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  1. It's a pretty exclusive tournament if not a special one. I think the hardest you could make it is doing it with an Oceanic team as they have to qualify via play-off against the host so you're not even guaranteed entry! An interesting nation for youth development would be Tonga. They aren't non-EU for nations using the Cotonou agreement and they also count as a British Overseas Territory, so you could potentially loan players to better facilities in Spain, France, England etc. while you upgrade your own.
  2. I've just had a read of that thread's first post and your last few on it. It's an incredible achievement and to be first past the post too - well done! I'm out of the game since FM15 really (barely played FM16, didn't play FM17 at all) so I definitely need to be eased back in with a find-my-own-way challenge. As for you though, where do you go from here and whats your FM18 plan?
  3. Full disclosure: I didn’t get very far with this. But the fire still burns for FM18! I was looking around for one save to rule them all and for me everything leads back to Spain: Playable Nations Europe: Spain, Portugal North America: Mexico South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay All Lowest Active Leagues selected Game Start Date in Spain Do not Add Key Staff Disable First Window Transfer Budgets Prevent teams which already have managers from being controlled Prevent use of the In-Game Editor Database Size: Large but Advanced The work permit rules in Spain appear to be the most generous in Europe, with players from Ibero-American countries and a few others** able to gain nationality after two years so I’ll load them all. Advanced Nations Africa: Equatorial Guinea** Asia: Philippines** Europe: Andorra** North America: Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico South America: Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela Real Madrid won the first five European Cups and to this day they remain that number of trophies ahead of the next most successful team. In three all-Spanish finals since the turn of the century they have even beaten Atlético Madrid twice and Valencia once. After finally achieving La Decima, Real Madrid then added two more in the following three years. Barcelona, on the other hand, have won all five of their Champions League trophies in the last 25 years. In the Europa League, Sevilla have won more than anyone else despite all five of their titles only occurring in the last 12 years - including a defeat of Basque club Athletic Bilbao. Shortly before their recent Champions League finals, Atlético Madrid won the Europa League twice - once with Catalan side Espanyol finishing runners-up in yet another all-Spanish final. In intercontinental competition, either Real Madrid or Barcelona have represented Europe in half of the Club World Cup finals. Barça built on their runners-up medal with two later wins while Real have won it three times since their fourth place in the inaugural competition. This dominance has dovetailed with international success, too, with Spain sandwiching two European Championship titles either side of a World Cup win. Neymar may have left for €222m but Spanish clubs have never been more dominant. My white whale is back! I always start unemployed with the lowest reputation and no coaching badges, and I might even start as a monoglot Englishman to make things harder
  4. I tend not to fiddle with mentality or fluidity until I've played a good few games and know what to expect from the players' natural play. I like to be able to loosely fit my best 16-ish players into a couple of interchanging formations so in my first friendly I'm going to play a first and second eleven as per the pictures below. Generally I'll start with the players who were at the club last year and I'll only make three role changes before a ball is kicked so I can assess the strengths of the three signings who are most likely to force their way in. Once back from injury I want Giaccherini and Jones to replace Larsson and Vergini - and perhaps Coates and Vergini to replace O'Shea and Brown before the season is out? I thought what the hell, I'll take charge of the youth teams while I'm waiting on responses to their respective manager adverts: The Narrow has a slight switch in the placing of the central player mentalities - Support rather than Attack binds the double-pivot. There's a little bit of overlap with a few players available for two teams (I like to make sure there's always a 23 to choose from!)
  5. Consider yourself luck-wished! I saw your post after I'd taken the plunge myself and agreed with all I've quoted. I find it insane that anyone can win the league inside two seasons and I'd be interested to see what the other end of the transfer activity scale can achieve - I'm going with original database and disabled first transfer window. This is the save I wanted to do when the beta came out but never got round to it. So I thought let's have one last hurrah (with obligatory sacking at the end of the season) in a league I can't believe I've not played in on this year's FM. What formation(s) are you looking at? I'm going to begin with a mixture of 4-4-2 and Gus' 4-1-2-3 DM Wide for familiarity's sake but will have my favoured 4-2-3-1 Narrow trained. Sacked the old gaffer's four acolytes (Taricco, coach, GK coach, and scout who arrived at the same time - October 2013) and promoted Stockdale to Assistant as he likes the 4-2-3-1 Narrow formation too.
  6. Had to sign in and respond as I don't think even real life managers know so its fascinating reading responses. I think FM brilliantly captures how difficult it is to keep two players for every position happy. Squad management is a very cyclical process so after 12-18 months if say my right winger never gets injured then I don't need a backup. By the time I know that it makes sense to have trained another useful squad member as a right winger just in case. In an ideal world I'll have my eleven, a spare keeper, a jack of all trades for defence, and a couple of alternative style players on the bench and the rest can be youths
  7. Start with the one on the right being support as he's got an attack tucked in behind him - if they're both on attack they're more or less always going to be same distance apart. See how it goes. You may decide you need that winger on attack, in which case move the attacking central midfielder into the middle slot and give your left winger a support with left back on attack and play the defensive central midfielder on the left of the trio to give a little bit of cover for those left sided players Edit: The stickied threads at the top of the forum are gold dust by the way
  8. I've just arrived at the first international (and welcome) break with my 4-3-2-1 DM Narrow so now's as good a time as any to gloat about my best ever start to a season! As you can see, plenty of different scorers which is always healthy and certainly a run of form to go with it. Loving the experiment, loving the tactic. For the competitive games I thought I'd do my research on whoscored.com and keep the faith with the team that got us into the Europa League in the first place. I started off with a core of 19 (sub keeper not pictured) who either played last year or came into the club during the summer and these guys were wonderful in the four games so far. The new signings had to earn their place in the team. I made three personnel swaps each game to keep it fresh. I cannot get Cani working for the life of me no matter where I play him but on the plus side Giovani has done wonders since moving to Second Striker. A third of my goals have come from set pieces which I'm putting down the PPMs of the dos Santos brothers who take them. Cheryshev at Trequartista is outrageously good - he must make six or seven dribbles per game that either result in goals scored from free-kicks or through-balls to Giovani
  9. We could all just move to a formation with a maximum of two positional changes. I.e. Your two wingbacks become fullbacks or wide midfielders, or your three strikers become one striker and two amcs. That kind of thing
  10. While I think SI could do an awful lot more in regard to write-ups about default formations, you have to take them with a pinch of salt as not even the AI use them. If you follow another team's progress you will see under their tactics tab a display of what they used in the last match. Hover over the right-hand side of any shirt and it will reveal the role the manager employed that position as from the start of the match. You will notice subtle tweaks from game to game. One time their lone STC was a Deep Lying Forward, another a Poacher etc. They are in the game as a visual guide as to what the formations look like and what you should be thinking about with link A and link B is what roles/duties are used in each strata not necessarily where the chips have landed, if you like. e.g. link A - they're saying you'd do well to balance three central midfielders with one on defend, another support, and the other automatic. its up to you to tweak its deficiencies. a few different yet complimentary roles for the three up front is the best starting point with this kind of formation as you need movement to make it work Remember that these visualisations of formations are of your side without the ball. you could still play a DM with a Regista role and it's as good as a midfield three when with the ball
  11. Oh Jambo! I've just tonked Levante 4-0 away and had a humdinger of a 4-3 win across two legs in the Europa and you do this to me haha
  12. I haven't missed a release since 00/01 and while I certainly haven't had any in-game success in about five years, the last two have been the best of the bunch. The game's not easy any more - which, sadly, is seen as a flaw by most. I don't think enough people give Classic a go, either.
  13. I think your tactic looks great! Its obviously done the job for you in the past so the thing I'd be looking out for is whether the players are doing what you've asked of them. Are you able to post the Forfar stats for the last three losses? If you're consistently getting players who are not completing a high percentage of what they're attempting I'd look to Player Instructions to combat this first and foremost. Failing that it may jump out that some players are not getting involved as much as they should so change the role. I've found that during ruts you have to reward whoevers doing well (green arrows) in training and conversely think about dropping those that are either no change or performing poorly - they soon buck their ideas up - or they don't and you eventually move them on. Minor changes will get you through. As a general rule I'll sacrifice two or three things from my six-ish Team Instructions depending on the opposition. For example I had a tough European away game against a quicker-than-me 4-4-2 so I dropped Attacking to Standard, removed Pass into Space and Push Higher Up - all without compromising my style of play. So in your case consider going Defensive, Fluid (only two real specialists in your team, the DLP and AM) and removing Close Down More to give yourself a hard-to-beat start to the game and see what you need to re-introduce as the game goes on
  14. 4-3-2-1 DM Narrow I have finally finished pre-season and I thought I'd give the group an update. We're unbeaten against largely lower league opposition but the manner of the victories has been very pleasing indeed. I'm really enjoying having to eke out dominance from this formation and I've finally mastered my 'style' - bore them into submission. The opposition are suffocated and are rarely able to string passes together into my half thanks to a high and wide roaming presence. I've been watching it all on Comprehensive highlights and, honestly, to have conceded just one goal in six games is probably fair. The team just camps in the space between the centre circle and the opposition box and we wait for a mistake. As I said before, goals come from everywhere if not prolifically but it will take some time to figure out my best eleven as they are all so versatile it's unreal! The key to finding the right shape and possession lay in a bit of trial and error to fix obvious problems and then simplicity. I settled for three of each in the end as follows: Play Wider Push Higher Up Roam From Positions Retain Possession Pass Into Space Work Ball Into Box I also had to have a bit of a play around with the roles as I soon realised that we only had two or three midfielders out of 10 capable of the defensive side of the game - a mini-injury crisis and our season would be over. It seemed pointless having a load of natural playmakers try and operate in a Central Midfielder role (which requires marking and tackling) as over time it was obvious this was stifling their talent. After sorting out the forward line roles it dawned on me that we were essentially playing a 4-3-3. I have included a snap of my first pre-season game compared to my last - you can see the transformation the tactic has undergone just by the average position comparisons below: Then came the hammer blow - we got Dynamo Moscow in the Europa League playoff draw. Away first, natch. Here's my roles and duties for a very loose first/second eleven: I would really like to get Cani into that Roaming Playmaker role but I think I'll need to dip into the transfer market for a proper Second Striker in his stead. I forgot to mention that I now play Highly Structured mentality and a mix of Standard / Control / Attacking depending on how much I need to speed play up
  15. So what are we all aiming for here? We know it largely can be done whatever the formation (it pleases me no end that the ME is that good) but we could end up finding little exploits and that's not what I'm after really. Its increased my determination to make any player work as at big clubs I generally cut loose anyone who doesn't sync into the tactics I set up.
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