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  1. The super remit tactic is fantastic! I'm rangers won the domestic treble and got to the last 8 of the champions league only to go out on away goals to real Madrid. The last 16 I put out Barcelona very happy .
  2. David Goodwillie David Goodwillie (born 28 March 1989) is a Scottish footballer who currently plays as a striker for Scottish Premier League club Dundee United and the Scotland national football team. Sign him quite alot always scores 20+ goals a season anyone else like him? can pick him up for around 3 million pounds
  3. ok here is my starting 11. here is my fixtures as you can see i do draw alot of my games and loose quite a few any ideas for signings i think i hve a good starting 11 i could di with a new left back and a striker but apart from that i feel i have a good enough team my pitch size is standard so you think thats my main problem....
  4. am i the only person that can't seem to get this to work? playing as rangers cant really win more than 2 games in a row
  5. i was using it last night try as i might i didn't really have much success. I'm gutted to say i started a new game just for this tactic, built my squad around it and still couldn't win that often. I'm not bad mouthing your tactic i want it to work i just couldn't want me to up load screens of my results and squad to show you? maybe you could help me
  6. steven whittaker :ninga: he always plays well for me
  7. Used the tactic until January with various results defeated roma 3-1 was happy with that but in the spl was winning quite a lot of my games 1-0 2-1 but when I did loose I lost heavily hearts , aberdeen and dundee utd all won 3-0 all away. I also found my rmc got injured quite a lot and all my strikers got injured not sure if its just in my save. Tactic is solid enough it could just be the tactic doesn't suit my team. The only signing I made was Diego bonnanettie from river played him in messi's role played well enough didn't score that much but as I said was only winning 1-0 most of the time......and also got quite ages penaltys
  8. i'v always wanted to play good football with Glasgow rangers. will play up to jan with this tactic see how i get on will post up results tonight
  9. The Never Quite Made Its

    ivan kaviedes loved him in cm 00/01
  10. run it windowed print screen paint /thread your welcome Jamees :smug:
  11. The Never Quite Made Its

    Morten Gamst Pedersen
  12. got my copy off amazon today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! papac didnt sign a new contract so hes away, would like a few new palyers in mid, what you all suggest?