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  1. dont worry as that non-selectable 3rd tier level has rep of 1 added for editor purposes...
  2. Yes, that would be cool&desired. That "superstructure" took place since 2018/19 and completed once (and half:) so far IRL. Upcoming season 2020/21 there wont be any of that and is open whether the model be presented in 2021/22+. Cheers
  3. Petr Cuhel is known manager relatively speaking, he might be a caretaker incidentally. Please provide savegame (as asked always before) Cheers
  4. @LazyLoad08 IRL Loan end dates vary from later June (apprx 20th-22nd) until 30th June according to official FA register thefore its reflected in database. It can happen that players are not always ready to start preseason if contract doesnt allow that unfortunatelly. In general real season ends on May/June since league superstructure was introduced. Then players are in general 2 weeks in rest and own preseason lasts 2-3 weeks. New season starts earlier in July (ie in 2019/20 it was 12th July). FM seems pretty following that... Thank you
  5. Issue #1: general intention is to give prize to any main squad player when medal reached and when player participated during 1 match on the pitch at least Issue #2: already corrected Issue #3: In which season you are in? As ingame season ends May/June and pre-season starts shortly after and another season start on July then is correct to be in later June and still no new season generated. Do you have save game? Please upload.
  6. Hi Lazy, good spot and both corrected, thank you. If you will ever have some observations please feel free to send it directly to czech_asstresearch@yahoo.co.uk
  7. ...already corrected as Sigma Olomouc B team player thank you
  8. as many times before please bear in mind that we cant use any trademarks/names unless league is under respective licences. Therefore general Milin is going to stay... cheers for info anyway
  9. Article refers to U19 (not U21). Koller was announced not as coach however as kind of symbolic patron only. He is not vital part of any national team so far unfortunatelly. https://repre.fotbal.cz/tym/realizacni-tym/4
  10. Bohanek is player at Cizova which is club on 4h Division level. Date of birth, height, weight you mentioned is autogenerated thus to be different each start of the game. Thanks for other info anyway
  11. Honzig, doest that still persists? could you please provide save game? guidelines as above...
  12. Hi littledragon84, I understand to your frustrations. We would love to have any feeder or youth squads complete and also have fully represented lower division levels within the game (CFL, MSFL, Divisions), however it depends on you the gamers, whether you really want such expansions and as you might know also depends on resources/time we have to cover development of it all. We currently have apprx. 150 Czech players born 2000 or later and is always intention to increase that number as much as possible. This year youths were expanded again including U19 national team completion.
  13. Thank you for updating info about even such obscure players as ie Brezina. Sparta Prague squad numbers update already logged
  14. Jakub Lapes - he is officially registered at Petrkovice on permanent deal since 2/8/19 so no change Radek Sloncik – Banik Ostrava U17 squad not represented in the game therefore rather no change OK to Smekal, Janos, Baranek, Tijani Thank you for info
  15. Wrong forum I am afraid. btw : not a data issue as database asks 330CZK for Sparta Prague average ticket already.
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