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  1. I took some of the advice in the thread and changed a few things round, with the tactic now looking like this: Karius is still a sweeper keeper, the MEZ has been changed so he's on the left side now, Henderson is a BBM, Firmino is a DLF and the LW is now an IF on support rather than attack. My last few games have been pretty good, beating Spurs 4-0 with goals from each one of the front three. Play is looking a lot more natural with the ball and players are supporting eachother, the LW on support helps with the buildup and the RW seems to play the ball and run rather than dribbling into no where. The next thing to work out is beating teams that sit deeper, I played Atletico in the CL, dominated possession and had most of the ball but their defence was strong and they beat me 1-0 with a long range goal. How do people approach teams with strong defences/sitting back? My first thoughts were to alter TI's, go wider and play at a higher tempo, but would be interesting to hear how other people go about it. Also, I have noticed players dithering with the ball slightly. Is that due to a lack of options, or tempo being lower because of the standard mentality?
  2. The goals in the first game were pretty good. The first came from my LCM supplying my LB with a direct ball, then the LB crossed in to Firmino for a goal. Second was a quick counter after an opposition free kick, Mane drove forward and played it into Salah who cut inside and scored. The third was from a deep floated cross from Mane and Salah was on the end of it at the far post for a tap in, and the fourth was via a Wijnaldum late run into the box where he picked up the ball from a cross and scored. Those goals were instances of my players executing their roles right, so there were positives, it's just that the opposition was a 2nd division side in the Belgian league. Yeah I feel as though with the wingers being on attacking duties, it will encourage direct balls to them. I want more variety in play from my midfielders and attackers though rather than constant direct balls really. So more variety in the buildup if that makes sense. I just don't really know what roles to maybe change to achieve that. I was thinking maybe an RPM and BBM in midfield, so that both of the two central midfielders would be mobile and moving around to provide a passing option, but I don't want to use a playmaker as I'd rather focus on the whole team playing as a unit rather than drawing the ball to one player.
  3. I am currently playing as Liverpool, testing out a 4-1-2-3 wide. The tactic looks as follows: Karius is a Sweeper Keeper set to defend, instructed to distribute the ball to the CBs on goal kicks. The idea of the tactic is to have Firmino, the false 9, to drop deeper and play Salah, Mane and Wijnaldum into space for goal opportunities. I want my left sided central midfielder to get up the pitch and supply the wingers, arrive late in the box for a shot and get back and help out with defensive work. He has the PI of more risky passes, so he can supply the forward guys in the build up phase. My Wingbacks are set to support, so they can move up with the midfield. provide a safe passing option if the midfielders need it, get forward to support and provide the width as the forward line is quite narrow. I set them to support with a PI of stay wider so they would keep the width but not go on marauding runs and generally try to be the hero on the pitch. Our mentality is Control, as I want to play on the front foot and take quite a lot of risks, but not too much that play is rushed. Mentality is set to fluid so the team moves as a unit and is compact. TI's are Push Higher Up, Work Ball Into Box, Play Out of Defence and Close Down More. I have only played one game with the tactic which I won 4-2, but I am seeing a few problems on the pitch which I don't know how to rectify: Firmino isn't showing for the ball and providing an outlet as much as i'd like him too, often he is too far forward to receive the ball from the midfielders. If in the instance he does come for the ball, he manages to get a pass to the wide man but the wide man gets tackled fairly quickly, which I suspect is maybe a space issue. We are quite high up the pitch and very compact so maybe don't have enough space to move into? My two midfielders aren't mobile and seem static on the pitch, the most attacking central midfielder doesn't seem to get beyond the striker and attack the box, he tends to spray passes and act more as a playmaker. When we move forward with the ball, there seems to be a big distance between the midfield 3 and the attack. Which I feel is down to the fact both the wingers are on attack, so their starting positions will be higher. In this move, Wijnaldum sends the ball to Salah, who works it to the byline to try and cross, but gets cut out by the defender. I want to play with a high pressing style and fairly attacking, with the midfield and full backs supporting the attacks through clever movement and good passing, whilst the striker comes deep and supplies the attacking players. My question is, what should I consider changing to achieve something closer to how I want to play, right now there is a lot of running into no space and long passes forward which don't go anywhere.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was considering using a DLF and having him be the player that brings others into play, although my strikers strengths are finishing and pace, their strength, passing and vision are in the 12-13 range which makes me think they would struggle with those jobs. However i'm guessing it still could work because a DLF will still score etc. I am going to load up the game and maybe look at using the striker to bring others into play, because i have the likes of Nolito and Vazquez who can score goals from the winger and attacking mid slots.
  5. I ended up reading Cleon's thread about the 4-2-3-1 and dropped the midfield, wingers and attacking midfielders into the DM and MCLRC slots. However, it still seems as though I am having trouble. The problem is that the wingers are too far up the pitch when the team is going forward, meaning the AP will circle the ball around the DLP and DM before hitting a pass out wide that gets intercepted, or the DLP will attempt to find space but end up running into nowhere and getting tackled. I feel as though I know that the support isn't right for the striker and for the build up, but I don't know what to do in terms of changing it, could anyone help?
  6. That makes sense, so the support duties and SV are picked because they make sense in relation to the style of play you want with the tactic?
  7. Will be following this as I am attempting to create a 4-2-3-1 with Sevilla. I have a few questions though. Why did you use a SV instead of a DLP? How come there are support duties for the holding player that will shield the defence? is this because you have two DMs in front of a back 4 meaning they will shield the defence by default due to being positioned there? Is it possible to use an Advanced Forward in a 4-2-3-1 providing you get the roles right around him, Or is it simply down to the fact that role in particular isn't optimal for the formation as a whole?
  8. I have started a game with Sevilla on the BETA and I am lining up with a 4-2-3-1 on Standard/Flexible with no TI's or PI's for the moment. The original idea for the formation was to use a FB on attack with an IF on support in front of him, that way I could have the FB overlapping the IF and have either the FB put a cross in for the striker or the IF cut inside and get a shot away. On the right side, I've used a winger to put crosses in to the striker and AMC, and I put the AMC on attack to support the striker who is an AF. The midfield has a CM on defend with a DLP on support to provide the cover in the midfield. I am having problems with the 3 in the AMC strata, it seems that the AMC doesn't have space to manoeuvre in, and when he plays a ball out wide it either goes to the opposition because they have closed him down or the wide man himself is too far out wide for the pass to be played effectively. Sometimes the wide player will get the ball and be faced with two players to get through and have no space to run into and the striker will often get the ball and be tackled or be faced with dribbling through too many players. I've seen the winger cut inside too, which makes me think that is because he is trying to find space, as he doesn't have a cut inside PPM. So far I've only played two games with the tactic, one I struggled in until I dropped the mentality from flexible to counter and scored a goal, and the other has seen a lot of the aforementioned problems. The first game was against Başakşehir and the second against Real Madrid Castilla, both used a 4-4-2 and I didn't make use of the free space for the AMC which makes me think the problems in the tactic will keep happening. What do I need to look for in the tactic or games to make sure I can find space to score goals? I understand that with a top heavy formation going to a higher mentality might see me struggle to find space, but I am reluctant to change things without proper knowledge of which roles or duties to go to, because I don't want to chop and change every game and not have a fixed identity for my team.
  9. Finished 2nd in the league with Liverpool in my first season which was considered an overachievement. In the first season I played a 4-2-3-1 which looked like this Instructions are Retain possession, pass into space, hassle opponents, lower tempo and push higher up. I would often drop the CM(d) into the DM position and AP into the midfield position to make a 4-5-1. I understand changes need to be made for the second season as teams will more likely be used to the way I play, but I am not sure how drastic the changes should be. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?
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