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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. Now I can get back to my usual Tottenham issue: the excruciating decisions of Andros Townsend.
  2. Hi, I'm playing as Tottenham (16.2) and in February of my second season the club is projected to fail the FFP wage rise regulation. Can I please ask what is the punishment and when is it applied?
  3. Should I be worried about the colour of my young player's Development Bar on the Report screen? Only a few have hit the green mark, but can they still improve with something less or am I doing something wrong if it's not green?
  4. Thanks everyone - you've all given me a lot to consider and work with.
  5. What are people's thoughts on having two playmakers in one team? I always assumed that one was preferable in FM14, but now that my playmaker is out on the right wing in a classic 4-3-3 line-up, I'm wondering what would happen with a DLP in either the DMC spot or one of the two MC spots (probably along a BBM)? Would they clash, or are they complementary or simply far enough apart?
  6. I've always thought that way too, beeje13, but my anchor man rarely amasses huge tackling stats. I've gone the other way, and tried a BWM, but with that instruction he was getting past the central midfielders to close down and tackle the opposition.
  7. What have people found with using a DM in the Regista role? Traditionally I've gone for the Anchor role (John Obi Mikel has held the DM spot for 5 seasons now in my current Chelsea game), but I've started to wonder if the Regista would give a greater range of passing options with the right player? I have an AP and BBM sitting in from of my DM, so I'm not sure if the former would clash with a Regista. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi, I've been wondering if there are rules for how much of a year your young players have to spend at the club (as opposed to out on loan) for them to earn the Trained at Club home-grown status for the Champions League? If they spend a month on loan, is the season wiped out from earning one of the three required years? My first post - hope the question makes sense. Samizdat
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