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  1. Although you've found it, it may not have much of an effect. The number of longs shots on my current game is insane (even with work ball into the box selected), in one game I had three from just outside the center circle.
  2. Anyone else having issues with the following: - Long shots: Probably about 75% of shots made are long shots from well outside the box. No specific instructions are set anywhere to attempt them (or not to) - No Shots: In 4/5 games my team have got to half time and have registered no shots on target. Quite often it's only at 50 minutes that they start to make any attempts to win the game usually with the above mentioned long shots. Games usually end with 9 shots of which 1 is on target the remaining are absolutely ballooned long shots.
  3. Just found this thread and am going to read it from the beginning. Love your reference to the Austrian Coffee House Football, been reading a fair bit about Meisl, Sindelar and the Austrian Wunderteam. Good luck!!
  4. If they were cheap enough Sunderland would buy them, the player you described there sounds right up our street!!
  5. I also would assume that the title win will be credited to yourself, however, if you were to have your assistant manage the game in which you win the title he would get credit.
  6. One the opposite end of the scale I played a game won 6-1 then the game crashed, loaded it back up replayed the same game for a 4-0 loss and my star midfielder's knee exploding.
  7. Last game I played was as Honduras vs Haiti finished the game with 63% possession 27 shots 14 on target they had one shot in the 87th minute and win the game 1-0, I still haven't calmed down and can feel chest twinges as I type.
  8. All of the starting stats have changed in my save, apart from Working with Youngsters which is strange as I have lots of youth in my first team and have managed U21 and U19 international teams.
  9. It's realistic to real life football, 99% of clubs operate at a loss with finances that would destroy a legitimate business. The only threat clubs have are points deductions through administration, prior to the point deductions clubs would quite happily go into administration get their debts cancelled and then start again with a clean slate.
  10. Basic Soccernomics, football clubs generally don't turn a profit - Man Utd are (certainly in England) the exception and 99% of clubs will make losses. In FM I tend not to worry, in my LLM save I've usually 200/300k in debt at the end of a season, get my prize money £500k (ish) and repeat the cycle. Cup runs and the transfer market are usually the only thing that will have positive effects on the bank balance.
  11. I want more detail, more options!! As the game has become more and more detailed I find myself enjoying it more, in 'Full' FM it's MY tactic that brings success or failure, it's my scouting network that finds promising unknowns. While I've tried to play the touch/classic modes I feel that they don't allow me to create an immersive 'FM Story' and make me feel separate from the 'FM World'.
  12. Excellent choice of team, just finished my 2nd season with them and won the Vanarama National League North. In terms of reading the riot act it's usually when they're under 6.4 (I consider 6.5 to be an average, if not forgettable, rating)
  13. Try the demo for each (if you haven't already used the code for FM15) that way if you want 16 you can still maybe sell 15 for a couple of quid. For me I'd say 16 is the way to go my game-play stats speak volumes - FM13:300+hrs FM14:400+hrs FM15:70hrs FM16:80hrs already. FM16 is a lot more streamlines and intuitive both in terms of UI and game-play.
  14. Awesome thread this so far and as a fellow LLM it's given me a lot to think about. In all my time playing FM I truly believe I've been overlooking the 'mentals' and going solely for the 'technicals' and quite often wondering why my players are being outperformed by technically lesser players, I've never linked mental attributes to how they perform on the pitch which embarasses me somewhat.
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