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  1. Utterly, utterly pointless. Lets get this straight, the moment you click "New game" you enter a fantasy world. You cant have the real world popping up. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> why not ??? at least give some sort of reason or argument. a bit of realism here and there would imrpove the game imo. after playing fm games for a few years generic actions of players get a bit tedious to say the least. like i said it could be an option you could toggle on or off. and i explained the way it might be possibly fitted into the game. all it is basically, is a proper udpate done by si to take the some of the repetitiveness out the game when playing different teams. think about it every time you start a new game that data for the corresponding season would be there for that team. every time you started a new game there would be more and more possibilities available. if it was me playing as man city id sure like the chance to dish out the punishment on joey barton for his latest indiscretion.
  2. actually my biggest gripe about tall Fm games is giving average mf players the finishing ability of strikers its ok for lampard, gerrard, kaka etc etc but you get some mf players scoring some ridiculous amounts of goals from open play and its just an unecesary thing that needs changing in editing. also please dont leave any gaps in player stats that the computer can randomly generate. imo theres nowt worse than finding a well know player with stats that are made up every time you start a new game.
  3. i havnt read any of the suggestions nor have i kept up to date with any news on the 08 version but i would like to see FM have an optional online link directly into your game for real football news that then can affect your FM season. that perhaps automatically updates just before every time you play your game. eg ... a player is caught by the papers doing something dodgy but in real life just escapes with a fine, but in your game you can punish him differently if your managing the team of course otherwise its just becomes background news on the news ticker. the bellamy riise golf club incident is a great example. if you were to play as liverpool at some time during your season the file you recieve from si via online activates a sequence of events eg as in real ife it happened abroad so the file is designated only to trigger during an away trip the files could also be assigned a date/time code expiry date so they dont trigger every season just during the same season in your game that it happened in real life.
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