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  1. I just wnat to know where do you get the info to make the Weather Changes, I'd like to inmerse my own editions into making more realistic weather in certain zones of south america, for example in Chile there's only North, Central and South, but obviously there's much more than that and big difference between zones that are close to each other, thanks in advance
  2. I wanted to add real fixtures results, I wanted to start with England, of course there were some postponed matches but to make it armonious I changed these matched to their original date. Still I have an error in game, there's no schedule and no premier league, until next season. I'll upload my file so somebody could see what did I do wrong, I thought it would me more simple to make it work. England 2023.fmf
  3. I wanna make a league structure from (2022) tier 1= 16 / tier 2 = 17 / tier 3 = 12 / tier 4 = 16 / tier 5 = 33 (total 94) to (2023) tier 1= 16 / tier 2 = 16 / tier 3 = 14 / tier 4 = 15 / tier 5 = 34 (total 95) 2023 will be the same onwards. How can I make sure using advanced rules to legues adjust themselves. I know that I need to make a rule file each every legue structure, but how to set this up?
  4. By the way, how can I change the Japan name? I mean I wanted to change it to spanish, but the DB messes up again and I cannot verify in the editor.
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