rankings

    How's this for "world rankings": I entered the 2010 world cup managing Mexico ranked 5th in the world. I win the whole thing (semifinal and final on penalties) and the day after the tournament ends my team is ranked 6th in the world. WTF!!!! How on earth can you move down in rankings after just winning the world cup???