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  1. Wilkshire would have been one of my first picked tbh. Experienced, playing in good league. Better defensively than Franjic who has played wing and DM most of the season. Kennedy is surprising as well. Would have definitely had him ahead of Taggart, who will offer nothing against the defences of Chile, Spain and Holland. No confidence tbh.
  2. Doesn't Leckie play wing IRL? He started there in last nights game but only caught the first half. Good of course is out now. Halloran possibly more suited to impact sub. Also think Troisi will play CAM and Wilkshire was very good last night so maybe him too: Ryan Wilkshire Spiranovic McGowan Davidson Jedinak Milligan Leckie Troisi Oar Cahill
  3. We were ridiculously open at the back. Could have conceded many more if they were a semi-decent team. We better not play like that in Brazil or we will legitimately lose 6-0 in every game.
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