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  1. i hope you Guys find a way to include for the Media People their Faces their Media Logo. i think it miss massive up, when Picture and Logo are missing, you know. but, thanks for all the Work, to include their Names. Thank You
  2. ah okay. good work! i just test flut skin and priisek Skin - and i miss that (bigger TV Logos right Side + in the Boxes) -it is possible to test your newest Skin Version?
  3. @a31632can you tell me, which skin you use? i find your match Skin looks nice ( with big TV Logo right Side..) * i want to use them + it is a pity, that the Player Face not include in Goal Score Box or on Red/yellow Card box
  4. @majesticeternity your Fix? i want to start my first Long Career and wait every Hour for your fix, that all files on first Page are up to date and can be download und use.
  5. Hi, Thank You. you send the new Files to FMScout today? It is saturday, i have Time and want to start my Career. Thank You very much for all your Work. Take Care.
  6. Hi, Thank You. you fix that today? It is saturday, i have Time and want to start my Career. Thank You very much for all your Work. Take Care.
  7. i hope so much, Stadium editing is in next time more possible like at the moment. Other Part: i know two Turf Patches for FM21. last year i used the one (for fm20) from majestic. in FM21 i use the first one. Turf/Pitch from Thiago Turf/Pitch from majestic
  8. Realistic Weather: Version 2.0 is the new one ? but in the download Files you named: DB - Realistic Weather v1.1 - majesticeternity.fmf
  9. hi, you fixed that, but the extracted download shows texture Folder and not textures. i wrote to you via Discord - see you... Edit: i know, that i can rename that myself - i just want to tell you and for others, that the Folder name is incorrect but important to rename.
  10. Hi @nik33. Thanks for your work. at the Moment, i use in combination with other Mods, three Files from you. Nik33's Career Plans pack (FM21).fmf Nik33's Player Partnerships pack (FM21).fmf Nik33's Relationships pack (FM21).fmf you released them here to download manually: https://www.fmscout.com/a-nik33-fm21-data-packs.html but in that Case, there are the first Files Versions of your Files and not the Update Versions. I do not like enable Steam Abo, for having them automaticly in the Game. i prefer the myself manually Steps. Please, can you share your Files her
  11. hi. thanks for your great work. Greetings and myabe we can talk more in details or other Mod Stuffs in Discord (FM engineers - my name is: Hopefull) and we taked in past a long time for fm20 Match Engine Patch) maybe you can look at that, to find maybe more Ideas, to make the Pitch better. The Creator told, that works also in FM21: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/509971-fm20mod-realistic-pitch-textures-v11/ your Pitch Files are great i am sure.. i play now fm21 and want to test your Files (textures/pitch Folder) "Thiago Pitches Textures v1" and delete fi
  12. Hi Guys. I edit my last Post. I wish you a good Day and Health.
  13. to ...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data DB - Media Overhaul v0.4 - majesticeternity.fmf Thanks for the work! in my Case in the FM21 Game the Names of the Media and the names of the Reporter are fine. but: no Logo for each Media is showing + no Picture of each Reporter Result: only the Names are showing. Thanks for help maybe a Addon Pack with Logos/Pictures to download?
  14. Infos from a friend, that tried massive to find a way, but... The best he've managed to do is to use some team chants with the sound trigger SOUND_ATTACK_BUILD_UP, but the downside is that they have to be manually changed between matches in order to have the correct teams' chants in a match. Also, you cannot decide the exact situation where a specific team chant plays. It happens in random during an attacking buildup phase, so quite often in the game. He remember some older FM's having the line of code examples for triggers like SOUND_TEAM_CHANT, where the filename was team ID numb
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