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  1. It is ten minutes between shouts, unless you have a goal scored in that interval, which will allow you to "re-shout." I use: Concentrate: If I see any complacency, last 5 minutes/starting 5 minutes of a half. (I usually send a concentrate at 40 mins to cover the end of the first and start of the second halves.) Show Some Passion: Usually if the opponent scores, or if the other team seems to be taking control of play. Demand More: Same as show some passion, but absolutely if we go two down. Calm Down: Bookings No Pressure: If anyone has "Nervous" body language. Praise: U
  2. It's this, for me. No other game brings me as much entertainment, year after year. I got this game on sale this year, and I've paid a little over $0.02 per hour for my enjoyment of it. (I'm just over 650 hours in, with buying LATE) Granted, I got it on sale. If I'd paid full-price, I'd be spending around $0.07 per hour this year. So, today, on American Labor Day, I'll be spending about 8 hours playing. Since I got it on sale, I'll have paid SIXTEEN CENTS for my enjoyment today. That's not even two returnable aluminum cans. I don't see the FM franchise ever getting to a point where
  3. 20 December 2020 We have taken the reins at Norwich City F.C. on a contract through 2022! Things at Preston North End were very "meh" and we were solidly mid-table. The side was hyper-frustrating, as they'd get a nice win, over a club they probably shouldn't beat, and then come out the next match and set out stink bombs where my players used to reside. On top of that, the board had JUST cut my wage budget by £50,000 per week! Mind you, I had never been over budget a single day at this club, and had not made a mess of my transfer funds, either. This is past manager's transfer clause
  4. I'm honestly not sure in this year's version, they all make the jump to my senior squad -- as my Preston North End side in the Championship still haven't been awarded a U23 squad. (It's my biggest gripe with the game. I'm damned tired of wasting players because they can't get game time.)
  5. Yes, I did. I've only ever lost one Champions League Final in my many years of play. It wasn't that one.
  6. It's because you're at Feyenoord. The Dutch league, and hence, it's teams, all have relatively low reputations compared to your "big" clubs.
  7. I've found that my Match Sharpness numbers are much better throughout the squad as a whole, now that I've started managing the preseason fixtures as well. (I'd previously always left to my assistant.) But, as others have said, about ten preseason friendlies and you should have a great level of fitness throughout your squad.
  8. I run almost exclusively high-pressing tactics... you can certainly get a very fair interpretation of this through the current tactics and instructions system. Yes, you have to use both player and team instructions to really have a lot of control over it, but it can certainly be done, so it isn't fair to say it doesn't have these.
  9. The first time I ever played in a Champions League Final, I definitely got suited and booted. Yes, I am a nerd. Yes, I am okay with that.
  10. I bought very late this year myself, got it for $14. I have few other games I enjoy, but I was fine playing FM17 until the opportunity presented itself to get the new game. We had to have a major home restoration due to a flood, and medical problems in the family -- and it led to a really low price. If people don't want to buy the game, I totally get it... I've had my "pauses" before and even skipped entire versions before. I just don't get why people would come on strictly to bash the game -- which was all the OP was. This game is absolutely not an "absolute shambles" that is for cer
  11. I will be the voice of caution... sometimes, there are issues that are going to make you want to restart your main save, especially if you only play one all season long. There's certainly nothing wrong with trying to start your main save with Beta Day #1... but prepare to potentially have to change your plans due to a bugfix or data issue that you want to take advantage of. I am someone that traditionally starts with the game after the winter window, though -- but that is usually because I am still devoted to the previous year (or even the previous year's) saves, to where I can wait th
  12. So don't buy it. My point was that obviously on an FM forum, you are going to get many dissenting opinions to yours. I stuck with 14 a long time, same with FM17. Your issues with the game would be much better served in actual bug reporting and the like. Bugs happen. We tend to forget this is a pretty damned ambitious game. There's a whole lot it does well. I really love the new dynamics and the new medical system. If you are getting issues and documenting them, and sending them saves to fix bugs, they will probably do that. The game is a quantum leap ahead of a decade ago...an
  13. The reason is math. All point totals behind the scenes, I'm sure... Woodburn played a few more games and it took his numbers down, no doubt.
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