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  1. 20 December 2020 We have taken the reins at Norwich City F.C. on a contract through 2022! Things at Preston North End were very "meh" and we were solidly mid-table. The side was hyper-frustrating, as they'd get a nice win, over a club they probably shouldn't beat, and then come out the next match and set out stink bombs where my players used to reside. On top of that, the board had JUST cut my wage budget by £50,000 per week! Mind you, I had never been over budget a single day at this club, and had not made a mess of my transfer funds, either. This is past manager's transfer clauses coming home to roost, along with the club's previous debt. It was actually used as a stick against me in another interview (Leeds also interviewed me) even though I'd been over budget less than a week. I've literally not even had a chance to sell players! With Preston North End cutting my budget so terribly, while I was under-budget and meeting expectations, makes me feel a lot better about taking a move just a ways up the Championship table. If Preston is that broke, it is going to be hard to build a base to get to the Prem and start achieving. We are in 7th position, on 36 points through 22 matches, and only five points off the top! We also have MONEY to spend in the upcoming window, as I have £88,000 in available wage budget, and just over £10M in the transfer kitty! I would have much preferred a Premier League job, obviously, but there has yet to be a vacancy in early December. It's a very interesting Prem this season, through 14 matches there is only seven points separating 10th in the table and the bottom! This was just a quick update that I've moved clubs, we have a lot of season left for Season 4, and let us HOPE a potential promotion to the Premier League. We are unbeaten in three in the League, and we go to Goodison in early January for a FA Cup Third Round match with Everton. There is definitely a base to run with here. See you at the end of the season, and LET'S GO CANARIES?!?!?!
  2. Also haven't had trouble with them in either this or the last version. FM17 I beat them something like 7 times in a row... and I was hardly a world-beater at the time, it was with Southampton. The problem isn't Jose, or the club itself in United -- it's the squad they have and how they are rated. Martial and Rashford are both viewed as world-beaters within just a year or two in-game. They usually buy REALLY well in-game. My current save is entering Year 4, and who have they purchased in that time: Dybala, Belotti, Alaba, Wesley Hoedt, Berardi, Semedo, Ricardo Pereira, D. Suarez, C. Vargas -- all those added to the good players in the core of Pogba, Lukaku, Fred, De Gea, Rashford. They are like this in most saves... they aren't dealing with a bad Ed Woodward in-game, they are buying like they did with Sir Alex in charge. Honestly, with that squad, I'm surprised they haven't won EVERYTHING in my save, but Barca has won the last two UCL. (United won 18/19/20 EPL) Klopp, Pep, and Pochettino have all been replaced in my save. Klopp went to Arsenal, Zidane is now at City, Şenol Güneş (???) is at Tottenham after both Poch and Jorge Jesus replaced. Every game is different... I've seen saves where Pep destroys everyone, I've seen Klopp step up... I've even seen saves where Wenger goes on a two or three-year winning tilt before moving back as DoF at Arsenal or taking the France job.
  3. No more so than any other forum with guidelines. "Hey, dont post tactics out of the tactics forum, let's move that for you!" Pretty much every forum here has some guidelines and rules, that one was no different, it just had more of them.
  4. That quote looks horrible as I'm on mobile and couldn't delete Ronaldo out for some reason, but I digress. @vikeologist I fully agree with you, of course, but not at this early point. I'm not sure how long I will have to stay at Preston with it being early on. It could be multiple seasons, so the money raised from some quality youth sales, or the potential great player coming through make them worthwhile. I mean, I only really want a Prem club if its a Big 6. Almost any other would be a waste of a move. I'm pretty sure by the end of S4 and at worst S5 I'll be in the Prem with Preston, and at that point, any upward move outside of the Big 6 is essentially pointless. What I'm saying is Preston COULD wind up as one of my longest stays in the entire save, so improving them is important. Especially with Jose and Antonio entrenched at United and Chelsea, Zidane just entering life at City, and a new manager at Liverpool. Probably only two possibles in the Top 6 and one would be Arsenal, Sooooo...I may be here a while.
  5. Sure, but your club would certainly file their own scouting information in a spreadsheet or database, and you'd certainly have access to it as manager! I get what you are saying, but this is information your club would definitely have and be able to accomplish of its own accord. It's 2018, and while you may be a lower league club, you are most assuredly not cavemen. Your club likely owns a laptop, and would have a Google Doc at very least.
  6. I agree with this as well, and was heavily into the old ethos, and still am for my "personal" saves. (I plan almost exclusively challenges, so I refuse to handicap myself in challenge play. I still don't go outside my own club's database, though.) The way the player search functions now is supposed to be strictly your club's database, so I would see no problem with that if someone wanted to play "LLaMa ethos" in 2018.
  7. 2019/20 Season Update And Stevenage F.C. / Preston North End F.C. As I posted earlier in the thread, I was hired into the Sky Bet Championship at Preston North End after twenty matches and a solid position in League One for The Boro. Our mission at Preston, through my own doing, was a mid-table finish, after taking over with 25 matches to play -- and with the side 21st in the Championship table! We came up just short of what they consider mid-table, dragging a fairly bloated side to easy survival, but with the interview questions I was asked, I felt I needed the higher expectations to seal the job. Mid-table was chock full of quality sides, though, so it was a tough fight all along, and we were a bit disappointed to finish where we did. It was good enough, though -- we're in a Championship job, and one with either a platform to win up to actual Challenge trophy level, or a platform to get us into a bigger job. I'm not going to get into too many details, as what is there really to tell about an 18th-placed side in the Championship other than "we survived?" We did get the board to allow us to begin our Continental Badges, and I am now a Continental C license-holder, and training toward my Continental B -- which means I'm not completely useless in training anymore! I can coach, dammit! The board did also spring for youth facilities, which are definitely needed, and they upped the Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment levels once. I haven't gotten the option again yet, but you know I'll be asking for those immediately, they're the most important things to building a self-sufficient club! I've gotten some great young signings in, and at least one very solid looking youth in the last intake, probably "Leading Championship Player" level at DL/AML. I'm just going to keep improving all the fundamentals and hiring more staff in... who knows, maybe Preston is my English breakthrough and then we'll be off with that mega reputation? Time will tell! See you next season! CLUB MANAGEMENT Season Team League Position Domestic Cups Continental Cup Notes 2017/18 Tamworth F.C. Vanarama North 7th (P) Progressed to National A License 2018/19 Steveange F.C. Sky Bet League 2 1st League Two Manager of the Year 2019*** Stevenage F.C. Sky Bet League 1 (12th) Joined PNE - Club in 12th on departure 2019/20 Preston North End Sky Bet Championship 18th Raised club to safety in 18th from 21st
  8. Guys, I haven't forgotten about you -- the thread isn't going anywhere so I will tabulate the scores soon. I've been playing very heavily and just haven't taken the time to come and post the new scores. I'm lazy, I truly am. But I *WILL* tabulate the scores soon, so don't think your achievements aren't going to be counted. I'm not that far behind and would rather just get many at once. If you want to yell at me, that's fine.
  9. Quick Update for me on 5 December, 2019: Expected to "bravely fight against relegation" in League One with Stevenage, I led the club to 28 points through 20 matches, and Stevenage sit 12th at that point. I had rumours surrounding me, and had applied to two clubs, but I'll now be taking over in the Sky Bet Championship at... North End are currently just outside of the relegation zone in of the Championship in 21st with 26 matches to go. I'm just coming in hoping to secure safety and begin instilling my philosophy on the club, and hopefully establish a platform to overachieve next season and continue to up my reputation.
  10. @vikeologist Our coverage is very good for football over here in the States, but it is impossible to catch a League Two match, really. I do follow their results every season now. As you know, every damn time I have tried this challenge over three versions, I wind up at Stevenage, and do well -- and then a new version comes out. This time I don't care, I'm finishing this thing. Congrats with Barca, and best of luck at Rangers and with the Selecao!
  11. Congrats on the great progress @Ronaldo Beckham -- I thought I was going to get to a level to possibly get trophies for the challenge, but not quite yet! I think one more great year and I'll be able to command those jobs. I got interviews with Everton and Wolves in the Prem off a League Two title, so I should be damned close to breaking through to the top flight! Definitely have a lot of work to do to catch you, but luckily, my disabled ass has time to play.
  12. 2018/19 Stevenage F.C. Sky Bet League Two Well, I managed to find my favorite three words in my FM Dictionary -- "Promoted As Champions!" I always do well whenever I manage Stevenage, so I'm not truly surprised. This was one of the hardest title fights in my history of playing this game, and that's a long damned history! The title race was fought very hard until the very final day, with Doncaster refusing to submit to our dominance. We managed to set club records for both wins in a season and total points with 31 and 102, respectively. 102 points and the race went to the final day, that's right. I finished the season on a 21-match unbeaten streak and it STILL went to the final day, that's how tough Donny was... Fisayo Adarabioyo (Tosin's big brother) signed in October, leading the way for me getting star strikers off the free agent list, and had 20 goals and 14 assists in all competitions, as my most profitable free agent striker signing. Fellow free agent Ryan Loft came in at the very end of November and still managed 10 goals and 4 assists in all competitions, in only 16 appearances, many coming as a substitute. They combined with Stevenage stalwart Matt Godden, who had 29 goals and 17 assists in all competitions, along with at least two other strikers in Jamie Thomas and Jamie Gray who both made significant contributions, although they spent much time out with injury. "Left Back" Raheem Hanley was another free agent signing, and he starred in central midfield for us... taking our Mezzala role in our tactic and making it his own on his way to winning PFA League Two Player of the Year for his efforts, averaging a 7.40 in the league with 7 goals and 9 assists from the heart of midfield. Our 4-2-4 that we ran at the end of our Tamworth career was a great tactic for our entire season at Stevenage, and the lads made it work. We were linked with several clubs before the season ended, and we did try to move after it ended, but interviews at Premier League Wolves, and (ugh) Everton, along with Championship Hull, were all unsuccessful. Maybe it is better, as we managed to get the Stevenage board to make THREE upgrades to both Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching, to where we now have Excellent/Above Average in those respective areas -- and they pumped out a "Golden Generation" class for my intake this season. Sure, it is League Two, but I've already had the striker in the class being picked on "Quick Pick" -- and scoring two and making one on his full debut. We also had the right back from the intake also make a full league debut and not disappoint. So, on we go with Stevenage F.C. in League One, and hoping I can re-create my past and get back-to-back promos with a Stevenage side. We've established a good base, and we've been able to "keep the band together" all except for our best player in goalkeeper Alfie Whiteman. Bristol City met his £450k release clause, so he has departed. We'll target a mid-table finish for League One, unless things get interesting, and we go for that back-to-back promotion. We also hope the board will allow us to continue our coaching badges, as with a lack of on-hand funds, we weren't allowed to start our Continental badges yet, and still sit with a National A License. See you next season! CLUB MANAGEMENT Season Team League Position Domestic Cups Continental Cup Notes 2017/18 Tamworth F.C. Vanarama North 7th (P) Progressed to National A License 2018/19 Steveange F.C. Sky Bet League 2 1st League Two Manager of the Year
  13. Absolutely, if you get in anymore tricky spots in leagues where you're not sure, he covers a few of them in Post #3 of the thread! Keep up the great progress!
  14. Quoting @vikeologist: MLS (USA) - For challenge purposes the MLS Cup counts as the league, and the US Open Cup counts as the cup. The Canadian Championship, and the league section of the MLS (Supporters Shield) don't count for anything.
  15. No need to knock your head off the walls. Even with his international trophies, that would have generally been my guess in the past as well! I'm guessing it has more to do with his lack of club success more than his reputation. I'm sure he'd walk into any international job in the game with his early resume, including both the Confederations and the World Cup -- but with only a German Cup to his name, I'd really find it difficult to think Barcelona would hire him, for example, unless he'd come through their system like Pep and he'd managed their "B" or something similar. It would actually be nice to know that they would take things like that into account more and more! At least we know that he's able to get at least fairly reputable clubs, as LA Galaxy is a 3.5 star reputation club.
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