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  1. FM 20.2 STARGAZING 4231 P95 FM20.2STARGAZINGKnap 4231P95.fmf44.8 kB · 768 downloads
  2. Me too now ,just added your images into it now for me ..... thanks m8
  3. The man is back...hi m8 its been a while This blows my pack out of the water now due to its larger size images......great work (DazS8 Here)
  4. Hi Knap Big fan of your tactics What if any tactic would you recommend for League 2 Mansfield Town
  5. You seem to keep dodging the question of who is Tommy Hughes If in fact you read my original comment you will see I commend you on the additions you made to the pack. So again I have to ask the same thing, I/we would just like you to associate the credits to the pack in full please. Yes I know you are bringing to our attention the updated part of the patch and again I thank and commend you for the additions made. p.p Just notice your p.s, thanks for that.
  6. You state all credit goes to Tommy Hughes, who? Also it may be obvious to you and me who originally started the project but not to others All I ask is for full credits to be associated with the post, at no point did I imply stealing of credits.
  7. @pedrosantos This soundpactch has been added to, its not yours or Tommy Hughes (no idea who this is) original work. The patch has been around for years and was added to by a few of us yet we have no mention of contributing to the patch at all Thanks list MBrarbaric, zzpiggy, Bart and DAZS8 It has in fact been taken from here.. http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm16-audio-commentary-and-more-realistic-sounds.html The additions to the patch are great but taking credit for other peoples work is not on.
  8. Tried myself.....I can do it for Under 18 league and cups etc or any competition in fact but this NOPE Even collected pics of a few awards....never mind.
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