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  1. Playing in Northern Ireland, goals from free kicks are common. Very common. Of course, the keepers are terrible and that has something to do with it. But, if you want to see goal after goal from free kicks, head on over to Belfast.
  2. What level are you playing at? If you are at the top, then not being able to shut up shop suggests a tactical problem. Post screens of what you are doing when you are trying to close the match out. If you are at the very low levels, then, well, closing up shop with the players available is just something you have to learn isn't always possible at first. The defenders just aren't good enough. You have to search for good defenders before you can really be solid when pressed.
  3. I'll echo that it doesn't appear to matter at all. Perhaps someone who has really looked into training can find a way it matters, but I've gone years with players unhappy with their workload with no noticeable ill effect.
  4. To be certain. To play Devil's advocate, however, that still doesn't make it fair to the user who paid for this version of the game, but may not have the money or the desire to buy the next version. Even if the user does wish to purchase the next version, the user has no guarantees that the bugs will be fixed. The new version will also have its own bugs that may or may not be fixed before SI turns its attention to the next version. From a user's perspective, things are better if developers spend more time fixing bugs than developing a new version with more or altered game features that will have their own bugs to be sorted out. Obviously that creates a disconnect with the needs of development companies to get a new version of the game out to sell. There isn't a simple solution of course. I'm just suggesting that saying an error will be sorted out if you buy the next version isn't necessarily a proper answer or consumer friendly. It wouldn't be acceptable for other types of consumer products. Software is different, but it would certainly be a gesture of goodwill on SI's part that if they manage to fix some of the minor bugs for FM15, like the one complained about in this thread, that they make some attempt to apply those fixes to FM14.
  5. While that is an ideal solution from SI's perspective, it's not exactly consumer friendly. It doesn't seem unreasonable for users to expect that by the time a game is "done" that it will be relatively bug free. It's not a solution for users to tell them that some bugs will be fixed if they purchase the next version of the game. I realize it's become par for the course in the video game industry, but that doesn't necessarily make it right or something that users should like. To be clear, I'm talking about bugs, i.e., things not working the way they are supposed to. I'm not talking about changes to alter the way things are inteneded to work as those are appropriate for a new version. People who purchased software shouldn't be considered out of line for asking that everything be made to work as intended before the developers call it a day.
  6. Do you have Brazil loaded in your save? If you do, Sao Paulo tends to get very good and could possibly give you a run for your money in the Club World Championship. Might make the tournament less boring.
  7. I had to replay a few games after a crash and decided to test out your man marking idea. However, I'm not playing at a high level. I'm in the Belfast Telegraph C1 with a team of mostly amateurs who make the level of play in the Conference North/South look top notch by comparison. The league is 4-4-2 heavy and that's what I saw in the games I replayed. Even at this low level, the idea basically works. My team was winning anyway, and the results stayed the same. Two things were interesting, however. 1) Possession for my team greatly increased as the AI just didn't really know where it wanted to go with the ball. 2) My central mids expended less energy than they had without the man marking. This seemed a bit counter intuitive to me, but previously the CMs were often the most tired players on the squad after the game. That was not the case with this change. I haven't figure out why that it is as of yet. Anyway, small sample size and all, but just wanted to let you know that it appears that your idea works not just at the highest levels of the game, but also with crap players in a crap league.
  8. Ironman mode is the most pointless thing that has ever been invented in video games. It's worse than Horse Armor DLC. It's simple enough to just not reload if you don't want to. No reason to have a buggy ironman mode saving for you every few minutes. Every minute SI would spend implementing ironman mode is a minute of completely wasted development time.
  9. It's always nice that you get a message about winning a triple, quadruple or quintuple. Makes it kind of a let down that you don't get that message if you win a sextuple or septuple. Be nice to have that added in even though it won't happen very often.
  10. The England National team might not be the best example you want to go with unless you're saying that the media and fans have unrealistic expectations for them and the team really shouldn't be expected to win anything.
  11. You have some crappy mistakes in there no doubt, but you also have some issues with how the match engine represents things, such as is the case with the long goals that bounce right past the keeper. We know that long goals do happen. The ME just does a poor job of visually representing them too often. Also, when the ball touches your keeper's hands and then goes into the goal, that's not a glitch. That's just a keeper not quite being able to make a save. Happens in real life too.
  12. The standard diamond can be great defensively in FM. See: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/391083-The-School-of-the-Defensive-Arts I use a defensive diamond as well with a different setup than Cleon. The big key for me defensively with the formation is using the defensive mentality with hassle opponents. I believe the conventional wisdom is that hassle pulls your defense out of shape, but it works well for me as I place an emphasis on defenders and midfielders who can tackle. Both units are the best in the Premier Division at tackling. It's difficult for teams with wingers to score when they have problems getting the ball past the midfield and into a dangerous position. If anyone does miss a tackle in the midfield, the deep defensive line is there to clean up mistakes. Obviously, if one of my central defenders misses a tackle, that causes issues. However, in the last full league season, my team only conceded 19 so I'm not terribly concerned and I would guess at least half of the AI's goals were off of corners. 4/5ths of the goals scored against me in my current season have come when the AI is in the 442. There is definitely some vulnerability there, but I also see it more than any other formation. I love the diamond as I'm big on defensive football and controlling the middle. Adjusting the formation for when I need to attack, that's what drives me crazy.
  13. Not necessarily. The loan system is a bit of a mystery to me. I've had players turn down being loaned out to teams such as Arsenal and Liverpool where they would have been cover for the first team to go to lesser clubs where they would be valuable first team members. Other players don't seem to care about playing time and want the highest reputation clubs. Still other good young players get no one interested in loaning them, presumably because the player wouldn't be interested in going to anyone who would want him.
  14. Out of curiosity, have you tried to sell him to see who is interested? I had a very similar player and my ass man rated his potential to be about the same. I don't want to be tempted, so I don't have the editor and thus don't know what his true PA was. To test the waters, I offered him up to clubs for £5 million. Surprisingly, I received a ton of interest at that price, in the neighborhood of 30 clubs were interested. The player was sold to Bayern. I found that odd as if my 20 judging potential ass man was correct, then the player would be a no hoper for Bayern. As Alex said there was a flaw in Encinar's PPA, I'm wondering if the flaw only exists for the player's current club and if AI clubs see the player correctly as having a high PPA?
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