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  1. FM 20.2 STARGAZING 4231 P95 FM20.2STARGAZINGKnap 4231P95.fmf44.8 kB · 768 downloads
  2. Me too now ,just added your images into it now for me ..... thanks m8
  3. The man is back...hi m8 its been a while This blows my pack out of the water now due to its larger size images......great work (DazS8 Here)
  4. Hi Knap Big fan of your tactics What if any tactic would you recommend for League 2 Mansfield Town
  5. These can also be used alongside the static ones m8 so its best of both worlds
  6. Hope so, Jeff is hard at work on updates now
  8. Change those default video boards for these real life boards superbly created by Jeff RobertsNow with working config file created by Jeff Hayes so all premier league clubs now have their own new video boards.Very easy to install, instructions are included and are easy to follow folks (More preview pics below) PACK v1.5 INCLUDES:Premier League.BundesligaScotland Old Firm (Celtic & Rangers)DOWNLOAD HEREhttps://mega.nz/#!H5wFzCab!mc5WTffRT_f9QmCcBgw-yvnJWGA-Skl6HBHa1HrmcAYBoards made by Jeff RobertsConfig file made by Jeff Hayes.Pack created by DazS8 NOTEEven though boards for all Prem teams are included some will not have HD Video Boards in the game.This is due to the fact that certain stadiums are not classed as good enough to have video boards instead the static adboards will show at these grounds (Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Stoke for example) PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE SORTITOUTSI ADBOARDS PACK LINKED BELOW BEFORE USING THIS PACK THIS WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH BOTH STATIC & DYNAMIC BOARDS WORKING TOGETHER https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/24591/fm-2016-ad-board-patch-released-on-10122015
  9. Brilliant work Jeff Is there any news or plan of creating a working pack of these?
  10. You seem to keep dodging the question of who is Tommy Hughes If in fact you read my original comment you will see I commend you on the additions you made to the pack. So again I have to ask the same thing, I/we would just like you to associate the credits to the pack in full please. Yes I know you are bringing to our attention the updated part of the patch and again I thank and commend you for the additions made. p.p Just notice your p.s, thanks for that.
  11. You state all credit goes to Tommy Hughes, who? Also it may be obvious to you and me who originally started the project but not to others All I ask is for full credits to be associated with the post, at no point did I imply stealing of credits.
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