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  1. Going to get going again after a couple month break from FM19, just noticed I’m on 3.3, I’m guessing all tactics are compatible?
  2. Wow, thanks mate this made really interesting reading for a Saturday morning! I’m right to understand there hasn’t been and M.E changes from 2.2 to 2.3? Really looking forward to getting stuck into some action with some combinations, I have a couple of saves already sort of suited to the formation and players in my squad etc. I have a Manchester United game where I’m currently trying to take over the world become more successful than the late great Sir Alex, another is with the mighty Blyth Spartans from the North East. What combinations would you recommend for each team? Thanks in advance
  3. How easy would it be to make a counter tactic, a deeper line and more direct play for those harder away games and to keep the game guessing with tactic variations?
  4. I struggle making SUS every time, the last tactic with a deep defensive line was an absolute perfection for tougher away games. If you could give me the basic pointers for roughly making a more defensive version of your tactics would be great
  5. Could you advise how to make or setup a SUS tactic with a deeper defensive line etc? Everything I try seems to seriously affect the performance
  6. Ok, will do Newcastle first season and just had a takeover and got a budget of 178 million so I better get looking. Any suggestions?
  7. Love this tactic but how could I change the front 2 in the 4-4-2 110pts, to an AM and a CF. It’s extremely hard to find good quality F9’s
  8. I’d say Knapp is doing a wonderful job for people like myself to enjoy and become successful at the game, I do think he has a lot of tactics (I can’t even create 1) Maybe a sub folder would be a good way to see them all easily in one place, has anyone asked Knapp himself?
  9. Could this be easily converted to counter for tough away games, or just to switch it up? If so could you give me some pointers on how to do so? if not cheers @knapp...
  10. Going to try this with Real Madrid, I’ve tried a few times to start a save with them and can just never seem to get it to work! I’ll let you know tonight should have half a season done by tonight
  11. Going to start a new game with Newcastle tonight, can anyone tell me which versions in the OP are the current?
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