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  1. I signed him for Arsenal at the very start. I play him as DLF/A in a 4-2-3-1 and as AF in a 4-4-2 diamond (with Giroud alongside him). He has 13 goals so far, by the end of October. Great anticipation, composure and agility means he scores loads of 6-yard-box tap-ins and from low near-post crosses.
  2. I've only tried playing with one, with a player on support duty on the other flank (roles vary by player). Generally play false 9 or defensive forward support at FC to make space and trouble :-) It works really well - nice having a 'winger' getting ahead of the play like the RD.
  3. I wouldn't use fluid as it will exacerbate 'broken team syndrome' - try flexible (as already suggested), put your centre forward on a role that sees him closer to the midfield, turn the ball-winner into just a straightforward 'central midfielder - defend', and try one of the wide players with a non-winger role to create some variation (Reus as a Raumdeuter sounds good to me).
  4. Really good, thank you. A nice complement to Cleon's thread about the full 90 minutes. I'm trying to get more into this play-style as, although it's slower, it's also more fun. Beat Man Utd 3-0 last night and there's little better than that
  5. Actually that's not a bad idea, pulling back the winger in some circumstances. I'd probably keep him at AMR/L if the opposition were playing a back three or really on the back foot, but otherwise.... Incidentally, had a really satisfying success against Celtic (playing 3-5-2 with wingers rather than wingbacks) with the 4-2-3-1. I used the shouts 'play wider', 'exploit the flanks', 'get ball forward' and 'cross from deep' and on the team instructions made my passing more direct and crosses floated. As you'd expect, some awesome diagonal balls from DL to AMR and DR to AML to exploit that space. I think a winger meeting a far-post cross is my favourite type of goal in the game!
  6. GK Ochoa (America MEX) DR Corchia (Sochaux) DL Candela (Roma) DC Nesta (Lazio) MR Joaquin (Betis) ML Vicente (Valencia) MC Davids (Juventus) ST Adriano (Inter)
  7. Your tactic and team isn't too dissimilar to what I'm doing with Chelsea atm, but I seem to be having some more success so I'll share the differences. First, I don't think you should play a DC on 'cover' when you don't have any defensive midfielders. Agree that having a stopper is a good idea though. Second, I actually drop one of the MCs back to DMC unless the opposition look like they're playing quite a deep formation. The stopper would play on the side not covered by the DMC, meaning that the three form a staggered, layered defence. Generally go with DM-defend for this player. Third, I keep my fullbacks on 'automatic' duty. Like you, one is a wingback, and I find wingback-support is usually enough unless I want to choose attacking mentality for the entire team, in which case he automatically becomes attacking. I generally have the DMC on the same side as the wingback. Fourth, the more attacking of the two central midfielders should be someone who's more of an all-rounder than Thiago. I also have him but I usually play him at AMC unless I'm using 4-1-2-2-1 for a tricky away game. I usually play Ramires as a B2B or Vidal as CM-automatic (Ramires has poor passing but good pace). It does help if this player gets forwards, but unless you're massive favourite then you need this guy to be capable of tackling and to have some strength and aggression. Fifth, I find the AMC to be more useful with a support duty as he finds space that way, especially if the opposition have no DMC. This also creates space for your striker. RVP has immense off-the-ball so he'll find it! Sixth, I find that the striker plays better with a tailored role that fits the system. Advanced forward might leave him isolated and complete forward is maybe asking a little too much of RVP. I'd play him as DLF-support or -attack: experiment as I'm not sure how his PPM will impact his placement on the pitch in practice. My own strikers are Falcao and Neymar and I have Falcao as DLF-support and Neymar as Trequartista, both with their throughballs reduced to 'mixed'. That's because Neymar is excellent at running with the ball but quite weak and lazy, whilst Falcao is more of a 'fox in the box' with great finishing, heading, aggression and off the ball but relatively poor speed and dribbling. Seventh, don't overlook the defensive winger role, which is like a winger but with extra closing down. Valencia and Rooney might both suit this. Make sure you play at least one of the wide players with attack duty unless you're trying to defend a lead. I usually have IF-support, AP-support, DW-attack as my three AMs. It seems odd to play Hazard with a support duty, but he tends to pick the ball up near the halfway line and then cause havoc by driving towards the penalty box. He gets more of the ball than by playing on the shoulder of the fullback (i.e. by having an attack duty). My goals are well mixed around the team as the formation creates a lot of space for all of the front four to exploit.
  8. Ochoa (America MEX) Corchia (Sochaux) T West (Derby) A Nesta (Lazio) Candela (Roma) Joaquin (Betis) JS Veron (Lazio) Andrea Pirlo (Milan) Vicente (Valencia) Adriano (Inter) Todorov (Litex)
  9. Messi (controlled by the AI) is doing amazingly in my game, averaging something like 8.15 and around a goal per game. He's playing his real life position as a false nine in a 4-1-2-2-1. CR (controlled by me) is averaging around 7.5. He's actually my biggest assister, which is surprising considering his teamwork. He's scoring about 1 in every 3, assisting a little more often. I play him either as IF at AML or DLF at FC. The revelation for me in the CR position has been Hatem Ben Arfa actually, who's got 7.85 and nearly a goal every game playing at AMR (role varies).
  10. I've put my Dortmund save on hold for the moment, because I'm convinced there's a problem with the match engine that favours playing MR and ML over AMR and AML - with the former you seem to give up nothing in attack but gain loads in defence. Looking forward to trying Dortmund again in the future.
  11. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 and have been tinkering with it as I feel I should be getting better performances. I'm second in the league at the beginning of Feb (Bayern are 12 points ahead but I have a game in hand) and went out of the Champs Lge and the German Cup far too early. I made a few changes to personnel in January, partly to address my weakness (fullback) and partly to build for the future. I was given additional money to spend and also sold Piszczek to Bayern for £10m. They are welcome to him and his positioning 7, concentration 9, marking 8! He just cost me too many goals and didn't assist enough. I brought in: Hugo Mallo (DR) - £8.75m Ademilson (FC) - £5.75m Jetro Willems (DL) - £10m Jan Kirchhoff (DC/DMC) - £15m Manu Badu (DMC/MC) - £3.1m Alan Dzagoev (AMC/MC) - free These guys are all young and have good potential. Things are now looking good for a strong squad over the next few years, as we all know how well stocked Dortmund are at MC and in the AMC line. I also want to sell Schmelzer, who has performed nearly as badly as Piszczek. Neil Taylor is now first choice but I suspect that Willems will take the spot sooner rather than later.
  12. Just want to say that I'm also playing a 4-2-3-1 with Dortmund and likewise find it quite leaky - was planning to post a similar query tonight! My formation differs as follows: - I gave up with stopper/cover as the opposition seemed to play too many through balls to exploit the space behind my stopper - my DM is defensive midfielder (defend) and my MC is central midfielder (automatic) as I found the front four were too isolated - my FC is dlf (support) to try to make things more cohesive and promote through balls to the wide men - my philosophy is balanced as I liked the split mentalities. Interesting that you still concede loads even though you have an anchor man and are playing rigid. For me, the fullbacks are the real disaster. I get the impression that this ME version promotes MR and ML, as without them the fullbacks are very exposed. Annoyingly I can't get them working well offensively either - in 29 matches played they have 3 assists between them. Changing their duty or marking settings doesn't seem to make any difference to either their offensive or defensive play. It's strange as I found it easy to set up the full backs in a similar formation on FM12.
  13. Also - is selling Lewandoski the best way to raise transfer funds? I'd have thought you'd have to spend a lot of money, or take time developing youth, to replace him. Probably better to sell Reus or Kuba if you need cash, since there is more cover and promising youth in the attacking midfield positions.
  14. I think Gotze makes for a better playmaker/treq and Reus (if he's on the left) a better IF. They're both right-footed, but Reus's main advantage over Gotze is his finishing and long shots. I'd rather have Gotze pulling the strings. I also think Gotze potentially makes a better winger (at AMR) as his crossing is superior. Maybe also worth bearing in mind that Gotze is natural at AMC and Reus at AMR - they are both accomplished at AML. So another reason to play Gotze in the centre. Personally I've been mixing it up. Reus and Perisic are doing better than Gotze and Kuba for me.
  15. Okore does look quite tasty - scout reckons potential to be as good as Hummels. But apparently he's not interested in joining Dortmund. My current transfer targets: GK: ter Stegen, Leno, Butland (cheap) DR: de Sciglio, Corchia, Mario Fernandes DC: Zouma, Ginter, Kirchhoff DMC: Tachtsidis, Emre Can, Cirigliano AML: Sterling, Sarabia, Ljajic (cheap FC: Ademilson, Dongou, Niang
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