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  1. It is not that hard to put exploit "your" left/right. How hard is this to implement? Thumbs down for the SI. OP got a good point in this.
  2. After testing out the FM15 Demo i must say i am again disappointed. FM staff has lost my faith in them. Seems (my opinion) these people lack the awareness/understanding when it comes to football and how it is played. These guys are in my eyes sofa football fanatics who wanted to get their ideas on how football is played coded and made into a game, which is far from close to the reality on how football is in real life. FM had some nice ideas, some nice concept. But the little they had has been wrecked with overcomplicating the simulation on how to manage a team. One day there will be someone creating a manager simulation game which is far more realistic and less complicated then FM. When this day comes, SI will lose allot of fans. When i say "complicate" i mean, stuff like where you control training (which is a trainers area and NOT a managers), the focus on how a managers role in a club is far to mixed in FM. And lets face the facts, ALLOT of these so called player roles are so wrong. Well i am not going into details since i am not that good in wording my english. Thumbs down, FM 13, 14 and now 15 has been a joke in my eyes. FM 12 ok but full of bugs, like all FM editions, bug after bug and yet you guys release a new game before the last edition has been fixed. Perhaps wait minimum 2 years before you release a hole new game and use this two years with care patching up the game so you have something to build upon. Put together all FM editions from the beginning til now, are you proud of your products? Do you see big changes from 2002/2003 til now? My opinion is, NO! You rush into releasing games to make money which is really sad. You do not use your time to make a great game, as you guys rather make an ok game often. Good luck in the future SI. Ill be waiting patient for someone to create something better then what you got.
  3. Thats like real life. You can not buy everyone. Face the facts, some are not willing to sign for you and some might.
  4. What is up with this loan harassment. I do not even have some players on loan, and other clubs keep applying for a loan deal. Does not matter if i say no, they keep freaking bidding for a loan. Got damn SI, this is annoying. Im glad there is a Demo edition, FM 15 seems annoying to play. Are you making every FM more annoying the last one? Heh.. This will not make me wanna buy this game.. sadly..
  5. Forget about what i think so far. I want to hear what you guys think about the game. What are your opinion? Is FM 15 a step forward from their previous editions in your eyes and why?
  6. Have tested it. But cant get much out of since its a demo and without any patch.
  7. Hello Cant find any information regarding the new FM 15. What is new? Have they made a new ME or is it the same engine from FM 13 and 14? Other then layout/design, what els is new? Is the game actually playable now, or still as bad as it was in FM 13 and 14.
  8. Marc, I have saved a match where this happens. If you need it.
  9. Hehe you gave me a laugh there Marc. Very nice explaining. Thank you! I got somewhat the feeling now the motivational training might be some what of a key to a long win success? em i right? Guess i have to balance the training to see any success using the motivational training, as of right now it has been a complete fail for me.
  10. Well it is a complete waste after testing. going intens on the motivational training, my team stop scoring goals. i wonder why this is.
  11. Try play a flat 4-4-2. x2 fullbacks, x2 CTR x2 WM (not WNG), BWM and BBM in the MC slot. PCR and TM up front. Play balanced, mix/short passing, normal tackling and pressing on. Thats should do it. Go attacking + short passing vs defensive formations i.e against 4-4-2 with the two MC playing in the DMC slot. Good luck. You will not score 100 goals in 38 league matches, but you sure is not going to let in to much goals.
  12. I think the problem is not the ME in this matter, but the inflation of high striker stats. If a striker got high stats on Shooting, decisions, movement and dribling/technique he is as effective in front of goal as Ronaldo or Messi. Lets take Danny Welbeck as an example, he got like 20 on almost all of these stats specially the most important ones, shooting, decisions and movement. Im sorry Marc, but what in gods name where you smoking when you added in Welbecks stats. Do you really think United would have sold him if he was THAT insanely good striker? With all do respect, i do not think you or who it is who put his stats like that has been objective enough. Welbeck is good yes, potential yes, but no way he is as good as Ronaldo. He is not even close to be as good as Ronaldo. In real life you see Ronaldo score ALLOT of hat tricks, which you also see in game if you possesses the stats he got. The problem is, way to m any players have the same high stats for a striker which results in ALLOT of hat tricks for allot of players in FMH 15. Do we see anyone in real life do what Ronaldo or Messi is doing, NO not at the moment. Something you should think about Marc..
  13. THANK YOU! For putting it in the right sentence. You just wrote down what i was thinking in norwegian. Hope one of the staff reads this.
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