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  1. Hi @Rob Heckman - unfortunately not. I've only now started to get into the habit of multiple save files. It is something that happened quite a few seasons earlier in the save as well, and I believe there are others who have been having a similar problem when playing in the A-League, so hopefully someone else will be able to provide you with what you need.
  2. Hi guys. Have a situation at the beginning of the 2028/29 season in the A-League (Australia) where I have won the league and finals eight seasons in a row, and have just won the opening game of the season. The club vision has constantly been to continue to win the A-League, be in the Asian Champions League final every year, and they don't care about the FFA Cup. I noticed that during the back end of the previous season (2027/28) the club vision screen added in "Win silverware" for the 2029/30 season, and is currently listed as struggling, despite the fact that I am still 12 months away from that season starting! Anyway, this leads to a sacking the following day, and I have uploaded the game file to the SI Cloud Service, at a point immediately after the first match of the season but before the board request a meeting to sack me. File name: "Perth Glory - Failed future club vision". Let me know if there is any other information you need - I was hoping to make 10 seasons, but doesn't seem as though I can get past this.
  3. I also have a similar issue, in that my calendar has frozen at September 2025. No issues from a game play perspective, but when clicking on the date it shows nothing in the pop up calendar, and when the calendar pops up during processing my upcoming matches now just say "Match" with no additional details. Screenshots attached, and save game uploaded to SI Cloud Service (Perth Glory.fm) with game date at 19 September 2025 so you can see the changes in the calendar - or lack there of!
  4. Has anyone figured out a way where the A-League youth teams can play in both the NYL and their state NPL competitions?
  5. Player Information First Name: Mathew Last Name: Cheeseman DOB: 02/04/1996 (16yo) City of Birth: Perth, Australia Nationality: Australian Second Nationality: - Height (CM): 187 Weight (KG): 74 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Color: Red Main language: English Secondary language: - Favourite clubs: Manchester United Disliked clubs: Liverpool, Manchester City Favourite personnel: Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Sir Alex Ferguson Disliked personnel: - Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): - Preferred position: D RC, DM Preferred foot: Right Preferred squad number: 15 3 x Technical Attributes: Heading, Marking, Tackling 3 x Mental Attributes: Bravery, Concentration, Determination 2 x Physical Attributes: Jumping, Stamina 2 x Bonus attributes: Passing, Work Rate Personality Loyalty Professionalism Preferred Moves Plays Short Simple Passes Arrives Late In Opposition Area Avoids Using Weaker Foot
  6. There used to be a way to organise international friendlies in an EDT file. Is this still possible, and if so what are the commands?
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