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  1. Have had great success with this this set, from V4 to Piranha, all have been brilliant. Great stuff Tyler. Unfortunately I just can't get Eagle to work for me at all. This season, at Home we've won 8, drawn 2 in 10 (Using Piranha). Away, We've won 1, drawn 1, lost 9 in 11. I've used both the Eagle tactic from the opening post, and the tweak a few pages back, with a DM, but neither have worked at all. My team just look like a completely different side away from home. The most success I had away from home was when I was using the V5 tactic, but unfortunately, the link in the opening post isn't working, does anyone have a working link, or could anyone send me a copy? Email: dark_hunter2@hotmail.com , thanks in advance.
  2. Australian Fiasco

    Aussie winter never gets that cold. I'm gonna go with Sydney Playing Wellington in Adelaide
  3. I want my money back!

    Looks to me like he dropped the ball to play it out, and then fluffed the first touch. Has nothing to do with throwing like the OP mentions. In fact if you look at his stats, he has a first touch of 8, which is the key factor for mine.
  4. Hi, I'm managing Inter in my current save, and its 2033. For the past 3 seasons, I've started my season against Juventus. The past 2 years we were playing away, and now this season Juventus is visiting us. The game has pretty much developed into a tradition for us, to get our season off to the best possible start by beating our rivals. Is this something FM has deliberately done, or is it just random coincidence? Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  5. Was playing as Celtic against Hearts in the Scottish Cup final. We hadn't won anything else all year, so I needed to win the cup to keep the board on my side. 80 minutes down, we're 2-1 up, and looking good. We take a corner, which my striker heads towards goal, unfortunately bouncing off the crossbar. It then falls to the feet of a Hearts player, who boots it down field. All the way down field in fact, into our goal. 110 Yards according to the commentary Artur Boruc had thought it wise to stand in the middle of the park while the corner was being taken. We ended up losing on penalties. What made it worse was that this Hearts player was the player who a 'former great' had picked out to be wary of, which I of course, completely dismissed. Unfortunately I was to enraged at the time to take a screen shot. Oh, and needless to say, I had wrapped up a deal selling Boruc by midday the next day.
  6. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, figured I'd ask here first. I recently took over at CSKA Moscow, their previous manager being fired for their low position (13th). After about 15 games I'd managed to get them up to 9th, which while not where they were expected to be, the board were ok with as "they understood i hadn't been in charge all season". However after, a bad loss, this suddenly turned on me, and the confidence then read that they were very disappointed with our position(I already know about the problems with the confidence system, thats not what is bothering me). I lost my next game and was subsequently fired. I assume. For there was no message in my inbox or anything to tell me that I had been fired. There was nothing at all that showed that i had been fired, other than the fact that i was no longer managing them. This also happened in my job before CSKA, at AZ Alkmaar. I'm sure that there is usually a message telling you to clear your desk/etc, or am I completely wrong?
  7. I was having a look at some of the top players in my current save, and discovered Nurbek Abdyldaev, an excellent attacking winger/midfielder at Real Madrid. Not all that surprising, until I had a look at his country of birth...Kyrgyzstan. So what are some of the smaller countries you've seen provide the biggest stars?
  8. Just noticed the keeper, Abbott, scored a goal for the season. How did that come about?
  9. Amazing read. Found these forums through a link to this story, and ended up joining, keep it up mate