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  1. it is possible to get this example Skins? they looks very good !
  2. Hi. i want to try this all new one... (delete "3.AGP Megapack" from this path: ...\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\graphics\pictures\faces ) so here my Steps and Questions. yes, i copy / paste the Files from @Jebedaias : to this Path: ...\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\skins\OPZ Elite 2019\graphics\pictures\players inside, two Folder (normal and small) In normal Folder, inside, default Folder, and inside this, female and male Folder so, ingame, you can see now this: female Person, and right, the File from the cpy/pasted female Folder Question 1: what are to do, to change that to real female Picture? look by the way to this two Pictures: Question 2: why is this, and not this, Files from male Folder: the ID for Chefdatenanaylist is which one? in the Patch: "3.AGP Megapack" i copy / paste into my game, and now i see for Jonas Förster a Picture - but which one from the "3.AGP Megapack" Pack How can i find the ID for the Stuff, example this Chefdatenanalyst? to use this ID in the config.xml to choose my favourite Picture from my Stuff, you know
  3. Hello. some Issues. Please can you give me helping hands? i use "3.AGP Megapack" - save here: : ...\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\graphics\pictures\faces ingame it works, but no idea, what about male / female. it is not working . Some Person have Female names, but male Pictures. How can i change that? i can not see ID for this Person (Pressesprecher, persönlicher Assistent) Thanks !
  4. Hi Guys and Girls. great Message and Idea. Start Saison 2018/2019 with real Squads. but: what about a Patch for future Transfers? example: Start a new game (19.1 Database), select disable transfer Window. and then include a File, for Futute Transfers (Players, Manager, Stuff), with 01.07.2019 Beginning i only find some Transfer Files, that include all this Stuff to June 2018, not July 2019. https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-data-update https://www.fmscout.com/a-fmi-data-update-2019.html?e=page#c44789 http://fmpr0.com/ so... anyone, who knows, about a File, that are perfect for the Project: Start a new game (19.1 Database), select disable transfer Window. and then include a File, for Futute Transfers (Players, Manager, Stuff), with 01.07.2019 Beginning Lovely Greetings
  5. i try my first time to create my own Scoreboard. What do you think about it?
  6. okay, i will try - but there is a tutorial possible?
  7. great skin ! but one Problem: new Save - Coach Profile i can not see the Button for include own Picture, like this Update: Sorry, now it works, create new Coach Profile !
  8. and what about the Coach Picture? can i change my fake Face in the Game, with my real Photo? i have my Picture on the PC - it is possible to include this in my Season Career with the Fake Coach Picture?
  9. hi. in your skin i can not include my coach Picture, for beginning a Career. now i see ingame this Fake Picture - terrible Can you fix that ??? + the Option, background no citypic, because i can not read the Text with this citypic in Background thank you !
  10. someone here, who can tell me, how can i find and include another Scoreboards? i want to change the Bundesliga Scoreboard and another... thanks a lot !!!
  11. ...\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\skins\Livid19 Skin\menus (menus Folder creating) = match camera view popup.xml (copy / paste) Result: it works perfect - amazing - cool ! maybe: someone share his Camera Position? i am very interesting in that.
  12. " Now you can place it anywhere you want " with which method i can fly over the Pitch ? some types on the keyboad? with the Mouse moving around?
  13. interesting...! but manually zoom or manually change the Camera ( like a Bird, you change over the Pitch and save at this Point , you want to have the Cam Setting) how can i see in Game, that the Mod is activated ???
  14. it is possible to use this Mod and then zoom the Camera some types out - to find the best Position for the Camera personaly?
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