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  1. i mean the screen/box, when you scored a goal or get a yellow card. this Infos opens in a some second Screen/Box... this Box, i find, is better to see at the bottom and in the middle: when i saw that above and left, for me, not really good to see, in the match - who i have to concentrade i hope you can help
  2. HI,+ are you working on Chants to work fine in the Game? we are the Team for working at the match engine mod and we want to start a second Project for include team chants and so on... Please answer us, thank you. we are very interesting in to find a way to include real team chants ( like the amazing Chants, who creaet preds for pro evolution soccer, we maybe include, because we get his okay.,) Greetings. if any other person in this forum have infos and maybe can help, please answer.
  3. Thanks for your hard work ! Greetings ! Please help me.how can i change this? when a player shots a goal or get a yellow/red card.this Info Screen comes above left...(in all skins i tested)HOW can i change that to at the bottom in the middle - because then i can see that screen better.Thanks sooooooo much for help,
  4. i hope you release a "final" Skin Version for FM20 - with the Selector... Thanks for your work.
  5. i like this Skin. Thank You - your latest Version is from March 2020: Are you working on new Version? or No, but, we can ask you something for your Skin, to can change something Step by Step with you introduction? thanks good Boy.
  6. Thanks. it is just one File. i look in my Files...what Ball Patch i use i used a ball from german Bundesliga and there are 4 files, for copy/paste to: ...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\mesh\ball white_ball_[al].dds white_ball_[ma].dds white_ball_[no].dds white_ball_[ro]_[me]_[ao].dds = so, it is right, to use your England Ball, just copy/paste the one File to the Patch? ( and to delete the 4 Files first)
  7. Hello from Germany i want to try your Skin - against the flut skin your Skin looks good! but something: 1) background - not really good to read , if the background is not black or grey or something like that - in my Opinion 2) Squad - no players pictures showing - only kits showing - in my Opinion, include please also the Players Pictures 3) left side "ClubInfo" - the right side "City": no picture showing - it is empty - all City Pics definitly works fine with flut skin and i can also see, that in some point of left side menues, the City Picture is in background showing...
  8. maybe it is better, for some people, if you release AIO (All in One) Adboard Patch. So, maybe, no conflicts getting. maybe...
  9. Please, can you share your Files - i want to start Long Save Career and with using amazing Scoreboards, not default. at the moment, i use the Flut 1.9 Skin "But", when the Scoreboards Selector only works in other Skin, tell me, which one - i give them a try Thanks a lot - if you share your FM20 Scoreboard Selector Files (togehter we are strong in the World....)
  10. Thank You - i was little confused, because all Versions were on the first Post - so, maybe it is clearer, to see only the newest AIO Version ( just idea for you) so, 1.3.1 ist the newest AIO for your Skin - Thank You, i will try them.
  11. Tad vs. Teal Can anyone tell me, what are the Differences are? Thanks for help.
  12. Hello. I want to try your Skin (normal Version, not Light Version) - we have to download and use only the last/new Version, or we have to donwload and use, step by step, all Versions? (1.0, then include (copy/paste) 1.1.1...and so on) Thanks for help.
  13. sorry, i mean the Step: "bidstack_enabled.xml"
  14. Great ! are you working on Update? Edit: why did me do this Step? what is that? because in readme, you do not tell something about are you working on, example other Stuff - Scoreboards if it is possible to see real live Adboards + Scoreboards, that would be amazing Andere Medien einfügen
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