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  1. After having to validate my files to fix a crash dump issue this has caused some views to bug as described in this thread and like this album. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/402405-Reviewed-Pitch-is-black-only-in-certain-camera-views
  2. Any reason you're not using a lower tempo? Maybe they wouldn't try and force it with as many pointless shots
  3. What players are taking the most shots? Have you tried the "Shoot less Often" instructon?
  4. I wouldn't agree there. I have had a few injury crisis situations by 2025. I recently had one this season where I had 8 players out at one point. I didn't get angry though because this **** happens, It was probably just the high amount of games I had to play with the CWC and the packed winter schedule in England.
  5. I've noticed this myself a bit. I have a godly player in the DM role as a DLP, he has something like 190-200 CA. Yet he only averages 7.8ish. Players with similar ability and stats played higher up the pitch get over 8.2.
  6. Wonder if you'll notice any differences in the ME. I've been playing a bit and haven't really noticed anything.
  7. Squad cohesion must be terrible with that overhaul you did.
  8. Did you play your 18 year olds or something? Great career by the way, read through the whole thing in one go.
  9. I always fine if I have the option for poor performance. If it's something like 6.0 or 6.1 it's just a 1 week, if it's below it's 2 weeks.
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