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  1. Just joined. Anything on domestic news on whether Höwedes or Gomez will start for Germany guys?
  2. yes, every half decent player is priced LMAO150MILLION!!!1!! by ai teams. this makes top ai teams always regress in terms of squad quality. human player always gets by some way or another while other big clubs keep selling and buying bench warmers for 40m among themselves. btw i'm talking about fm11... and fm 12... and fm13... and fm14... and most probably about fm15.
  3. the problem is not the user manager's bid not being accepted. the problem is, the ai club refuses crazy amounts money even when the marginal benefit of having that money is MUCH GREATER than keeping the player, just for the sake of user is set to have a hard time acquiring players. If the club would be much better off even with an additional 10m in the bank and use it somewhere else rather than keeping the player, but still refuses 72m; the game's transfer system is broken. plain, but apparently not that simple as it turns out lots of people just dont get it.
  4. watch him closely taking a penalty. he'll position (very slightly if he's 19/20 or 18/20) himself to the other side of his main foot. this is based on previous versions, should work in fm 2015 too.
  5. second tier players getting tossed around is all. this game has a 20 year history but even after a 20 year experience, the transfer system is utter sh*t. realism my a**.
  6. are you just trying too hard to distort my point or could you be really that stupid? how did you figure out i've never tried to attract offers especially i said "find him a club to buy him (which is a medium-sized miracle in the game's transfer system)" in the first post. if you're trolling i'll give you a 4/10 for effort tho.
  7. by the end of a certain period, if the player does not end up at a different club (one way or another) the game depicts that you broke your promise, a promise that did not exist in the first place. i'm not promising to FIND HIM A CLUB MYSELF. i'm merely promising i won't reject sensible offers for him, offers player and/or his agent should be generating, not me.
  8. Player asks to leave. I respond, ok you can leave. How and why I'm put into a situation as if I made a promise to sell him? That is not a promise, it as a permission. That's elementary logic. Player should seek and find himself a new club, not expect me to find him a club to buy him (which is a medium-sized miracle in the game's transfer system). And he has an agent too. Are agents implemented in the game only for demanding extra money during existing contract negotiations?
  9. i've looked around a bit, picked galatasaray in ch'sip. the gate receipts seemed extremely low. the game could be giving those teams RL ch'ship level ticket prices it seems.
  10. players playing out of their natural positions suffer a hit on their calculated consistency attribute -for that particular game- AFAIK. the severity of the hit is, again AFAIK, a function of their rating for that particular position and their versatility attribute. ML <-> AML and MR <-> AMR positions are as interchangeable as it gets. the handicap should be very very low. but a very attacking AML placed as a ML suffering due to his lack of defending abilities is a different matter, which would/should be applied due to a lack of necessary technical, tactical & physical attributes, not as a result of a lack in positional rating.
  11. basic of selling lies in the answers to these two questions: 1-is the marginal benefit of 120m significantly more than the marginal benefit of keeping the player? 2-am i likely to get a better offer? when it is 1-yes & 2-no; you sell. do not try to make a blatant coding error more than it is. please, do yourself a favor and google "occam's razor" and read it for half an hour or so. it may do yourself (and a lot of users in the forum, in fact) a lot of favor (i dont mean to sound like a j-rk, english is not my native language, apologies if that is the case).
  12. are you trying to imply that the response to these offers by their clubs would depend on these criteria? it should be a question of whether Milan would be better off by keeping Balotelli or getting £120m cash. we all know that ai is set to reject player team's offers for its good players as much as possible to the extend of absurdity for the sake of forcing an artificial "difficulty to acquire good players".
  13. yes i've been trying to voice this myself. when you enter editor, it gives you a blank division structure and expects you to add the divisions from scratch. as you add divisions it even expects you to enter # of teams to promote, relegate etc.
  14. ok, so i've been struggling with the "advanced rules" part as i want to change two things before starting my game. first, i want to revert the transfer system to the old way; so that transfer window stays open until the end of , say january. so basically, i want to change the transfer window dates in the five nations i will pick in game. that's first. second, i want to increase the # of usable subs to for example 5 out of 9. sounds pretty simple isnt it, as now we seemingly are allowed to tinker with the league specific (subs)/national (window) rules? let me clarify how i've come to understand to execute those two simple changes, and please correct me if i'm wrong. in data editor i load the database. click rules, then i pick a nation. before i can switch to advanced (or detailed, cant recall) rules it wants me to pick a division. WHY IT CANT LIST THE LEAGUES AS THEY ARE TO THE LEFT MENU I DONT KNOW. i pick a league. it asks me # of teams to relegate, promote etc. WHY DOES IT DO THAT? I JUST WANT TO CHANGE TWO SPECIFIC TINY SLOTS FFS. the relegation teams number box i'm being asked to enter into is preset to 1, wrongly. two things happen here. if i change it to the actual # which is 3, it asks me to add another league, the league into which the relegated teams from the top league I WANT TO CHANGE supposed to come from. so i find myself in need to introduce a second league, which i have no intention to change anything about; just because i was asked needlessly about relegations, promotions etc. this would lead me to manually picking every single league, correcting the wrong promotion/relegation infos alont the way. WHY? if i set the top leagues relegation to 0, which would allow me to bypass to enter other leagues hoping that a 0 would translate in the game as "pick default". but it doesnt, if i pick 0 for relegation, only the top league is there in the game. WHY AM I REQUIRED TO SET THE WHOLE LEAGUE STRUCTURE and enter random info into every single division there is (the info, such as relegations etc., is there in the database and i'm not even trying to change those) While i'm only trying to edit something different about the top league? can anyone from the producers please elaborate? whole thing can really not be this stupid... clearly i'm missing something and this is just because of the SI's mysterious habit of neglecting user manuals. yeah manuals, who needs them?
  15. I'd like to switch the transfer season to the way it used to be. Continuous transfers until the end of January or maybe March. Is this possible with the official data editor? I've been looking around for a few minutes bu couldn't find it in either Nations or Competitions.
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