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  1. Hi everyone, I have been an hard core player of FM 2015 until the other day, but it seems that I have to abandon my long-time save (180+ seasons) due to an issue that cannot be solved. I was wandering if the following issues have been solved in more recent installments of the series (specifically, FM 2020): - issues with new stadium. Even if you were able to convince the board and get the authorization and the stadium construction was started, everything usually stopped few months before competition as local construction permits were not given (!). The only way to have a new stadium
  2. Well, yes and no. Depending on the number of competitions included in your game and on the daily time spent on the game, it is very feasible to reach 100+ seasons even in much less than a year (not my case :)) and the game stability should be granted for such a time span. Of course this is not the case for the vast majority of users. Then of course if you play with editors, that's a different story. Even myself cannot 100% exclude that the problem is not originated by something I did (even if as I mentioned I did the same things from the very first season and nothing more than checking C
  3. @FrazT yes, but it is quite disarming to get this problem after 150+ seasons. DB should be much more stable if you do not mess with it. P.S. I just realized that a part of the original message above was missing so I edited it)
  4. Dear all, I am writing here following the suggestion of SEGA support that tried to help me with an almost-blocking issue that I am experiencing since few months. As I wrote also on a different post (https://community.sigames.com/topic/528812-fm-2015-error-cannot-proceed-with-long-time-savegame-9k-hours/) i am experiencing an error that freezes the game. I am playing my FM 2015 save since it was released and i am now around 2190. Never encountered particular issues besides some crashes from time to time (stability is great). However, I cannot play no longer since at a specific da
  5. Right Prokopije, I also found some old messages relating the problem to the editor. But I think it is not my case. The only changes I (probably - it was some time ago) did where when I started the game to use a more recent database and have real team names. Since then I only use a live time editor to check players and recover some injuries sometimes. And I didn't changed anything recently.
  6. Apparently everything went fine until the 15th of March, then I got the error message again... I'll see if the trick I used before will work again. In the meantime I had another reply from Sega support that is going to investigate the issue fingers crossed...
  7. Thanks Hovis, I was about to post an update. I did almost exactly what you suggested by loading a week earlier save (30 October) and then going on vacation by an increasing amount of time: - 6 November (1 week). Error given as soon as I get back from vacation - 13 November (2 weeks). Error given as soon as I get back from vacation - 20 November (3 weeks). Error given as soon as I get back from vacation - 30 November (1 month). No error given! As far as I understood, the problem seems to be related to the inbox. When I returned from vacation after one month, news and messag
  8. Dear all, I am seeking your advice on an issue that is preventing me to proceed with my long-time save in FM2015. I am not sure this is the right place within the forum, but I noticed that I cannot post in the part dedicated to technical issues in older versions. I am playing my FM 2015 save since it was released and i am now in 2176. Never encountered particular issues besides some crashes from time to time (stability is great). However, I cannot play no longer as every time I reach the date of November 9, 2176 the game throws an error: "Attenzione: Unrecognized record in unpack rou
  9. I think the only way you can save your save is to load a backup save and spend a lot of money (but two or three Neymar ). And keep controlling the balance and spending a lot of money...
  10. @ livingwaters1 It is definitely due to a well known bug (that I learnt to exist just few weeks ago by the way...): when you hit 2B balance, it suddenly goes down to -2B. Since FM2015 it has been "solved" by preventing your balance to hit 2B. As soon as you get close to the amount, the board invest huge amounts of money "in the future". In my case this happened 4-5 times already (more than 1.5B has been 'invested' so far). This is how I found about the existence of that bug in previous versions. Everyone also suppose that once you build a new stadium those money are will come b
  11. Hi there. I'm currently playing my best and longest FM save (FM2015). Year is 2087. I started with Portsmouth in England League 2. After reaching the Championship I signed with West Ham. I took them to the Premier and rised them to the strongest team in the world (11 Premier League titles, 5 FA cups, 5 Capital cups, 5 Charity Shields, 5 Champions Leagues, 4 FIFA Club World Cup and 4 European Supercups). Then I moved to Bayern Munich and then to Barcelona, where I won pretty much everything. However, the best part of this save is the one related to my hometown team, AC Reggi
  12. Hi all, I was wondering if earning to much as a manager may be risky. I'm asking because every time I have to renew my contract I ask for more money. Now my salary is 18.35 million euros per year. Even if my club is extremely rich I was wondering if one day the board could think that I'm too expensive. What is the maximum salary you reached?
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