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  1. Following on from Stardust and Starluxe in the previous patches I can now bring to you, Atomic Star. Would rather the screenshots do the talking. Unsure how this will work with underdogs, this is now where I will be focusing my attention. Enjoy. Download Atomic Star.fmf
  2. Only just seen this! - The AMC has ultimately been replaced with another striker on my latest tactic. To answer your question the AMC never set the world alight, but on that particular patch I needed a body in that area of the pitch, mainly just there to drag CBs out of position
  3. There is another thread with the latest tactic, called Starluxe. I have attached for you. The AMC was scarified for an additional striker. Starluxe is a superior tactic Starluxe.fmf
  4. Welcome to my best tactic of the series, This plays beautiful football, it counter attacks well, keeps possession and scores a shed load of goals while keeping tight enough at the back. See some screens below, but honestly, if you do one thing today, then try this tactic Starluxe.fmf
  5. Is it working on latest patch? I havent tried it yet
  6. Doubtful. Couldn't play a high line on the previous patch, I did produce another tactic called stardust that performs in the old patch, you should see it in the main tactic thread
  7. Lots of 0-0 early on, I always try to create tactics that perform well away from home, the theory is that if the perform well away then they will perform well at home by default. The tactic is defensively sound 👍
  8. I have noticed that since I won the league with Milan, things are a little more difficult, I think it is to do with reputation mainly. The "direct" passing works well on the counter attack but perhaps could struggle when teams camp behind the ball. I'm thinking the "work ball into box" instruction may help.
  9. Introduction I want to start by giving you a little bit of background on the way I play FM, my views on creating tactics and the way I like to set up tactics. I play the game by watching the games, and my tactics are set up to play like this. It may just be superstition on my part but I believe that an instant result function, holiday mode, and tactic testing leagues cannot replicate playing the game, I am not saying they cannot be a good indicator but I've lost count of the amount of times I have downloaded a tactic topping every testing league known to man only to be
  10. Plug and play. that's it. I dont know how it will hold up with the new ME changes though.
  11. Cheers, it creates chance after chance doesn't it, are you using a sub top team? - as I dont know if it will be as successful with an underdog
  12. Sure I'll upload as soon as I can, feel free to test whenever, I dont think I have seen any tactics without WBs or FBs, but if it works, it works
  13. Welcome to Stardust. I have really struggled with Tactics this year, especially away from home. I am not a big fan of this years match engine. I wanted to create a tactic that could actually pick up results away from home and I wanted to create a tactic without an attacking mentality, I wanted the tactic to attack and defend the final third, I wanted to see my strikers one on one with the oppositions GK, and not see the oppositions strikers one on one with my GK! I think I have finally produced something worth sharing. I will let the screen shots talk for me. Let me kno
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