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  1. I can see that a lot of others have the same frustrating experience as me. It happens to me for all renewals and all signings and since this is such a huge part of the game, I have decided to not play FM14 again, because it ruins the game to a level where I believe it is unplayable. If it actually is a bug and gets fixed, then I am back, but until that no..
  2. Hi Alex Just did.. The savegame is called Unavngivet spil (v3) and the 2 screenshots are called Salary bug .. Look forward to hear if I am just a really lousy negotiator ;o) This is as already mentioned, just 1 example. It happens more or less all the time.
  3. I am in general not overbidding and the example attached was actually far below the value. He started out with DKK 280.000 in base salary, with 45K in match bonus. I tried to counter, since I believe his salary should be more like DKK 70.000 with no more than 15.000 in match bonus. after a few try back and forth, we ended as attached. DKK 265.000 in salary and 40K in match bonus. I have declined. He accepted DKK 77.500 and DKK 12K in match bonus. Something I would be more than willing to pay. See attached. How do I make a save game available?? And I can't attach a picture??
  4. I play in the Danish league and every time I try to negotiate contracts, the terms are always very high, making it impossible to buy good players and renegotiate contracts. This is not the main problem though. The problem is that players then get contracts with other club at a fraction of the asking price to me, which must be a bug in FM14. Last example. Tried to buy a Swedish player. He asked for DKK 180.000 a month, which I declined. He then agreed a contract of DKK 36.000 with another club. This happens over and over again, which is a game breaker to me.
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