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  1. Well that is disappointing and quite frustrating. A put off if anything, to a point where i have found myself leaving the game alone and replaying old games on the PS4 like The Last of Us and Dying Light instead. So thanks.
  2. I raised this in the beta thread and a few people reported same issue but no resolution. In all the previous versions you can press Alt+Tab to switch to desktop to be able to access files or the browser or example. The game would stay minimised and no problems. However, now as soon as you click on anything on the desktop like open a browser or my computer the game maximises again automatically (in background if using browser in fullscreen). Making it impossible to drag and drop files from/to folders. Like in the screenshot below you see this browser with game screen running behind it when it should be minimised to taskbar as with all other versions and any other piece of software. Please dont suggest running in window mode as that should not be required to run a game.
  3. Had a penalty shoot out in a English cup match and it had a weird order. The 1st penalty was taken by lets say Team A, the 2nd penalty by Team B as you would expect. Then Team B take the 3rd penalty and Team A take 4th penalty. Team A take 5th penalty.....and so on. So the same team takes 2 penalties in a row. Now I admit I have not watched a cup game this season that has had penalties but I am assuming the rules have not been changed by one of the cup competitions along with the meaningless sponsorship in the now carabao cup. Pen 1 - Team A Pen 2 - Team B Pen 3 - Team B Pen 4 - Team A Pen 5 - Team A Pen 6 - Team B Pen 7 - Team B Pen 8 - Team A Pen 9 - Team A Pen 10 - not taken as game over I assume this is a bug/glitch.
  4. Can players please be made more intelligent when it comes to reasons they are not playing. Prime example a free agent signed in October can't be registered to play until the January transfer window opens (England league one in my example). There should be either an option to tell them this and settle their unhappiness rather than just promise they will start games soon....then they get unhappy about broken promises or they should be aware of this as it is in the rules of the game so their AI should know this.
  5. The game keeps in the forground or bankground and does not minimize. so if you ALT Tab and open something else like a folder or Firefox you cant access the dsktop to drag and drop to desktop as the game maximises again up again like below......
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