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  1. the fixture rules and discipline rules can be found under the continent section, there u can set which competition use which rules and then in the competition menu, simply tick the fixture and discipline rules and let the value set to -1 test ingame first to make sure you've set your comp correctly, to successfully create a comp using the advanced editor is through multiple tries and errors.
  2. the teams that qualify for the u19 champ cup are the best youth setup teams. so, why did you want to chose them to play in the u19 norway cup. correct me if i'm wrong bcoz i assumed this from what you've explained above
  3. can you reupload the link, it didn't work recently
  4. i'm creating a custom club world cup, so like the existing one, one club the host nation plays in the cup i've managed to do it once using the fm14 editor, by selecting the "best division team" and ticking the "use host nation" option. but unfortunately, for fm16 editor, i did the same thing but it didn't worked anyone has any idea?
  5. if you revert the advanced editor back to the basic one, all the rules you've not created in the basic rules in the first place will be gone. you can set different seeding to the different group of teams that you want to play in different stages, e.g.: in the qualified teams section, set the 2 division u19 teams to the highest seed because they play first right?, and then in the teams section in stage, get qualified teams for comp, set the seeding value to the seed value of the teams which play in that stage. if you explore the advanced editor more, you will find that most of the options there are pretty straightforward
  6. bittah dreamer, i used the advanced editor. there, in the team you can select the teams that you didn't want to qualify and tick the ignore option.
  7. ok dave tq once again, it worked but for the host nation's club, anyone has any idea how to do it it's like in fifa club world cup, one best club from the host nation qualifies right? so i would like to do the same for my custom club world cup
  8. tq dave for answering my question. which editor XML files i have to edit though?
  9. hi, how do i get a a club from the host nation of a custom cup i've created? and one more thing how do i add a international club competition which is not under a particular continent?
  10. Continental competitions for clubs in different regions of Europe (Central, North, East & South) which did not qualify for the Champions League or Europa League and Anglo-Scottish Cup, a cup between the winners of the league cup of England & Scotland 16 clubs will compete in 4 groups of 4 in each cup. The number of places allocated for each nation is fixed unfortunately & based on European club coefficients in 2015. 1 best placed club which Champions League or Europa League in the division from each nation is qualified and for the nations with two qualification places, the runner up of the nation's main cup is qualified if it didn't qualify for other continental cups, if it did qualify, then the next best placed club is chosen. I've allocated a few nations into a different region from its original region to ensure that each region contains 12-13 nations, e.g.: Croatia is changed into Central Europe. Extra notes: - - In some seasons, wrong number of teams or wrong teams are qualified for UEFA Regional Club Cup - Southern Europe. I don't know why this happens. If someone know how to fix it by looking into the file using the advanced editor, pls help out. Tqvm Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xqnxie5vxe868a6/NBL_URCC_Anglo-Scottish_Cup_1.0_9C3AF710-EB41-4D49-9D1C-13648EA9B667.fmf
  11. Hi, i've tried to put back australia into oceania because it is in the oceanian continent but my effort is unsuccessful as the game crashed when i tried to load it. Even though i substituted one of the oceanian nation to asia it still didn't worked
  12. what a coincidence, i've also signed a regen named luke warrington, also a midfielder!!
  13. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/letztetransfers
  14. I have set a specific stadium for each year for the final of a cup i made Now, i would like to know how to display the stadium name on the competition screen, below the competition name, you know like on the Champions League's screen
  15. and for the rounds? no ranking level?
  16. i just simply want the winner of the competition appears on the competiton's page is there any other way to do it other than setting the ranking level
  17. so does it means u set it differently
  18. take a look at the o2 challenge trophy and also the sky sports super trophy btw i'm still playing fm14 https://www.mediafire.com/?3zllvbc9piqovow
  19. I am doing a custom cup with multiple stages. I've set the ranking level correctly (i believed) but it's not working both in the round stages and also in the ranking level section. however, the winner is still not recorded. pls help me, tell me if i've missed something....
  20. I’ve made more enhanced and better leagues system for Malaysia for FM 14 b’coz I’m still playing FM14. It consists of 4 levels, & some teams have B teams to which play in lower division. I’ve also created U19 league. It’s my 1st time in editing, which makes an amateur, so the league is not perfect. More details and a list of errors are listed below:- DETAILS • Consist of 4 levels:- 1. Liga Super 2. Liga Premier 3. Liga Kebangsaan I 4. Liga Kebangsaan II (divided into 3 leagues- zon 1, zon 2, zon 3, & has promotion league) • No. of teams increased in each league:- - liga super: 14 - liga premier: 16, etc. • Transfer update is not the latest • Season starts in feb, leagues end in aug/sept, breaks for 5 weeks starting in jun & cups (Piala Malaysia & Trofi Gemilang) start in sept & end in nov • Transfer window: -Dec 1-Jan 31 -1st three weeks of April (Domestic transfer only) -the whole month of Jul • Max 10 foreign players in squad & 5 in First 11 • Prize money in leagues & cups are added • Promotion & relegation playoff between leagues are added • Annual national awards created • Malaysia Cup's qualifying round is edited, FA Cup is renamed to Piala FAM, Piala Sumbangsih is renamed to Trofi Sumbangsih • A few more cups are added: Trofi Gemilang (Malaysia Cup version for teams in liga premier & Liga Kebangsaan I), Piala Kebangsaan (Cup for teams in Liga Kebangsaan I & II) & Perisai Super FAM (Super cup between winners of liga premier, Liga Kebangsaan I, trofi gemilang & piala kebangsaan) • B Teams are created for teams in liga super & several teams in liga premier & they play in Liga Kebangsaan I & II, B teams cannot be promoted to liga super • U19 teams league & cup are created, the league’s format:- - 1st stage preliminary round – 65 teams divided into 5 groups, played each other once. 1st-3rd placed team qualified for championship, 4th-7th placed team qualified for 1st division, 8th-10th placed team qualified for 2nd division & 11th-13th placed team qualified for bottom division • Team removed: Lions XII (plays in Singaporean League), Teams created: UniKL FC, Frenz United (Both play in Liga Kebangsaan II), MSSM All-Stars, Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Pahang (SSMP) (Both are amateur, u19 teams, play in U19 league) • Harimau A, B & C are removed from any league, the players can be bought cheaply (I think so) or after their contract ended. • Harimau Muda name is used for the name of the U19 league: Liga Harimau Muda U19 cup: Piala SuperMokh Several bugs which I cannot solved (If anyone has ideas to solve them, your assistance is kindly requested):- • Fixtures clash with international matches (although I do select the “check with clashes: all”) • Must start in jun/jul/aug 2013, unless liga premier does not reset the following season (in order to do so, in game setup, select another nation to load (which season starts in jun/jul/aug, ex. England & select the game start in jun/jul/aug 2013) • The winner of Piala Malaysia & Trofi Gemilang is not recorded (You have to scroll through “stages” to see the winners), & as a result Trofi Sumbangsih (the supercup between winners of Liga Super & Piala Malaysia) has one same team features each year, Kelantan, the winner of Piala Malaysia in 2012) • The 1st Trofi Sumbangsih (2014) features the winners of Liga Super & Piala Malaysia of 2012, not 2013) • Starting from 2nd season, leagues still play in june although it is set to be the break period • Top 2 teams of Liga Super qualify for AFC Cup, but winner of Piala Malaysia didn’t (although it is stated in the “rules” page) • At 1st, I want to create the u19 league which will have multiple leagues with pro. & rel. + playoff, but when I load it, many teams are missing from the league, so I have to restructure the u19 league into 1 league which have kind of weird format IMPORTANT NOTES!!!: • Start the season in jun/jul/aug 2013, not in Nov. In order to do so, in game setup, select another nation to load (which season starts in jun/jul/aug, ex. England & select the game start in jun/jul/aug 2013) • Do not load it with other custom league database it may cause MORE PROBLEMS & ERRORS. • Liga Negeri Malaysia is an inactive league, no relegation from upper league to this league. Screenshots:-
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