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  1. Hi Neil, I tried again and succeeded to upload the save to ftp server this time. filename: syun (v02) (v03).fm the save starts on 8th June, the "bug" appears in the afternoon on 10th June
  2. Hi Neil, thanks for your reply. I tried to upload the save several times but failed to connect to the ftp server. so I just uploaded it to mega.nz cloud drive and export the link here: https://mega.nz/#!ey4ngBbQ!JzW7F-bauztYSGMMKElVkOwub6fLratF6_Ps93B_1nQ (filename: syun (v02) (v03).fm) the save starts on 8th June, the "bug" appears in the afternoon on 10th June. I look forward to hearing from you.
  3. yes, that's the problem. Messi is a Barca legend and fans' affinity towards him should be fixed, but in my save it suddenly fell down without a legit reason.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I understand fans' affinity may change from time to time but in my case it happened so quick that I couldn't believe it's not a bug
  5. Hello guys, I came across a very very strange bug yesterday. I was coaching Barca and had a wonderful 17-18 season. My best player, Lionel Messi, was awarded Adidas Golden Boot for being the top marksman of Europe with 37 La Liga goals on June 10th 2018. Then something weird happened. You can see Messi's name in the first row on the legends column at 8:00 a.m as the pic shows: then click continue and at 16:45: See? Messi's reputation suddenly fell from club legend to club icon, instead Pique took his place. Luckily the older save is not overwritten so I re-loaded and used the in-game editor to check the strange changes and found that in the Club favorite people tab, Messi was at 100 level and Pique at 94, both were checked permanent(in the morning): then in the afternoon Pique at 100: and Messi at 50: I tried to save and load many times and the results are all the same. Anyone had such experience before?
  6. devahiro

    Error Code 1

    The same error here. I re-installed the game yesterday, and had the game cache integrity verified but failed to connect to the store. The IGE doesn't show up neither