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  1. Oxford United - Season 21/22 Just got through to October at the Kassam Stadium. One of the big things I have worked on with this team was improving the overall squad mentality. I have quite a young squad so adding the experience of Henrik Dalsgaard has really helped with that. Aaron Collins has 5 in 11 starts, which I have found a decent return for a free signing. Also I signed Kieran McGrath from East Kilbride to give me a left footed rotation striker. Marcus Forss was available from Brentford, that was a no-brainer. He has 12 league goals already! I've already sang the praises of Y
  2. Season 2 at Oxford United. Three league games in and Barnsley have offered an interview, I have zero interest but it means we are making decent progress. After those league games we occupy top spot with 2 wins and a draw. One player who has been an absolute standout is Yan Dhanda, signed on a free form Swansea. Played 4 games and has 4 POM awards! That's a great start to life at the Kassam Stadium for Yan.
  3. @Joga Bonito @Welshace I've made an offer to Aaron Collins. He's on a free, so right up my street. Accrington and Blackpool both got promoted, so their players are unobtainable right now. Burnley got relegated too, so the Championship is a Lancashire hotpot right now.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll take a look at them in the morning. I have very little to spend. Any money I have goes into the facilities, because I like to set myself challenges within saves to keep me interested.
  5. I've let around 10 players leave, free contracts, expired loans and sold a few deadwood. Really struggling to attract the players I want to push Oxford to the next level. I am trying to build a core around Stevens, Moore, Atkinson and Brannigan. Ideally need a young, Brexit friendly striker to fire me up the leagues, any suggestions?
  6. I'll do a full update in the morning. Play-off heartache for Oxford, unfortunately. We finished the season in 4th place, narrowly missing out on the automatic spots. Our horrendous run during December ultimately biting us in the behind. We bested Hull 4-1 in the semi final, setting up a Wembley show down with 3rd place Blackpool. 1-1 after 90 minutes, with the Seasiders taking advantage in extra time to win 3-1 as we pushed for goals ourselves. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Quick update from Oxford. We were top after 20 games played. We're now languishing in 7th with a real fight on our hands to make the play offs. Yes, we did get beat 0-7 at home. Quite possibly my worst result on any FM.
  8. Not sure on that one then, mate. Good luck in your search.
  9. They are Spanish owned, but on the continent of Africa. I think they are in Morocco.
  10. Do Ceuta or Melilla have teams in the Spanish leagues? @Ronaldo Beckham
  11. Wigan have offered me a job on day one. I've delayed it for a week. Could be a fun save.
  12. I put a lot of effort into saves, redoing it again sounds like a mare. I'm going to fire up the leagues and maybe start unemployed and see who offers me a job.
  13. Really struggling to get into a new save after the Burton debacle. It's really put a dampener on the game at the moment. Love reading about all your success.
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