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  1. I'm Arsenal in my second season. I'm wondering which are the best clubs to approach to generate extra income? Any other tips in that area?
  2. A lot of problems with injuries can result from low condition, low match fitness and jadedness (which effects condition during matches). And luck. If a manager (the manager being myself :-) and this is purely my opinion and experience that I've enjoyed) is firefighting injuries, this is what he would do - - Make sure he has enough physios with good physio stats. If nothing else he has better estimates when players will be back and help manage the depth of the team for injured positions. - Turn team training intensity to low or very low - this will limit jadedness increases (which effects condition during matches). Additionally there will be less injuries from training injuries due to low conditions. - Consider resting players before a match to improve condition so they are less likely to get injured during the match. - Consider resting players after a match to prevent injuries during training (the manager wouldn't do this if training is set to low or very low intensity - but might if there are a lot of injuries) - Stamina effects condition, so consider changing general training to fitness for a chunk of the season for stamina gains. - Stye of play effects condition. Flogging his players with super high tempo, closing opposition down, getting them stuck in against stronger more aggressive side will effect condition. Worth thinking about for those looming injuries. - Ensures he has the best fitness staff. - Plays players in under 21 teams till match fit for 45 minutes max. - Doesn't always talk about himself in the third person.
  3. Is it possible to disband my under 21 squad, I'm quite happy with my under 18s and senior squad for the moment ..
  4. You can choose what you want to see. That's no problem. If you have a reasonable machine processing time is fine - don't go ballistic and choose all the leagues, as I said earlier just choose the ones you think would trade with you if you think its an issue.
  5. I know this has been mentioned a few times already. But for 'fun' game balance. I have had the most fun experiences and success with trading players with a small database, with more leagues loaded from other countries, I pick the countries I think I am most likely to trade with or fun leagues I like to watch or potentially play in.. Just my thoughts.
  6. Yeah I have an SSD; it probably reads at about 500MB a second. From reading this article RAM reads at about 10GB a second? So about 20 times faster? http://www.tekrevue.com/tip/create-10-gbs-ram-disk-windows/ Anyway, thanks for your reply. Anyone given it a try?
  7. Have you ever tried a RAM Disk with football manager? Did you get much performance gain from using it?
  8. omg I'd buy him, no matter the price. His stats are crazy!
  9. There are tools people already use for this anyway .. and agreed; not something I'll be using.
  10. Funny I can imagine that with an Australian accent as well.
  11. I tried to offload a few players (cant remember their names) for for them to leave I had to agree paying a percentage of their wage on their remaining contract, even though they are permanently transferred to another club. I did get some transfer money from it, so there are options...
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