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  1. 2 minutes ago, Bohemian analyst said:

    Could you elaborate?

    Who did you field? Where your centrebacks strong on the air? Were your midfielders similar to the archetypes I mentioned?

    Ragequit the game out of frustration, but aim to try it again sometime this week.

    What I did notice though was that almost every, if not all, goals came from set pieces. At least three goals came from corners, and one from a free kick situation just outside the box. My players lost the air battle, which sounds unreasonable seeing as Milan today has Romagnoli, Musacchio and Caldera, neither which are weak in the air. Romagnoli is very much suited as a cover defender, as well. 

    As for the other players, very likely that they werent up to par according to your archetypes. Rodriguez isnt a finisher, but he's solid in terms of speed and crossing. Calabria is competent as a CWB, although he lacks a bit of offensive power.

    I suppose the midfield trio could've been the weak link in this, alongside with the treq, Calhanoglu. Montolivo is a good DLP (less competent than Biglia, but Biglia is the anti-thesis to your idea of a DLP) but lack some of the PPMs listed, Kessie and Bakayoko, although good on paper, didnt do much. Higuain was pointless, despite his qualities.

    I like the idea and the formation that you have concocted, but have you noticed if the tactic is especially susceptible to goals from set pieces?

  2. 3 hours ago, herne79 said:

    If you have evidence from your own save game (not a YouTube video) which demonstrates how "the whole game is broken", please start a thread in the Training Bugs forum stating what the issues are and upload your save game for SI to review.

    On the other hand, if your only evidence of how broken the game is is a YT video where rubbish is input and (surprise) rubbish gets output, then please stop spreading nonsense.

    Isn't the issue that the youtuber simulates three seasons with absolutely no training, and still dont perform worse than, at worst, a Europa League place? That should cause some concern if your elite football players dont stagnate more than they do when all they spend their time on is just rest, charity events and teamwork sessions? City should be prime candidates for relegation, instead they retain a 5-7th position in probably the most competitive league in the world?

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