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  1. Hi DrazdaCZ, please keep discussion in english. As far as I understood your Cheick Condes ability query....well higher transfer value not immediately means the same ability level. Condes current ability has been increased significantly since the summer, despite the fact he was newcomer at table bottomed Taborsko in 2nd Division even just a year ago. He is still very young African player (20y) with already reflected pretty nice potenial and therefore I believe he will go way higher once more confirmed in the pitch. Hope this helps. Cheers
  2. its known issue and already logged. IRL players are in general at least 2 weeks in rest (holidays) and own pre-season then lasts another 2-3 weeks, while competition launch is expected in mid. July (not relevant when any Covid mess happens as this season competitions started later August and unexpectedly played even this January (as never before)) hope this helps
  3. He will be reviewed for the winter update. Despite he has been hyped these days he still needs to play some more matches to show how he is really about.
  4. Hi kuca.wit, you couldnt be more wrong, topics mentioned here are addressed and handled seriously as much as how they can be. It was your query about "scouts to be on full time instead of partime" that was fixed afterall. Czech FA cup issue as said before is known and logged and believe me it will be fixed adequately. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi Pepsi91, thank you for your feedback. As we are currently looking to strenghten our Slavia Pragues researching team (if you want) please feel free to contact czech_asstresearch@yahoo.co.uk.
  6. that was obvious and thats why I said "2nd kits to be corrected" excellent, please keep your posts here, appreciated. Or send email to czech_asstresearch@yahoo.co.uk note: you dont need to repeat what is correct when its correct as it can be confusing while you are asking for kit change
  7. 1st kits are correct, not sure why have you mentioned it. 2nd kits to be corrected, we add kits if club really wore that kit and was really confirmed (hardly based on various e-shops). 3rd kits are sporadic IRL and are so added sporadically (especially when top end clubs are without them). thank you
  8. ...known&already logged. Thanks for posting it in correct forum!
  9. Its really that small, people just standing around but obsolutely tiny space available. Very strange It hardly has clear "official capacity" and assume it depends on individual matches organization. It tends more to be 200 rather than to 2500 as wiki says. Yes they have matches at Evzena Rosickeho (at least) for this season.
  10. if player played some few matches on different position it not necessarily means he should be represented with the new position immediatelly. Tomas Holes played 90% of his career as DR/WBR therefore DM position will stay as competent as max. David Zima, Petar Musa, Jan Kuchta - already known and already fixed Peter Olayinka&Ibrahim Traoré caps/goals - fixed Micha Beran - fixed Stanislav Tecl - he has that ability in top form, his unfortunate injury(ies) during that period not allowed him to show that so attribute lowered. Abdalah Sima - not seen even one
  11. please report league specific issues (nondata) here:https://community.sigames.com/topic/531309-czech-republic-official-league-specific-issues/ note: do you have savegame? thank you
  12. Cheers. We've made some changes. They should use full time contracts when the game is released.
  13. please dont refer to common non-specific newspaper arcticles. One is interview with former Director from March 2020 and second one a journalist opinion from July 2019. Based on your table Slavia Prague bought apprx 15 new players where 25% from that were players 25-28years old, but you want Slavia Prague to "sign young promising players for the future" thats some in contradiction. In case of Sparta Prague your asks "young with great potential. If older, they're CZ players returning back from abroad" however we cannot differentiate transfer targets between Czechs and just all foreig
  14. its there since FM20 because its in reality. See official competition rules...
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