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  1. Also the board/fans will sometimes like it if you say you're not interested in the job, but I always assumed the club you say that about will be less inclined to have you in the future.
  2. Thank you for again pointing out how furious I am, this is important. It lets people know you have the high ground, while I'm banging away at my keyboard because I chose to read words from a stranger and know how important the words are. I agree that we can conclude here. It appears you read my POV, saw that you made a mistake, and are conceding. But I'm sure you'll provide an alternate reason for you going from confrontational to evasive in the space of one post.
  3. Well I suppose it's evident now your last two responses that you're trying to be confrontational, but to respond: Key points: - Don't want skippable matches - Want simulation of being a manager - Matches are the most important part, absolutely integral, to the game - Skippable matches would take too much away Now explain Holidaying. Thought it was 'pretty easy to understand', ahem. But I bow to your superior intellect, clearly the mistake was mine for not making it more obvious? I don't know the issue. P.S. Also, saying you "touched a nerve" nor repeating something doesn't magically
  4. Well yeah, you're stating the obvious. Two teams have a match, both want to win it, one is fighting for their dinner the other is fighting for their life, so to speak.
  5. Anyway, to respond to the post again: I don't know what 'what-aboutery' is supposed to mean, but I was just pointing out the contradiction. If you consider that some sort of attack, akin to your attack now, you need to step back and think with a clearer head. Then apologise for attacking discussion... on a discussion forum. Insert condescending rolleyes smiley.
  6. The South Americans take the cup very seriously. The first World Club Cup was close to how it should be. With more champs in the mix and a few more games it'd be at least a good watch.
  7. So an employer didn't offer you a job you didn't apply for. We need to get Poirot on this.
  8. People do know that Football Manager is an incredibly unrealistic, Hollywood-ised interpretation of what a football manager does, right? Call of Duty is actually more realisitic than Football Manager.
  9. Other than at the start, the club itself doesn't really matter, but the state the club and the others around it are in. Otherwise the only clubs that differentiate from each other are the ones with gimmicks, like Athletic Bilbao
  10. It's not going to be popular if it's purposefully illogical. FMC isn't simply 'normal FM with an instant result button', so your compromise is ludicrous. And I feel dumber just having to explain this. Plus, it's optional.
  11. It may have changed since the newest edition I played, but aren't free kicks in a crossing position taken by the corner takers, and ones as far back as the halfway line taken by a defender? They were in FM07 anyway.
  12. I finally reached a point in my decade-long FM07 career that I felt it was time for change and all the improvements that have happened in the series since then. I looked into post-patch FM 2015. Major problems appear to be player interaction (which appears to have no effect, even less than FM07, due to the erratic behaviour of everyone), injuries (even if they are less than real life levels, the amount is only one small part of recreating realism) and 40 shots in matches, as well as the UI being not great. Much reading and Googling, a bit of playing, and taking into consideration the bias tha
  13. Yes, I've done an international-only save before. Load up one of the small leagues and load players from every single nation, or at least all of the medium to small nations. Netherlands Antilles was a lot of fun even though it was friendlies! I played as them years later on the FIFA 2010 World Cup game and knew all the players.
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