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  1. The FM Editors one, looks like the same one you quoted further up. It's excellent. One issue though, I can't approach anyone on loan. I'm OK with it, for now.
  2. He certainly was. It was a dark day when he moved on. I think it's the most fun I've had on this version.
  3. Greetings all. I've been on a bit of a sabbatical from Football Manager since guiding Salford to the Championship on the Beta. However, I have now returned home. Oh, boy! Do I mean home. Situated in the 8th tier of English football is my home town team. Clitheroe FC. I literally live 100m from the stadium. Lively locals, cheap pints and even cheaper pies make it a decent Saturday afternoon out. I've never played as them on FM before though. It's actually a lot lower down the pyramid than I have travelled before. Money doesn't exist at this level. The majority of the players are on
  4. @crusadertsarReally good write up. With your training do you add any individual focus on playing roles or select attributes?
  5. I think it's a licensing issue. I've found a work around online. Just means I have to restart my save.
  6. I can hire people but it seems odd that there are no staff here at the beginning.
  7. There's me and Marc Overmars. No other staff.
  8. Does anyone know how to get the staff at Ajax sorted?
  9. You can approach to sign him right at the start, £2m compensation.
  10. Very good. 21 goal contributions in the league. Brought him back in for another season. Annoyingly there was a bug where Bruce kept asking me to play him in the role we had agreed, which he was but I took great delight in fobbing him off every week!
  11. Season 1 Review Couldn't have gone any better really. The aims at the start of the season were to finish mid-table, maybe challenge for the play off positions. What transpired was a truly remarkable season that will live long in the memory of the fans at The Peninsular Stadium. 46 league games played, 111 goals scored, 33 conceded, 4 defeats and 4 draws. Meaning we won 38 league games, finishing on 118 points, a massive 31 points clear of second placed Newport County. Stand out players, originally at the club, were Hladky, Clarke, Towell and Tom Elliot. Loan signings Mengi, B
  12. Yeah Hunter is my third highest appearance maker, 3rd in goals and 4th in assists. Rotation is key at this level, especially with the cup runs we've had.
  13. James Wilson is playing on the right, cutting in with his left foot. I use Henderson in the AMC spot with Asante-Thomas used in rotation with Bruno Andrade on the left wing. There isn't a lot of out and out quality in the striker department, imo.
  14. Nightmare scenario. Bielsa recalled Gelhardt back to Leeds, leaving me very short up front. I've made a move for James Norwood from Ipswich on loan to replace him. Just as they accept a loan bid, Bielsa takes the Real Madrid job. I'm straight back in for Gelhardt. If I can get both in I'm going to be happy.
  15. 4-2-3-1, custom gegenpress. Pretty standard, tried not to over complicate it, being league 2! Mengi and Bernard play centre back, with Turnbull and Clarke as back up. Ireland (dlp-s) and Towel (bwm-d) are in the middle, I did have Harvey White from Spurs but fell out with Mourinho over his playing role, so called Denny up from the Under 23s. Gibson and Lowe are back up, Lowe getting decent game time as right back too. Beat Forest in the FA Cup 3rd round, off to QPR next.
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