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  1. Fully expected Krul to be on his way but honestly thought that the No1 spot would be between Elliot and Darlow. Maybe Elliot on his way too or Darlow being loaned out for the season?
  2. Well, i find it quite fitting that England are showing how important immigration is to this country. Imagine if the Premiership was like this!..
  3. This reminds me of watching Newcastle under McClaren and its just sheer morbid curiosity to why im still watching it
  4. Is the standard of females at this tournament so low that we've resorted to discussing beer quality?
  5. Croatia close to getting the fastest goal there
  6. Sky reporting it too Still amazes me how that country was awarded the world cup
  7. Your hand holding the phone obviously started to tire towards the end there
  8. To me, his inclusion in the England squad would have just been even more of an incentive to push for a move away due to the need of competing at a higher level to maintain his squad status. Its all if and buts though. He's come out and said he'd like the opportunity to continue working with Rafa but like all footballers, what they say and do are usually two different things.
  9. Yeah go on then. Send me you bank details and i'll transfer the money
  10. We hold all the cards and can pretty much ask what we want for him since he still has 5/6 years left on his contract. Personally i wouldnt accept anything less than £15 million for him. Edit: just checked and he only has 3 years left. Still a decent enough chunk of time to still be able to hold out for the price we want.
  11. The whole stadium has its share of moaning gits. Same went for the Leazes end when i last had my ticket. Was a great area still and had a good atmosphere but like i say, its beneath the away fans and i witnessed some crappy stuff due to that so wouldnt want the bairn to sit through any of it, however isolated those incidents can be.
  12. Any season ticket holders on here? Looking to get a couple for me and the daughter (she's 12) and was wondering which area would be best for her. Not keen on the family enclosure myself and where i used to sit a few years ago beneath the away fans wouldnt be ideal either Its probably looking like the Gallowgate end but any advice would be appreciated.
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