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  1. Got a suggestion for the transfer window as well. When big clubs want to buy players from me and they ask me how much I want, I ask much higher than the value price because I think they are worth lots of money. Most of all the others reject their bid then. I want to have the ability to sell my star players for twice as much as they are worth but this simply doesn't work. But when I want to buy players then I really have to make a big offer. This seems unfair i guess. And this isn't realistic as well!
  2. This would be good, especially if you could have his condition increasing when warming up, up to his "peak" condition for the day. This would then show the difference between a planned substitution and an enforced one due to injury, when a player may not have had time to warm up so will have a relatively low condition. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Agree with that! That would add up quite some realism! Another one: More press interaction during World and European Championships. Players who play very well can easily pick up a big transfer, now this isn't so I think. And more surprises.. Small country's become a big revelation etc... Particulary more interaction with the press. Insecurity if top players will play or not. On training it would be great if you could make two teams and let them play against eachother. The big test if they are in good form to play or not. And suppose a top player isn't good than you could place him in the second team so he gets a signal that he'll have to perform better in order to maintain his place in the first team. You know what I mean?!
  3. Thats a great idea and would be particularly useful when selling to bigger teams than yourself. One Idea I would like to see implamented would be the ability to send coaching staff / scouts to work with your affiliate clubs. Parent clubs: As you could send a few coaches to improve the training level at the club which would improve the prospects of your loaned players improving more. Scouts could also be used to improve the quality of the youths coming into the club. Feeder clubs: Would benefit from a better quality of coaching at no cost. The feeder club could also send their coaches to work with the parent club for a short while to aid their personal development and improve there attributes. For this to work it would need the staff limits to be relaxed a bit. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Agree to this, that would be splendid!
  4. It would be great if you could have a clear view about injury's as well. Most of the time, you only see that they have an injury but you could follow the whole process up. Is he getting better. Maybe more dangerous injury's that might be the end of a career. Suppose that Giggs has a tough knee injury and he wants to quit with football because of the danger, it might be great if you could talk with hem and convince him to play further or to offer him a place in the staff. And I agree with the 'interview you' option.
  5. Support the getting rid of unwanted playersthings and the choice of sponsors! It would be great if you could suggest to renew the team kits. Or that you could give your advice about the building of a new stadium! another thing is that there are better reports of the youth players.
  6. It's already in the game I think? You could do it in Total Club Manager too I guess, but it's indeed funny cause then you can play the asshole manager by letting them warm up the complete match and then bring them in for 3 minutes or send them back to the bench again! verry nice it certainly would add up realism to the game.
  7. I always had my suspicions about those two. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> lol, naughty boy's!!!! However it is only fantasy
  8. It would be great if managers could hold a press conference about certain things that appear in the media. A press conference about sealing big transfers, about some big cup or competition wins or about bad or good performances about your players. A good add would be if you could talk with players who have troubles with each other. Suppose that there's a fight between Rooney and Ronaldo that you could fix this immediately so it wouldn't affect the results of players. More private talks with players!!!! And players have a private life too. They can't play because they're getting father, they have a wild nightlife or they were caught with glamorous topmodels(just like in real life!) More flirting between players and other teams. Ronaldo was caught with avram grant.. and so on... And it would be nice if you had the ability to start an academy in a country like China or America to transport young talents to your football team and get extra money for the merchandise. Make it possible to have nice tours in the world and have extra training in the pré-season. And to improve the team spirit offcourse! Grtz Vincent
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