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  1. @keysiThanks for the Skin! are you working on Update? i read last few Pages with some Changes to make the Skin better - maybe you can release like 2.1 Skin Version with including that Content, because not all Users have the knowedge to include/change lines and something like that. it would be nice to use your Updated Version 2 Skin. (Screen: 2560*1440) Thank You very much.
  2. Thank You. but, okay, = transfers, they are set to join their new clubs from the start - is for me personally nothing. future Transfers, but just older Transfers, also nothing for me. Greetings.
  3. sorry for asking @Lazylen first, thanks for your Message. i want to start a new career. i did not want to have 2021/2022 Teams Settings ( in mean: in Germany. i want to play, that Schalke and Bremen are in the 1. Bundesliga - because i want to play with realistic 2020/21 Season) so, when i want those Setting + the future Transfers Date = then i can use your BIG File - and have that Features? that would be amazing * can you help me, which File is the newest Version, that is special for that and so, i have to use them. = where can i find them, to download and to put in edito
  4. @pr0for your new File Version - Thank You. but, why did you gone back with "Players/Stuff Transfers Date" to the Begin of new Career Start - so, why did you not use the real Transfer Date? i am said.
  5. @LazylenQuestion: Player Transfers: Ingame to 01.07.2021 or did you set all Transfers to July 2020 - so that every (future) transfers are at Career Start in the Clubs? *** i hope so, you set the Transfers realistic (to 01.07.2021) Thanks for Info. Edit: + it is possible to download not one .fmf File? i want to include manaually, what Stuff i need. i did not need all Stuff from your Work, you know. thanks for Helping, because only in one .fmf File is not compatible with some other Mod Files, because they work themself on Stuff Details...
  6. Hello, i am searching for that: "future Transfers - in future Date" What i mean with that? The Players who changed the Club in real Life to the 01.07.2021 - that these Players are in the FM21 Game also changed to that date to the Club. ( and not: that these Players changed to the new Club on 01.07.2020 ) So, i am looking forward to use a File, that include realistic Transfer Dates. Thanks for helping. ** i did not mean, the Career Start in 2021. That is normal in 2020, i know. I just mean the future Transfers, that they comes
  7. oh no... @pr0 in past month, i had tested your Files and saw: Yes, you create the future Transfers to future Date /2021. now i want to start a save and want to spend time for the fm Coach Career and include your newest Files. Ingame i see, oh no... you change the future Transfers (2021) to July 2020... Example: Germany, 2te Bundesliga - Holstein Kiel: Fiete Arp from Munich to Kiel = 01.07.2020 and not 01.07.2021 oh no... in past i was so happy, that you have a BIG File Pack + the future Transfer Date.. oh no...
  8. Hi @joe5p: i hope you feel good. Do you have more time at the moment to have fun, to work on Update for the media file project? ( to include Media Foto + Media human face) = would be amazing. Thank You and take care!
  9. Hi @thiagoanjo work that fine for actually fm21 game with game version 21.4 ? any Update in planing for that Mod?
  10. Hi Folks. work that fine for actually fm21 game with game version 21.4 ? any Update in planing for that Mod?
  11. i hope you Guys find a way to include for the Media People their Faces their Media Logo. i think it miss massive up, when Picture and Logo are missing, you know. but, thanks for all the Work, to include their Names. Thank You
  12. ah okay. good work! i just test flut skin and priisek Skin - and i miss that (bigger TV Logos right Side + in the Boxes) -it is possible to test your newest Skin Version?
  13. @a31632can you tell me, which skin you use? i find your match Skin looks nice ( with big TV Logo right Side..) * i want to use them + it is a pity, that the Player Face not include in Goal Score Box or on Red/yellow Card box
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