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  1. I came from the Conference North to the Premier League. In my first season the board gave me nothing to spend, we survived, and we made a 80+ million profit during the season. So going into the second season, with 80 million in the bank, they also gave me about 50 million to spend. I think it's just natural to get a heap of transfer budget in the second season in the EPL.
  2. This is just a wild guess, but I think something similiar happened to me when I loaded in some different nations and leagues midway through a save.
  3. I right click and choose customise columns or something like that. When I do it through that menu it doesn't glitch out for me.
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone. Looks like I'll be keeping the PPM.
  5. I assume that shooting with power would mean he'd take more shots from outside the box. Someone with "places shots" isn't exactly going to be going for 30 yard longshots. That's just what I thought anyway.
  6. I bought this striker, before noticing that he has the shooting with power PPM. While he's been scoring well, in some highlights he's been taking ambitious powerful long shots from outside the box, wasting our possession (which is our main team ethos). He also has a lowish shots on target ratio of around 40%. Should I attempt to untrain this PPM from my striker? When I asked my coach he said he didn't think he could untrain the PPM. I've attached his attributes so you can hopefully judge whether he is suited to the PPM. An extra question, when untraining/training PPM's, is the quality of the coach relevant? For example, to untrain this PPM would I choose my best attacking coach as this is a finishing PPM? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hello, this isn't laptop related, but more of a general question about the running the game. I have a low end PC (runs 3D on low with fine FPS) and I'm happy with how it runs FM. I have NEVER experienced a crash/crash dump/anything on both FM's I've played, 14 and 15. But I see that others have issues with crash dumps/crashes/whatever. I'm looking at upgrading to a fully fledged gaming PC soon, for other games. Is it possible that with the move over to a higher powered system I could be opening myself up to experiencing crash dumps/etc. like others do compared to experiencing none in 100's of hours gameplay on my current PC? Or will performance only get better the higher the performance of my PC. Really enjoy my current crash-less experience and don't want to start making 87 rolling saves every 10 minutes I play. Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks mate, I think I need a tactical tweak. I was undefeated, but now in my last 6 I've had 5 draws and a loss. 13 points clear on top with 12 matches left, very nervous. But yeah, I guess I'll change some roles around in the hope that the AI will stop outplaying me.
  9. I am playing a save with Hednesford Town in the Conference North, and I am a little bit into the second season. Lost the playoff final 5-4 on penalties last season (), but so far this season I haven't lost in the 17 games (including cup ties) that I've played. So this definitely isn't a rage post. At the start of the season I was getting really convincing wins, 2-0, 4-0, etc. But in my last 5 games, the cumulative score is 4-1 (3 wins, 2 draws). We are still dominating possession, but we aren't having as many shots as before. Even my supporters are getting irritated that even though we are getting results it's boring football. Every single time I check my emails afterwards, in this example after a 1-0 win, it says... "Hednesford had the better possession but struggled to stay onside when going forward, resulting in broken sequences of play". So, I'm wondering what this is caused by and how to remedy it. Is it just random errors my players are making that will pass over time? Is it a tactical issue? (Image won't embed, but my tactic is here- i.imgur.com/hePRJIm.jpg ) (Control, Fluid, Shorter passing, work ball into box, play wider, Prevent short gk distribution, higher tempo) Is it an issue with my strikers very low positioning attribute, 3 and 4 respectively, if positioning is relevant to attacking? Although they have 10 and 12 "Off the ball". Thanks for any help.
  10. My main pet hate is just general lack of logic from the board. Playing a save with Man City, and you only get a 10 mil budget. Spent that on sorting out the backroom staff, and bringing in a few wonderkids. Go to my board confidence, we are disappointed in your lack of high profile signings. What do you want from me?
  11. Apparently not, Kuyt can't tutor anyone apparently. At least he's only at the club for 6 months.
  12. Would Dirk Kuyt be able to tutor Martin Odegaard? Kuyt is an AMR, a position that Odegaard is accomplished in. What about Totti?
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