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  1. oh man, that takes away most of the fun of playing in a country that isn't in europe. I guess I'll download an editor file that includes a yearly WC as soon as someone makes one
  2. is there still a regular club world cup as usual every year or it has been totally replaced?
  3. is there any good actual player born in Guernsey like PL or Championship level? good luck!
  4. wow, your sister teams are really helping the NT, that is awesome
  5. does it have any changes compared to the FM18 edition?
  6. can you do a version where the Isles are a member of UEFA and FIFA? Interesting idea for a Database
  7. Hi Dallan, do you know if this should work with claassen's world megapack in the unplayable countries?
  8. Winning the EFL cup in the championship, unbelievable feat! congratulations!
  9. Wow! A 5 star potential regen from Andorra, you could make a NT watch to see how they improve with him, congrats on the cup!
  10. Hi! my problem is the one in the title, in beta I had no issues but now with the full release I can load any save, but can't start a new career, when I press new carrer it just freezes. EDIT: I left it open like half an hour and loaded the new career screen, still worrying tho
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