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  1. I think the only way you can save your save is to load a backup save and spend a lot of money (but two or three Neymar ). And keep controlling the balance and spending a lot of money...
  2. @ livingwaters1 It is definitely due to a well known bug (that I learnt to exist just few weeks ago by the way...): when you hit 2B balance, it suddenly goes down to -2B. Since FM2015 it has been "solved" by preventing your balance to hit 2B. As soon as you get close to the amount, the board invest huge amounts of money "in the future". In my case this happened 4-5 times already (more than 1.5B has been 'invested' so far). This is how I found about the existence of that bug in previous versions. Everyone also suppose that once you build a new stadium those money are will come back. I can tell you that it is not true. I had my brand new stadium, but the money were taken from my actual balance. So the money invested are simply gone... I find this annoying because it prevents my club to become the reachest one in the world (PSG is always ahead) and also because I really would like to reach hundreds of billions. But it is nothing compared to your case.
  3. Hi there. I'm currently playing my best and longest FM save (FM2015). Year is 2087. I started with Portsmouth in England League 2. After reaching the Championship I signed with West Ham. I took them to the Premier and rised them to the strongest team in the world (11 Premier League titles, 5 FA cups, 5 Capital cups, 5 Charity Shields, 5 Champions Leagues, 4 FIFA Club World Cup and 4 European Supercups). Then I moved to Bayern Munich and then to Barcelona, where I won pretty much everything. However, the best part of this save is the one related to my hometown team, AC Reggiana. When I started to get bored of Barcelona I waited for the Reggiana's manager to be sacked and then signed for them. The team was playing in Lega Pro (the current Serie C, the third tier of Italian soccer). My goal was to bring them to the Champions League in 10 years. The first year I won the Lega Pro and got promoted to Serie B. Then my team failed the promotion to Serie A (went out at the play-off) but succeeded the year after. In my first Serie A season I finished 5th (with some incredible wins against giants like Juventus) and qualified for the Europa League that I really unexpectedly won the year after. This is one of the best results I ever achieved in FM: from third tier to the first European cup in five years. After two more season with the same final placement (and a second Europa League) I finally won my first Serie A title. The first Champions League came two years later, nine years after I took over at AC Reggiana! I'm still at the club, spending my 44th year there. They just finished the new Stadium (the second one since I took over) that has been named after me. A jevel with a capacity of more than 118k. Here some stats of my AC Reggiana: - 35 Serie A titles in the last 36 years (currently eighteen consecutive titles) - 25 TIM cups - 32 Supercoppa di Lega TIM - 23 Champions Leagues - 20 FIFA Club World Cups - 3 Europa Leagues - 23 European Supercups While at AC Reggiana I won 1905 matches over 2372 (80.3%), scoring 7223 goals and conceeding 1551. My all times best striker scored 69 goals in 38 Serie A matches. Beside club thropies I also managed several national teams and won 4 World Cups (three with England and one with Spain). I'm still having fun with this save and with this team
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if earning to much as a manager may be risky. I'm asking because every time I have to renew my contract I ask for more money. Now my salary is 18.35 million euros per year. Even if my club is extremely rich I was wondering if one day the board could think that I'm too expensive. What is the maximum salary you reached?
  5. The save seems to be ok I just went on vacation until 31th of August and players history are correct, displaying 2025/26 season and all the past ones. I guess the damage was done later... Well, I've lost 4 game seasons, but it is better than 15...
  6. Sure. I can also send you the save if you think it would be useful.
  7. I have an additional question. I incredibly found a save that seems to be unaffected by the history issue. The season is the 2024/2025 that in the corrupted save seems to correspond exactly to the one when the issue occurred. Can I consider this save to be "safe" or the issue will occur anyway at the beginning of the next season?
  8. I mean a sticky where all known possible issues and incompatibility are listed. I've just throw away AVG, turned Defender on and re-installed the game. Will update. Thanks a lot for now.
  9. Thanks a lot. I guess I still have to add exceptions also in Windows Defender or MSE, right? Is there any sticky thread in the forums that provides this kind of information?
  10. I totally understand and agree that SI cannot test all possible configurations. What they should do (in my opinion) is find a better way to save players history. Anyway, is there any full list of software that could cause these issues? I only have AVG installed (but I added exceptions). I never run other programs like CCleaner and Spybot, so I doubt that they are causing problems (at least now).
  11. Things are getting worst. Season 2027/2028 ended and now A LOT of players have no history at all. Just the row corresponding to the new season (2028/2029)... This is an absurd bug... SI should definitely find a way to fix it.
  12. Done. Hope it will help. Neymar just retired in my save and his WHOLE FM history has gone... This is EXTREMELY annoying
  13. I added them to antivirus exception. Now I noticed that every time one of my players is bought or I buy a new player, it's history displays only stats after the transfer. My question is: will this go on forever? I'm trying to figure out if I should quit my save (that means stop playing FM at all) or the save is still playable and everything will be ok in 10-20 seasons or so... Any clue?
  14. Well, this is the suggested cause that I found in many posts. Giving the fact that I typically leave FM running in background (even if not playing) it is highly possible that I run the Antivirus or Spybot S&D or CCleaner or similar software when FM was running. Forgot to mention that I'm still playing FM 2015!
  15. Hi everyone. Unfortunately it seems that I incurred in the extremely frustrating players history bug (I found that this is a well known several years old bug and I wonder how it is possible that it has not been fixed yet...). Right now it seems that I lost only the statistics related to one season. Reading some posts I found how to avoid this problem in the future and i should be protected now. My question is the following: will future seasons be affected to? Or there will be no trace at all of this history issue when all the players currently active in my save will be retired?
  16. Still playing FM 2015. In my current West Ham save I'm on the top of the word, winning consistently Premier, Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, etc. I'm playing a pretty offensive football, creating a lot of chances during the match and doing a lot of shots. Recently I've noticed that I'm hitting the posts a ridiculous amount of time... I did not collected a proper statistics, but on average I hit the posts 2-3 times per match. As an example, I've just started a new season and in the first two matches I've hit the posts 3 and 4 times, respectively. It seems a bit unrealistic to me... What about you guys? Is this happening also to you?
  17. Well, I've also bought FM15 just a couple of months ago (my original plan was to buy it after FM2016 launch to pay it even less , but I couldn't wait any more since I stopped playing FM2013...). Anyway, in my case it is not just to 'refuse' to pay full price for a game (FM2013 was worth way more than the 8euros I payed it). Waiting before buying a game allows you to jump in when most of the bugs and issues have been fixed, making your play experience way better.
  18. I guys, sorry for the silence, but I think I owe you all an update. I found your advice very useful and implemented some of them (like IF, exploit flanks, etc.). I also removed almost all PIs. And I got excellent results. Sometimes I still dominate matches without winning, but now this happens at the expected rate. One of the main drawbacks I see now is the high number of shots from distance that I get from IFs, which I think pays less than going inside the box before concluding. In my first BPL season I was able to avoid relegation. In the second season (when I tuned my tactics) I finished 7th and manage to qualify for Europa League. In the last season (of course thanks also to some key transfers) I was on top of the table (with Chelsea) until the last 5-6 matches. Then I lost 4 matches at home (i never lost at home before) and finished 3rd, qualifying for the Champions League. Still wondering what may have caused this collapse (morale was very high - maybe the players were just too tired since I had a quite limited number of players). Will aim to the title next season... Btw, managing all players request was not easy... Most of my key players wanted to be transferred on a team playing the champions. Somehow I managed to keep them quiet! I will try to post some screen soon! Thanks a lot guys!
  19. Well, I'm still working on it and still trying to figure out what kind of play I want (it seems that FM 2013 was much more easier...) I would like to patiently build the action with short passing, starting from the defense and use Immobile and the wingers to speed-up the attack in the final third of the field, using Bernardo (that has free movements, high creativity, passing and technique) as the main assist-provider. The other two MC should help building the action by providing short passing solutions and provide a link between defense and attack. Based on what I've see so far, attacking wingers work pretty well. The idea is to have them to cut into the area, get the ball (by Bernardo) and put it into the back of the net. This is one common way for my team to score goals. I totally agree that having them on attacking duty and Bernardo on the midfield line leaves a gap and pretty much isolates Immobile - this is something I see and I would like to change. Originally I used a 4-2-3-1 (Bernardo as trequartista) but this version seems to work much better, at least in terms of the clear cut chances I create. Do you think that coshing exploit the flanks and Play Wider should improve my tactic?
  20. Hi guys, thanks a lot. Here is the screenshot with team instructions in English: . maztheplaya, right now I mostly watch the initial part of the game (10-20mins) full length and switch to extended/key when I'm satisfied of what I see. One thing I noticed when looking at the full match is that some clear cut chances (e.g. a shot by a lone player inside the penalty area) sometimes are not considered in the total count. Moreover, several times I had the impression that the Key view didn't reflected at all what I sow in the initial 20min full length. In any case, I can agree that stats do not tell the full story, but then there is a problem on their meaning. If at the end of a match I see that my team had 6 clear cut chances and opponents only one but I lost and this repeats almost every time I loose (not against big opponents) I think there is an issue somewhere... Thanks again!
  21. Hi Everyone, before going into the details of the problem I'm experiencing, I would like to spend few words on my past experiences with the FM series. I’m a long date FM-addicted. The first version I’ve played was Championship Manager 92-93 and I still have all the original copies of the game up to Football Manager 2005. Then for several reasons (read: kids ) I took a long pause with the game until the last year when I bought FM 2013. And I immediately fell in love with the game and with the huge changes and improvements that were made since the last time I played it. I initially struggled with my tactics, but then by reading forums and guides I was able to reach success and fully enjoy the game. This is just to let you know that I have some experience and (typically) I do not give up easily with the game. I try to understand what is wrong and how to correct it to improve my tactics. Then few weeks ago I bought FM 2015. The game is still great, but differently from FM 2013 I found much more difficult to win matches. This even if the team plays as I expect, plays better than the opponents and create much more clear cut chances than the opponents. I experienced a similar situation at the beginning also with FM 2013, but in that case I then discovered that I only had possession, but my style of play was not effective as I was not able to create clear chances. But now the thing is that I have possession, I create a lot of good chances (way more than the opponent), but the result is draw or loss most of the times. Some typical situations that I experience are the following: i) my team dominates the match, creating even more than 6 clear cut chances that are systematically wasted by my players or neutralized (also with incredible saves) by the opponent goalkeeper; ii) I hold the possession of the ball for most of the match (60% possession) with a high number of shots (e.g. 20 shots with at least 10 on target); iii) opponents struggle to create something, but they eventually end up with a goal in their single clear cut chance or even without a clear chance, in fact iv) my defenders and goalkeeper do a lot of own goals – way more than average considering also their skills. Just to give you an example, I’ve just lost home against Liverpool 0-1 (I’m currently at my third season – second after promotion – to West Ham in BPL) even if I made way more shoots (20+ with more than 10 on target), had more of 60% of possession and created 6 clear cut chances (plus 4 half chances). They had a single clear cut chances and they scored. Unfortunately I do not have the screenshot, but here are a couple also related to my previous team (Portsmouth in Sky Bet League 1 and Championship). At the end of the match, the news in my inbox usually says something like: “Fortune attends <opponent team>” or “West Ham has thrown away the victory”, etc. The tactics I use now is a 4-3-2-1 with wingers – here is a screenshot with also the Team instructions (I do not use PIs). To make a long story short, the feedback I get from the game is that my tactics works as the team plays very well and creates A LOT of good chances, but for some reason at the end I do not win. We all know that this happens in real football as well (look for example at the home defeat of Juventus against Udinese a week ago), but in my case this happens 75% of the times I do not win (of course huge squads like Chelsea and Man City tend to dominate the match and can defeat my team easily). This is EXTREMELY frustrating and it is even against the very concept of statistics… Sorry for the very long post, but I would really appreciate some advice...
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