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  1. Meanwhile, I've uploaded the save game - filename: hveiga save before Marseille.fmv Hope this helps!
  2. Can you help me with this? I've been able to save the match as "pkm" but the .rec doesn't exist (no "automatic" folder) :/ Heeeelp!!! Marseille v SL Benfica.pkm
  3. Just happened again! Will finish the match and share the .rec file
  4. In previous versions this was generally available - even if the game only updated during the Summer break - but this is no longer an option on my save. Is this something that can be fixed? See option "greyed out" in the below screenshot:
  5. This was working fine before the latest update - now it's broken. Seems to happen everywhere where a B team exists (Spain for example). Needs to be fixed urgently as it's spoiling the game for me
  6. Only the main teams play in the Portuguese Cup competition (I think this is true everywhere actually), but somehow this is happening: I think this may just be an issue with this club, but it certainly needs to be fixed. Thank you!
  7. I'm playing FMT career mode. This was a one-off for me - played 2.5 seasons so far and only noticed this once.
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