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  1. Yes you clarified more or less my question by saying variants of the basics formations, but im facing a lot of those variants in La Liga Santander 4-1-4-1/4-4-1-1 1. would you still use the same formation or it could be better by uppering the wingers and using a 4-1-2-2-1? if your answer is yes, would you prefer IF roles and changing the roles of fullback to wingback and ask them to say stay wider as the IF cuts inside? or, keep it with wingers, not asking the wingbacks to staywider?. 2. i find using your cruyf tactic is quite usefull against 4-4-2 tactics, usually i do quite well against them untill halftime or untill i get the lead, then they change the 4-4-2 into a 4-2-2-2 and they comeback or even hammer me, my question is would you use then a 3-2(WB)-3-1-1, putting down the wingers? 3. Now the DM-(D) you cant ask him to close dow less, by default he will have close down much more, is this role still effective to cover and AMC? 4. what would you observe to conclude if the IWB is usefull? i've tested a bit (don't know if the player that i use does well the role but he has good ratings at that position) actually he is having incredible match ratings being by far the best at the defense and a lot of time the best of the match, he is involucrated a lot in the passes at midfield but i've noticed one important thing, if i loose the ball in the midfield or in my court he leaves a quite important gap as he tends to be in the midfield sometimes not having time to get back quick, also the teams that plays Direct passes tend to exploit that weakness. In the passes the IWB just gets involved as much as any of the 3 of the midfield having more than 92%accuracy of passes in 3 matches having more than 70 passes with succes in all of 3 matches. the defensive stats are similar to the other fullback. Is like having another CM(S) more, but at the wing (actually he sits at the DFC vertically but horizonal at the height of the CM(S)) thanks in advance, you really have helped me improve and enjoy much more the game.
  2. I've experimented i've experimeted in the formation creator and the most similar* is: CF-S CF-A IF-A IF-A IF-S IF-S CM-A CM-D CM-S OR CM-A CM-D CM-S FB-S CD-D CD-D WB-S FB-S CD-D CD-D FB-A SK-S SK-S *I say the most similar because for me is just the same looking at the image of Rashidi's formation but i'havent got the same skin as him and dont know if we have the same resolution as i play in a laptop. But as he says he has and Attacking duty in all the stratas and 3 of them in the whole tactic (must have then a FB-A) maybe is just as you pointed being IF-S and CF-A.
  3. hey wanted to ask if somone knew a post where explains wich formation is strong against other formations?, i wanted to create a base tactic with similiar TI that its easy to adapt vs others formations, (an example 4-4-2 is good vs 4-2-3-1 * just invented coz i dont know) thanks in advance and hope i made my question clear as i dont dominate english.
  4. hey wanted to ask if somone knew a post where explains wich formation is strong against other formations?, i mean Ozil explains the OP he uses the DM variation againsts 4-2-3-1 and the RPM against 4-3-3 (DM) or the 3-4-3 its strong against 4-4-2, my point is has somone written about strong formations vs others? i wanted to create a base tactic that its easy to adapt vs others as ozil does. thanks in advance and hope i made my question clear as i dont dominate english.
  5. Hey, im willing to test this philosofy with my homeland team, Las Palmas, our team is mainly formed by canarian players, they are known to play half of cruyff philosophy, i say half because the defensive system they really don't succed in it, mainly because they don't defend as a whole block most of the times. valeron-david silva and many others are well knowned, in the past we actually did quite well with our fragile economy, and more recently, won promotion in 14/15 with mainly 9 players from the same island, 1 argentian striker and the goalkeeper that was spanish from another part. i've got some question, 1) whats the main attribute that makes you decide who put central in the defence? also you're still using a cover duty for him? Another point, you've talk about the importance of pressure, the importance of the opponent defence being under pressure for making them do bad deccissions and passes for our team be in good conditions to regain posession quicker, my point is, 2) it could be benefficial to use OI's? or is, just enought with close down much more as a whole TEam Instruction? i think PI have more impact than TI, but does TI have more than OI? maybe putting close down more, mark tighter, hard taclking and show weak foot to the defence, GK and DM if they have could be a good idea ? in my mind make sense but don't know if it actually will have an important impact as we've got TI. 3) in FM16 you didn't really know well if the offside trap had a importan impact for defending, have you got to a conclusion in this FM? 4) for the 4-1-4-1 you keep the same role? DLP-D? Sorry for all question, but actually i love this thread and how you and the people involved in the thread have explained in Fm and real life terms one of the footballers and coches i admire most, his philosophys of football just made football much more interesting, even if you dont like his style is awesome to see 2 differents styles playing in a match, or even this style of football played by 2 teams. What and excellent job you've done, actually you've gave me a reason for doing a really long term save, usually only play 3-4 seasons max. Thanks in advance, and keep on with the brilliant work!
  6. hey could you share your version with 2 Ifs please? thanks in advance!
  7. Hey nice post and really well explained, very similar from the one of passion4fm web but i like your new ideas of Attacking instead of control or standard and you got slighly better OI's as they are more as i would have done, the preffered foot to show i mean, gonna try had really good success first with Arsenal and then with Las Palmas with passions tactic gonna see how it goes with your approach, will let you know, only got one little request could you manage to do a similar base tactic but with the IF's as midfielders and the wingback more at the back, i made sort of one but dont get constant results. i wanted to make it for keeping the ME thinkink coz through the season the performence in some matches drops. Nice thread! keep the good work!
  8. Hello, first of all i have to say this tactic works wonderfull with my arsenal save but i have 1 request, could you upload the tactic you use when ure underdog and one to protect the lead? thanks in advance! will post some screenshots when i finish my season, currently playing 1st one
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