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  1. Nothing has worked for me in 21.7 can’t wait for knap to release some absolute monsters to get us all back on track!
  2. What would everyone say the best away tactic is? I’m using RDF parisienne tweak for home games and want something a little more solid for away games
  3. What’s the best tactic for away games? Currently ManU season 1, going to strengthen at the end of the season and move to Kashmir but need something to see me through until then?
  4. How would I make the 4321POSITIVE a little more solid AWAY against the bigger teams like Liverpool and City? But still Carry an attacking threat? I know I'm maybe asking far to much just looking for some advice guys Also what's Discord and is there a tactic forum on that particular site?
  5. Asked multiple questions on this thread and never received an answer, apologies I'll make sure to use a more acceptable font in the future
  6. Can anyone help? Looking for a version of 4321, but its DLP in the defensive midfielder position and its positive mentality!! Been using it to great success but now I can't find it anywhere!
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